Does Sleepy’s Mattress Have Fiberglass?

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Although Sleepy’s mattresses are fiberglass-free, some customers have experienced issues with sagging, odor, or comfort. In such cases, we highly recommend exploring eco-friendly mattress options like the award-winning hybrid mattress from Saatva. Saatva offers a variety of high-quality mattresses that are not only comfortable but also environmentally friendly.

Toxic Chemicals

No. It utilizes CertiPUR certified materials.


Yes. Sleepy’s has been involved in several lawsuits.

Who will love Sleepy’s mattresses?

Sleepy’s beds offer unrivaled pressure relief and motion isolation.

Who won’t like them?

On the downside, they sag pretty quickly.

Even though Mattress Firm acquired it in 2015, Sleepy’s was launched in 1931. It is one of the oldest mattress brands on the market. They make three types of beds, foam, innerspring and encased coil mattresses. All these mattresses have distinct features that appeal to various shoppers.

As a brand, Sleepy’s has a rich history. The fact that they make different types of beds also makes them a popular choice for many sleepers. However, are their mattresses safe? There are many harmful materials that one should look for in any bed they buy, not just from Sleepy’s. However, we will focus on whether Sleepy’s uses fiberglass in its beds.

What Should I Know About Fiberglass?

For those of you who have never interacted with fiberglass, this is a cheap piece of plastic reinforced with glass fibers. Fiberglass is used in home insulation. Recently, it became popular amongst mattress manufacturers because it acts as a flame retardant. Fiberglass is very effective at putting off fires because when it is exposed to heat, fiberglass melts and stops the flames from spreading throughout the mattress.

Because of these reasons, fiberglass is very popular amongst mattress manufacturers, especially those that make affordable memory foam mattresses. As good as fiberglass may sound in this scenario, it has its drawbacks, which we will discuss later on.

Do Sleepy’s Mattress Contain Fiberglass?

According to our Sleepys mattress reviews, it seems that Sleepy’s mattresses are fiberglass-free. We arrived at this conclusion because after engaging in thorough research about this brand and its mattresses. We did not find any complaints or accusations of fiberglass being present in their beds.

Since our research entails hearing the opinions of actual customers, Sleep Aim went digging through Reddit, and we came across a post that inquired about the presence of fiberglass. There was an answer from a sales rep who claimed that he had never come across a complaint of fiberglass in Sleepy’s mattress for the four years he has been in this business. That only shows that Sleepy’s has stayed clear from the use of fiberglass in their mattress.

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How to Tell If a Sleepy’s Mattress Has Fiberglass?

Even though there have been no reports regarding the use of fiberglass in Sleepy’s mattresses, shoppers have to be cautious when approaching various brands. Mattress Firm are yet to share more information about whether their mattresses are fiberglass-free. Shoppers need to distinguish between a mattress with fiberglass and one without. That’s why we came up with the guide below on how to tell if a Sleepy’s mattress contains fiberglass.

  • Always check the label. Modern-day consumers are very cautious about the ingredients used in products. If you always check the ingredients of beverages and foods, you should embrace this habit when mattress shopping. You can confirm if a mattress contains fiberglass in the ingredients by checking the label. You will see it listed and a percentage written next to it if it does.
  • Look for instructions about the cover. Most of the time, a mattress instructs you not to remove the cover because it contains fiberglass. Fiberglass-free mattresses often have no limitations on what a person can do to the cover. The enforcement of such instructions aims to prevent sleepers from making contact with fiberglass.
  • This may not be a clear sign, but it can come in handy when checking for fiberglass in a mattress. Most cheap memory foam mattresses will have fiberglass. Even though fiberglass can be found in hybrid and innerspring mattresses, they are most common in memory foam beds. If the mattress has a low price tag, you need to be more vigilant because fiberglass is cheap and will most likely be used in low-priced beds.
  • The manufacturer’s origin can also help you identify if a mattress has fiberglass. The good thing about Sleepy’s mattresses is that they are made here in the US. Even after Mattress Firm acquired the company, production is still being done locally. Mattresses made in China don’t adhere to the same standards as those made locally. They are, therefore, most likely to have fiberglass inside them.
  • The last method of how you can tell if Sleepy’s mattresses have fiberglass is by peeping under the cover. Despite having listed it, we do not recommend this method. As you peep through the cover, you could breathe the fiberglass particles, or they could escape into the air and contaminate your home.

Risks of Sleeping on a Fiberglass Mattress

There are many reasons why you should keep off fiberglass mattresses. They include;

  • Fiberglass particles can easily stick to furniture, clothing, and many other things. Unlike dust which you only need to shake it off, fiberglass particles are extremely hard to remove from a surface. Even the dry cleaner won’t be of much help. When fiberglass leaks from your mattress, you can say goodbye to your furniture and clothes.
  • Touching fiberglass can irritate your skin. We are asking you to avoid opening the mattress cover of beds with fiberglass because the shards can irritate your skin, making it look red and even lead to the development of rashes.
  • Inhaling fiberglass also has its risks, though not long term. When you breathe in fiberglass, it will irritate the throat and nose. It can worsen the symptoms of asthma and respiratory-related allergies.
  • If fiberglass gets into your eyes, the amount of discomfort you will feel will be enormous.

Because of these reasons, you are better off keeping away from fiberglass mattresses.

Should I Buy a Sleepy’s Mattress Since It’s Fiberglass-free?

Because Sleepy’s mattresses have passed the fiberglass check, should you buy one right away? Not really. Fiberglass is just one of the factors that you need to cross-check. As we were researching the presence of fiberglass in Sleepy’s mattresses, we did come across two issues with this brand. If you are interested in buying a Sleepy’s mattress, here are some common problems associated with this mattress you need to know about.

1. It Sags Easily

On Consumer Affairs, we were shocked to find complaints of Sleepy’s mattresses sagging months after purchase. We wouldn’t be so worried if it were just one or two reviews. But most of the complaints are related to Sleepy’s mattresses sagging prematurely. Even though they are fiberglass-free, Sleepy’s mattresses sag prematurely. That can significantly impact comfort, irrespective of your sleeping habits.

2. Their Warranty isn’t Very Reliable

The other common complaint on Consumer Affairs is that Mattress Firm doesn’t offer a reliable warranty. For instance, you must buy the bed alongside a mattress protector for your warranty to stand. Certain vendors keep this information hidden from customers who find out later when claiming beds bought from them.

Other issues that you need to take note of are the soft edges. When you sit on the edge of any Sleepy’s mattress, you will notice that it sags very easily. It’s also not very supportive to heavy sleepers. Couples interested in buying a Sleepy’s mattress should know that it lacks bounce and may not be ideal for intimacy.

Other Essential Details You Should Know About Sleepy’s Mattresses

Sleepy’s mattresses do not contain fiberglass. Even though they are known to sag prematurely, these beds have many other pleasant features. Before you decide, it’s worth going through the positive attributes.

1. They Make Different Types of Beds

Various sleepers have different sleeping needs. Sleepy’s is a mattress brand that best understands this. It’s why they have created a wide range of mattress types which include;

  • Foam Mattresses – These are made using memory foam. They are further divided into three. Calm, which offers more support. Cool is the most breathable version, and then we have the Essential, which is the most affordable option.
  • Innerspring – Sleepy’s also divides this type into three. The Relax option is aimed more at relieving pressure points. The basic provides significant support. Their most durable innerspring mattress is the Rest.
  • Encased Coil – In this category, you can choose from the Hush, which is available in multiple firmness options. Reserve, which provides some bounce and response. Finally, we have the Slumber, which features five encased coils zones.

2. Pressure Relief

Sleepy’s beds provide the best pressure relief capabilities if you have trouble sleeping on a firm mattress. Their mattresses distribute your body weight evenly and ensure all parts relieve better pressure relief. It’s worth mentioning that Sleepy’s mattresses are good at conforming to your body. These beds are best for side sleepers since they offer adequate support and comfort.

3. Moderate Temperature Control

As much as Sleepy’s have tried to make their Cool mattress more breathable, we all know that memory foam beds trap heat. Therefore, if you are an extremely hot sleeper, this bed may not be right for you. However, this bed should work for you if you require moderate temperature control.

4. Great Motion Isolation

All Sleepy’s mattresses perform well when it comes to motion isolation. These beds, even their innerspring option, adequately absorbs motion, ensuring that you sleep comfortably without the interruptions of your partner.


Sleepy’s mattresses may lack fiberglass, but they are far from perfect. We can applaud Mattress Firmness for not using a material that would harm their sleepers. However, they need to work on some of the issues listed above.

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