Does Vibe Mattress Have Fiberglass?

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Yes. Need a mattress that is free from fiberglass? Our list can help you find the perfect one.

Where is the fiberglass?

It’s right under the cover. Don’t remove the cover of a Zinus bed.

Is fiberglass harmful?

When exposed to your skin, the fiberglass has severe side effects.

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What do we like about Vibe mattresses?

Vibe mattresses offer excellent initial comfort.

What don’t we like?

The quality of materials is very low. The bed won’t last for very long.

You will commonly see Vibe Mattresses on Amazon. They have two mattresses, the 12-inch gel memory foam and the 12-inch gel memory foam hybrid. One of the things that may draw your attention to them is their affordable price tag. For a sleeper who is on a budget, Vibe mattresses may seem like an ideal option. But with the prevalence of fiberglass fire socks in memory foam beds, it’s crucial to determine whether Vibe mattresses contain this dangerous material.

Is There Fiberglass in a Vibe Mattress?

Vibe ranks alongside Zinus and other mattresses that contain fiberglass. You don’t have to do a lot of research to arrive at this conclusion. On Amazon, where this mattress is mainly sold, there are numerous complaints regarding the presence of fiberglass in Vibe mattresses.

Besides Amazon, when you look at other reviews online, you will see that everyone else shares a similar opinion. The manufacturer may not agree with these claims, but it’s best to approach such a mattress brand with caution if the general public shares such an opinion.

From the reviews posted on Amazon, individuals were victims of fiberglass contaminations because of opening the Vibe mattress cover. Others discovered how harmful the tiny shards of fiberglass were when their skin made contact with a coverless Vibe mattress. If you genuinely care about your well-being, you should avoid steering yourself into such a situation.

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How Do I Know If a Vibe Mattress Has Fiberglass?

If you are interested in the Vibe mattress, you may have doubts about the allegations of fiberglass presence in this bed. Understandably, you may not trust everything you come across on the internet. It’s why Sleep Aim would like to educate you on the tips on how to identify the presence of fiberglass in a mattress, especially the Vibe mattress.

1. Check the label or product description.

The first way for you to identify the presence of fiberglass in a bed is by looking at the label or product description. If you see the terms fiberglass, glass wool, or glass fiber, that’s an indication that your mattress is covered in fiberglass. It is a requirement that a bed lists the ingredients it contains. But some suspicious manufacturers omit this information both on the label and product description. If you don’t see this warning sign, look for the following signs.

2. Confirm if the cover is removable.

There is one characteristic fiberglass mattresses share. They all come with the instruction – do not remove the cover. With fiberglass-free mattresses, it’s usually the exact opposite. These beds come with a removable and even washable cover.

The reason fiberglass mattresses discourage the removal of the cover is to prevent fiberglass contamination. The layers of fiberglass are often woven beneath the cover. When you open it, you will be letting the shards spread to the air and other parts of your bedroom.

At times, a mattress can have the ‘do not remove cover instruction’ and a zip. Please note that the availability of a zip isn’t an invitation to unzip the cover. Lest you want to deal with fiberglass contamination.

3. Look for the following red flags

The above are the two most obvious signs of a fiberglass mattress. However, in case one or both of these signs are not present, here are some red flags that should raise some concerns.

• Having an extremely affordable price tag – You get what you pay for in the modern world. If a mattress is very cheap, so are the materials used. Fiberglass is the cheapest flame retardant on the market. That means that it will be used in most low-priced mattresses.

• Country of origin – Most beds made outside the US tend to contain fiberglass. For instance, almost all mattresses from China come with a fiberglass flame retardant sock. That is because other countries don’t share the same manufacturing standards as the US.

• Mattress material – Memory foam beds are most likely going to contain fiberglass. Memory foam beds are often low-cost. Therefore, manufacturers will also prefer cheap flame retardants such as fiberglass.

These are the three main ways to check if a vibe mattress contains fiberglass. After going through the product description of a Vibe Mattress on Amazon, they don’t talk about fiberglass as an ingredient. Neither do they discuss the removal of the cover. They have avoided discussing these two not to raise any red flags.

However, vibe mattresses tend to be very affordable. That is the first red flag. The second one is that it’s made with memory foam. When you combine that with the experiences various sleepers have had with Vibe beds, it’s clear that they do use fiberglass. It’s just that they don’t want to make it known to shoppers.

Why Would Vibe Use Fiberglass?

There are two main reasons why Vibe uses fiberglass as a flame retardant.

1. To Pass the Mattress Flammability Standards

When chemical flame retardants were discovered to impact sleepers’ health, the authorities abolished the use of these retardants, and manufacturers were asked to switch to safer alternatives. This move wasn’t well calculated because we jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Fiberglass is an effective flame retardant, and when used on a mattress, it should enable the brand to pass the flammability test with flying colors. The only drawback of fiberglass is the health risks it poses.

2. It’s Cheap

Mattress manufacturers would do anything these days to lower their costs of production. Though effective at combating the spread of flames, fiberglass is dangerous but affordable. Compared to organic flame retardants such as cotton, fiberglass costs way less. To most manufacturers, fiberglass is a means of maximizing profits.

Why is Fiberglass a Dangerous Material to Have on a Mattress?

For those of you who have never felt the wrath of fiberglass contamination, you may not understand the dangers of owning a Vibe mattress. Allow us to explain why this material is harmful to your health and property.

1. Fiberglass Can Cause Skin Irritation

The first issue you may run into with fiberglass contamination is when your Vibe mattress cover wears out and fiberglass starts to rise to the bed’s surface. The fiberglass will cut into your skin and irritate it whenever you sleep on the mattress. Rashes may develop, and you can experience some itchiness or blistering. If you don’t know that the fiberglass in the vibe mattress is to blame, you may suffer for a long time.

2. Fiberglass Can Irritate the Nose, Eyes, and Throat

Fiberglass shards are very light and can be suspended in the air. You can breathe these shards, or they can get into your eyes, causing an unpleasant irritation. When inhaled, fiberglass can trigger asthma attacks which is quite dangerous.

3. Fiberglass Can Damage Your Property

If you go through horror stories of fiberglass contamination, you will discover how dangerous fiberglass can be. When these fiberglass strands settle on your furniture or clothes, they don’t come off easily. At times, they even decline to come off at all. Aside from risking your health, fiberglass can also make you lose a lot of your valuables.

What Else Should You Know About Vibe Mattresses?

There is no arguing that Vibe mattresses contain fiberglass. When shopping for a mattress, it’s imperative that you also consider other aspects. Below is a quick overview of Vibe mattresses and the crucial features you should know.

• Quality of Materials Used is Average

Before discussing the quality of materials used, let’s briefly go through the two types of mattresses made by Vibe. The Gel memory foam comprises four layers of foam. It is gel-infused to dissipate heat. According to the manufacturer, the memory foam used is high density. But from the reviews of different sleepers, the memory foam sags pretty quickly, especially for heavy sleepers.

The hybrid counterpart contains memory foam and individually pocketed coils. This offers better support. Generally, the quality of materials used in Vibe mattresses is standard. Therefore, it’s a mattress that won’t last very long.

• Offers Great Initial Comfort

One of the perks of a Vibe mattress is that it relieves pressure points and, therefore ideal for side sleepers. Nonetheless, their beds are known only to offer an excellent experience with initial comfort. Your joy will be short-lived.

• Medium Firmness

Vibe mattresses have a medium firmness. On the firmness scale, the mattress ranges from 3.5 to 5.5. That means this bed is softer than most. The Vibe mattress should offer maximum comfort if you are a side sleeper. However, if you are a heavy-weight side sleeper, it may sag too deep.

• Moderate Cooling Technologies

The memory foam is infused with gel that helps in heat dissipation. The mattress also features open-cell technology that ensures you sleep cooler at night.

Bottom Line

There aren’t many positive things about the Vibe mattress, except that it’s affordable. The first thing that discourages most buyers from the Vibe mattress is the presence of fiberglass. Secondly, this isn’t the most durable mattress on the market. If you are interested in a fiberglass-free bed that provides adequate support, comfort, and durability, there are better alternatives.

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