Does Ssecretland Mattress have Fiberglass? 

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Ssecretland mattresses are woven with a layer of fiberglass beneath the cover. They are also not the most durable memory foam mattresses on the market. They sag pretty easily and can worsen symptoms of back pain. If you are looking for a quality and durable fiberglass-free mattress, you should consider the Loom & Leaf by Saatva. This is a bed that will provide you with adequate support and firmness while resisting sagging.

Toxic Chemicals

None. It’s CertiPUR certified.



Who will love Ssecretland mattresses?

Sleepers who appreciate the hugging sensation of memory foam.

Who won’t like them?

Heavy stomach and side sleepers.

Ssecretland mattresses are popular for offering initial comfort and excellent motion transfer resistance. This brand specializes mostly in memory foam mattresses. However, they do have a hybrid model in their catalog. It’s a good mattress brand. But memory foam mattresses have a negative reputation for containing fiberglass. Therefore, one may be left wondering, do Ssecretland mattresses have fiberglass? Let’s find out!

Does Ssecretland Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Yes, Ssecretland mattresses have fiberglass beneath the cover. And the most irritating part is that they advertise their mattresses as fiberglass-free.

On one of their Amazon listings, there was a question inquiring if their gel memory foam mattress has fiberglass. A customer named Poppy answered this question with a video and lengthy post confirming the presence of fiberglass in Ssecretland mattresses.

In the video, he shows shiny shards of fiberglass which had leaked through the mattress cover. In his answer, he narrates that he has been dealing with hives and allergic reactions whose cause was unknown before discovering the fiberglass in his Ssecretland mattress.

Below that answer, there is another review from Gabriela Ramirez, who says she noticed the fiberglass after removing the cover of the Ssecretland mattress.

After comparing the evidence shared above, the team of mattress testers at Sleep Aim concluded that Ssecretland mattresses do contain fiberglass. And this is something the manufacturer doesn’t want to be transparent about.

Why Does Ssecretland Advertise Its Mattresses as Fiberglass-Free?

If Ssecretland mattresses contain fiberglass, why would this brand advertise its beds as fiberglass-free? The answer is pretty simple. Ssecretland doesn’t want to draw attention to its brand. In the past, mattress companies such as Zinus have been in the limelight because of using fiberglass in their beds. They have even received a class-action lawsuit.

By advertising their mattresses as fiberglass-free, Ssecretland doesn’t want to scare potential clients from buying this mattress. This approach is wrong and unethical. Because innocent customers may unknowingly buy this mattress and have to endure a similar fate like Poppy, who left the review highlighted earlier. It’s due to such dishonesty that shoppers should familiarize themselves with methods on how to tell if a mattress contains fiberglass. We will get to that in a few.

Is the Ssecretland Mattress Cover Removable?

Ssecretland mattress covers are removable and washable. This is a bit shocking because the fiberglass layer is located immediately after the cover. So, when you remove the cover, you will be letting fiberglass particles escape into the air.

This is another mistake that Ssecretland is doing. Because they know that their mattresses contain fiberglass. The covers should not be removed under any circumstance. If you own a Ssecretland mattress or you are planning to buy one, never remove the cover. Doing so will directly lead to fiberglass contamination in your bedroom or home.

Do All Memory Foam Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

There is a general perception that all memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass. An excellent example is the Ssecretland memory foam mattress. But this isn’t 100% true. Yes, most cheap memory foam beds have fiberglass. But some of them are fiberglass free. For instance, the Loom & Leaf from Saatva is a memory foam mattress that doesn’t contain fiberglass. They, instead use natural flame retardants like plant-based thistle.

If you are in the market looking for a memory foam mattress, there are a couple of fiberglass-free options. These alternatives are much safer because they do not have fiberglass. With these options, you will never have to wake up to hives, itchy skin, an irritated nose, or many other side effects of fiberglass exposure.

How Do I Know If a Mattress Has Fiberglass?

The fact that a brand like Ssecretland would say their mattresses are fiberglass-free yet they contain fiberglass, should be a wake-up call for all sleepers. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to confirm if a mattress has fiberglass. They include;

  • Reading the mattress label – The first place you should check when confirming if a mattress has fiberglass, is the label. Manufacturers are required to list their mattress ingredients on the label. However, some brands like Ssecretland may omit this information or provide misleading details. Therefore, you can’t rely only on the label to know whether a mattress has fiberglass.
  • Going through reviews and testimonials – This is the best place for you to research about the presence of fiberglass in a mattress. Third-party reviews and testimonials are often more authentic. You can check out these reviews from Amazon or Reddit.
  • Reaching out to the company – If you can’t find any information online, you can always contact the mattress manufacturer. They can clarify if their mattress contains fiberglass. Never take NO for an answer. Always attempt to find out which flame retardant they are using.
  • Looking for red flags – There are a few red flags that point to a fiberglass mattress. For example, if the mattress is lowly priced, it’s imported from China and it’s a memory foam, then there is a high chance that it contains fiberglass. These are three characteristics that are shared by fiberglass beds. Ssecretland mattresses are made in China. So, it ticks all these three red flags. Also, if a mattress comes with a warning against the removal of the cover, it may have some fiberglass.

What Happens If You Sleep on a Fiberglass Mattress?

Assuming you buy a Ssecretland mattress or another fiberglass bed, there are a few things that can happen to you if you sleep on it. You may develop cuts on your skin. Fiberglass comprises tiny shards of glass that are woven together. When you scratch your skin against fiberglass, it can lead to bruises, blisters, and rashes for those with sensitive skin.

Because these particles are so tiny, fiberglass can also be inhaled or it can get inside your eyes. When that happens, you will experience some irritation. Your eyes and nose can get watery. And if you are asthmatic, fiberglass inhalation can aggravate your symptoms.

Sleeping on a fiberglass mattress is pretty risky because there are a lot of side effects involved. Even though fiberglass isn’t a known carcinogen, continuous exposure to this material puts you at risk of severe respiratory complications.

How Can You Protect Yourself from Fiberglass in Ssecretland Mattresses?

Prevention is always the best method of protecting yourself from fiberglass. But if you must buy a Ssecretland mattress or you already own one, you should invest in a mattress protector. Even though mattress protectors are designed to protect the mattress from spills, dirt, allergens, and bacteria. It can also be used to protect the sleeper from harmful ingredients like fiberglass which are in the mattress.

A quality protector will keep you safe from fiberglass shards even if they leak through the cover. As your Ssecretland mattress gets old, the cover will start to wear out and it may get torn. These will be escaping points for fiberglass. But with a protector covering the entire mattress, you will be safe from fiberglass contamination.

What’s So Special about Ssecretland Mattresses?

Ssecretland is a popular mattress brand that makes hundreds of sales every day. Unfortunately, most of their customers don’t know it contains fiberglass. Besides that, this mattress has some interesting features and highlights such as;

  • It’s Super Affordable – Ssecretland mattresses have a low-price tag on them. This makes them an ideal choice for budget shoppers. From this brand, you can get a twin-sized memory foam bed for as low as $100.
  • The Memory Foam is Quite Comfy – For those who love the hugging feeling of memory firm, you will fall in love with this mattress. The Ssecretland conforms to your body while relieving all pressure points.
  • It’s Gel-Infused to Promote Breathability – To prevent excessive sweating and heat, Ssecretland mattresses are gel-infused to allow you to sleep cooler. They also use soft fabrics to promote air circulation.
  • It Comes with a 10-Year Warranty – In case this mattress disappoints you, Ssecretland has a long warranty of 10 years.

These mattresses also have some drawbacks that you should take note of. The first one is that it contains fiberglass. So far, you are aware of the risks of sleeping on a fiberglass mattress. The other drawback is that these beds are not very firm. If you are a heavy sleeper, you should consider another alternative. It’s also vulnerable to sagging a few weeks after purchase. If you suffer from back pain, this may not be a suitable option for you.


Ssecretland mattresses have taught us a crucial lesson, that you can never be too certain about what manufacturers say. They claim that their mattresses are fiberglass-free, yet there are numerous contradicting complaints from clients. If you were planning to buy a mattress from this brand, you need to evaluate the risks that come with it.


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