DreamCloud Mattress Complaints (Updated 2022)

If you’re considering buying a hybrid mattress, you may come across DreamCloud. The company makes two hybrid options that retail for affordable prices. Buying a bed is a significant investment, so it’s essential to find out what other consumers think of the DreamCloud before you buy- both positive and negative.

Many people enjoy sleeping on DreamCloud mattresses and report high satisfaction levels. However, there are also a lot of DreamCloud mattress complaints. In this article, we’ll summarize the negative feedback about DreamCloud beds to help you reach a balanced decision.

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Common Dreamcloud Complaints

Durability, comfort, off-gassing and late deliveries.

Who will like a Dreamcloud mattress?

Shoppers looking for an affordable hybrid bed.

Who won’t like it?

Sleepers that prefer durable mattresses made in the US.

DreamCloud Mattress Range

DreamCloud makes two hybrid mattresses, one more basic and one luxury model. The company also sells bed frames, including platform and adjustable beds, and a range of sleep products, including pillows, mattress protectors, and weighted blankets.

In this article, we’ll focus on DreamCloud mattresses. Below, you can find a summary of both mattresses’ construction, as stated on the DreamCloud website. However, as you will see, the bed you receive may not match this description.

The DreamCloud

The Flagship DreamCloud mattress features a layer of wrapped coils for support. Next comes a transitional layer that stops your body from sinking through the comfort system and making contact with the coils. The comfort layer features gel memory foam. This material can adapt to your body shape to relieve pressure and contains gel particles to wick heat away while you sleep. The mattress has a cooling cashmere top cover quilted with foam to provide a comfortable sleeping surface.

The DreamCloud mattress is 14-inches thick and has a medium firm feel. This firmness setting suits everyone relatively well and is especially suitable for combi-sleepers and couples with different sleep styles. However, it may feel too firm for some side sleepers with low body weights.

The DreamCloud Premier

The DreamCloud Premier contains more premium features than the original version. It begins with a layer of wrapped coils with a double layer around the perimeter to increase edge support and durability. Next comes a layer of supportive foam designed to prevent motion transfer to stop partners from disturbing each other during the night. The comfort system contains two layers. The lower layer is dense memory foam with gel particles to transfer heat away and relieve pressure. The upper layer is high-loft memory foam quilted into a breathable cashmere cover to provide a soft sleeping surface.

The DreamCloud Premier is 15 inches thick. Like the original mattress, it has a medium firm feel that suits couples, combi-sleepers, and all sleeping positions. However, light side sleepers may find it too firm.

Both DreamCloud mattresses come with a 365-night sleep trial period and a ‘forever’ limited warranty, some of the most generous lengths available. The company also offers free shipping and returns. You can pay extra for white glove delivery, which means that the delivery team set the mattress up in your bedroom for you. However, this service doesn’t appear to be available during the coronavirus pandemic.

We obtained real customer reviews for this article from a range of sources, including the DreamCloud website. The reviews on the company website are overwhelmingly positive, and both products have an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5. However, these Amazon reviews suggest that it’s not always possible to leave a review on the DreamCloud website. This indicates that the reviews there don’t provide the full picture.

Therefore, we also used reviews from Reddit, Consumer Affairs, and Amazon for balance.

Construction Complaints

Many of the complaints about DreamCloud mattress quality relate to the cover, like this one from Amazon. On the DreamCloud website, it states that both mattresses feature a cashmere cover, quilted with foam in the case of the DreamCloud original mattress. Many recent reviews suggest that the company changed their mattress designs around a year ago and that the newer models don’t have a cashmere cover, and that the quality of the original cover is substandard. These changes don’t show up on the DreamCloud site.
This Reddit reviewer had a similar experience.
While the previous covers fitted the mattress tightly, some reviewers like this one on Amazon state that the new covers are loose, feel cheap to the touch, and wrinkle.

As you can see from the previous review, the cover isn’t the only component customers complain about. This Amazon reviewer complained that there is no base foam layer as advertised on the DreamCloud website. This is concerning because the base layer provides extra support, stability, and durability, so the newer version may not be as supportive or long-lasting.

It’s also important to note that many reviews say that the mattress height is not as advertised. DreamCloud states that the original mattress is 14 inches thick, and the Premier is 15 inches. It’s normal and expected for a bed sent in compressed packaging to take a while to expand. However, these Amazon customers say that their mattresses never raised to the stated height.

All in all, it sounds like the new version of the DreamCloud mattress is significantly different from the one advertised on the website. We recommend watching YouTube reviews of the more recent version for a realistic assessment of the bed’s construction.

Durability Complaints

One of the most critical factors to look out for in a new mattress is durability. Mattresses are expensive, so you’ll want your new bed to last a long time to provide value for money. As a rule, mattresses should last around 7-10 years of regular household use.

You would expect a mattress with the construction described on the DreamCloud website to last a relatively long time. This is especially true of the Premier model because it has a double layer of coils around the perimeter to provide extra edge support. Unfortunately, there are several online complaints about the durability of the original DreamCloud mattress, like these ones from Reddit and Amazon.

As you can see, the primary complaint about DreamCloud mattress durability is premature sagging like Saatva mattress brand. While you might expect very shallow body indentations in the foam, many customers mention sagging that exceeds the allowable measurement in the DreamCloud warranty terms after just a few months. Sagging indicates loss of support, so you can’t sleep comfortably on a sagging bed. This Amazon customer also said that the mattress materials became lumpy and misshapen.

Comfort Complaints

Plenty of customers say that their DreamCloud mattresses are comfortable and provide a good night’s sleep. However, some reviews say that the bed caused back pain and was uncomfortable to sleep on. It’s also worth noting that some customers, like these Amazon reviewers, aren’t satisfied with the firmness. Some reviewers found the mattress too firm to feel comfortable, while others said that the bed softened unacceptably over time. However, mattress firmness preference is subjective, so it’s possible that the reviewers simply chose the wrong mattress for their sleeping position and personal preference.

Before you buy a DreamCloud mattress, make sure that a medium firm mattress is suitable for your sleeping style. If you’re a side sleeper and have a light bodyweight, you may find it too firm. If you previously slept on the older DreamCloud model, you should be aware that the company seems to have changed the firmness setting to a slightly softer version according to these Consumers Affairs and Reddit commenters. Therefore, you may not get the firmness you were expecting.

Delivery Complaints

Of all the DreamCloud complaints, the overwhelming majority relate to delivery. One of the few critical reviews on the DreamCloud website says that the company doesn’t ship in the stated timeframe. A Reddit reviewer had a similar experience. Nectar Sleep owns the DreamCloud brand, and some reviewers suggest that the long waits for delivery are part of a broader problem with Nectar’s ordering system.

However, the DreamCloud website now states a shipping time of 18-21 days. As the current coronavirus outbreak makes it more difficult for companies to ship quickly, this may be understandable. However, many older complaints are stating that delivery times are very long. Customers like this Reddit reviewer also mention that it is challenging to get DreamCloud to tell them when the mattress will arrive.

It seems that the delays may be down to a prolonged processing time. One Reddit reviewer said that their order remained unprocessed after five days.

Bear in mind that if your delivery takes too long, and you wish to cancel, the process may not be straightforward. Various reviews state that they attempted to contact customer services to cancel their order and arrange a refund to be told that isn’t possible if the order is processing. Some were told that the only way to cancel was to wait until delivery and refuse it at the door, like this person from Reddit.

It’s also worth noting that DreamCloud doesn’t currently offer its white glove delivery service due to coronavirus, which seems a sensible way to keep customers and employees safe. However, it appears that some customers, including this one form Consumer Affairs, paid for white glove delivery without being told this. When they complained, they were unable to obtain a refund for the white glove delivery fee. When we checked the DreamCloud website, we didn’t find any mention of white glove delivery, so this may have been removed following complaints.

As you can see from the Amazon review below, some buyers also mention low-quality packaging and receiving their mattresses in a badly damaged box. This is concerning because it suggests that the beds don’t have adequate protection to keep them in good condition during the shipping process.

Off-Gassing Complaints

Most mattresses with memory foam components give off a slight off-gassing smell when you unpack them—the chemicals used during manufacture cause this odor. While off-gassing is often unpleasant, it is harmless and doesn’t pose a risk to your health.

Generally, any off-gassing smell should disappear if you allow the bed to air before you sleep on it. Most DreamCloud reviews don’t mention off-gassing at all, and some state that the smell isn’t as bad as expected. However, a few customers have experienced significant and long-lasting off-gassing that prevented them from sleeping on the mattress like this Amazon reviewer.

Returns Complaints

DreamCloud mattresses come with a 365-night sleep trial. This trial has a mandatory 30-night settling-in period, so you must sleep on the bed for at least this time before returning it. The sleep trial period is significantly more extended than most competitor companies and offers customers peace of mind.

The DreamCloud website says that you can return mattresses to the company for a full refund. Alternatively, you can arrange an exchange. The site says that the bed must be in good condition as DreamCloud donates mattresses to charitable causes. It’s good to see that returned mattresses don’t go to waste and help someone in need to get a good night’s sleep.

However, real-life customer experiences of the return process suggest that the returns process is different from that stated on the website. Some customers like this Amazon reviewer say that DreamCloud told them to arrange the mattress donation themselves and provide proof of donation to receive a refund. While it’s nice to offer customers the option to choose where to donate to a particular cause, if they wish, it can be difficult and inconvenient to arrange this yourself if you don’t have much time.

This Amazon customer said that the company is slow to refund even after donating the mattress and submitting proof.

Customer Service Complaints

DreamCloud calls its customer care department its ‘Sleep Concierge’ service. The website offers customer support seven days a week from 8 AM-4 PM PST. You can send an email to customer support using an automated form from the support page. There’s also a live chat option. There is no customer service telephone line.

Unfortunately, many reviews complain about the low customer service quality. Many people, like this Consumer Affairs reviewer, describe waiting many days and sometimes over a week for an email reply. This slow turnaround time caused various problems for shoppers, including failure to cancel orders in time and shipping them out.

Customers also speak negatively about the live chat option. Some people, like this Consumer Affairs reviewer, say that they waited many hours to talk to a customer service representative, and the system that tells you where you are in the queue appears inaccurate.

Although there isn’t a phone line listed on the website, some buyers have managed to get hold of a number. However, it seems like the wait times for telephone support are sometimes very long, as this Consumer Affairs review shows.

Unfortunately, when people finally get a response from customer services, they may not be very helpful. Some customers describe lengthy processes to obtain refunds or assistance and an obstructive system that makes it hard to resolve issues and disputes, like this Consumer Affairs reviewer.


Do you still have questions about the DreamCloud mattress? In this section, we’ll answer any remaining queries to help you decide if this mattress is right for you.

Q: Is DreamCloud a good mattress?

A: Many people enjoy sleeping on the DreamCloud mattress, and you can find a lot of positive reviews on the company website. However, it appears that the company recently made changes to the design that aren’t clearly signposted on the website. Since then, there have been many negative reviews on other websites like Amazon and Consumer Affairs. Some people say that the mattress is lower quality and sags very quickly. We recommend doing your research and reading plenty of reviews before buying a DreamCloud mattress.

Q: How is DreamCloud delivered?

A: DreamCloud uses FedEx delivery to ship its mattresses. Shipping is free. The company usually offers a white glove delivery service, but this doesn’t seem to be available during the coronavirus pandemic. The website says that delivery usually takes 18-21 days. However, many online customer complaints suggest that delivery could take a lot longer than this.

Q: How do you return a DreamCloud bed?

A: To initiate a return and arrange a refund, you should contact the DreamCloud customer service department. You can send an email or start a live chat on the company website. Please note that although DreamCloud states that it arranges return and donation of unwanted mattresses, some reviews suggest that you may need to arrange a donation to a local charity yourself.

Q: How do I contact DreamCloud?

A: You can contact the DreamCloud customer service via email or live chat on the company website’s support page.

Q: Is the DreamCloud mattress made in the USA?

A: The DreamCloud mattress is not made in the USA. Both beds are made in China and shipped from Washington State in the USA.

Q: Is the DreamCloud mattress a bed-in-a-box?

A: The DreamCloud mattress comes in compressed bed-in-a-box packaging. You can lie on the bed as soon as it arrives, but you should allow 72 hours for it to decompress to its full height.

Q: Is the DreamCloud mattress durable?

A: Unfortunately, there are a lot of customer complaints about the durability of DreamCloud mattresses. Most complaints are about premature sagging, but some also mention poor edge support and lumpy filling. You should bear this in mind before you buy a DreamCloud mattress.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to remember that many customers like their DreamCloud mattresses. However, you should also be aware that the design is different from the original product, so you may not get the same bed if you slept on the DreamCloud before and want to buy another. It would help if you familiarized yourself with the new design before you commit to buying this bed.

As you can see, there are quite a few complaints about DreamCloud’s mattresses. These mainly relate to the cover quality and durability, and many customers say that their beds sagged very quickly. Delivery times are apparently significantly slower than it states on the website, and many people find customer services have long wait times and are unhelpful.

Whether you decide to buy a DreamCloud mattress or not comes down to your priorities, budget, and sleep needs. However, given the concerns raised in this article, we recommend doing your research and reading plenty of reviews before investing.

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