Does Saatva Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Saatva Mattress Fiberglass: At a Glance


No, Saatva mattresses do not contain any fiberglass, and according to customer records, they have the best durability.


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Who will love the Saatva mattress?

A sleeper looking for an eco-friendly, comfortable and supportive mattress.

Who won’t love it?

Shoppers who are on a tight budget.

In the mattress realm, Saatva is an industry leader. Their beds offer the best comfort, support, and pressure relief and are highly durable. At Saatva, you can shop for different types of beds ranging from all foam to innerspring, latex, and hybrids. These mattresses are made using a wide range of natural and manufactured materials. Is fiberglass one of them? Let’s find out!

Does Saatva Mattress Have Fiberglass?

You’ll be glad to know that all Saatva mattresses are completely free of fiberglass. It doesn’t matter if you’re eyeing the Loom & Leaf, Zenhaven, Saatva Classic, or HD – you won’t have to worry about any fiberglass lurking beneath the surface.

Saatva is one of the few trustworthy brands that are against the use of harmful ingredients in mattresses. This brand prefers to use quality and safe materials. Therefore, if you were considering buying their bed, you can be assured that your home won’t be contaminated with fiberglass particles.

On their official website and mattress descriptions, Saatva clearly states that their beds don’t use fiberglass. We went the extra step to check customer reviews and testimonials, and we didn’t find a single complaint that Saatva mattresses contain fiberglass.

What Flame Retardant Does Saatva Use?

Since Saatva doesn’t use fiberglass, what flame retardant can you expect to find in their mattresses?

This brand uses natural thistle, which is a plant-based fiber. Alternatively, Saatva also uses New Zealand wool. These two flame retardants are natural and very effective at preventing the spread of fire.

If you own a Saatva bed and you happen to remove the cover, you don’t have to worry about the flame retardant irritating your throat or scratching your skin, as is the case with fiberglass. New Zealand wool and the natural thistle used by Saatva are 100% safe. However, there are exceptions for people who are allergic to wool. This is something you need to keep in mind.

What is Fiberglass?

If you are a construction enthusiast, you may have heard about fiberglass. It is a popular home insulation material. Fiberglass comprises of glass fibers that are reinforced with plastic. It is incredibly lightweight, flexible, and affordable. Apart from having excellent insulation properties, fiberglass is a good flame retardant. That is why it is used in mattresses.

All mattresses made and sold in the US are required to have a flame retardant. Many manufacturers prefer to use fiberglass to pass the mattress flammability tests because it is cheap, readily available, and an excellent flame retardant.

From the above description, fiberglass may sound like a great material for a mattress. Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth. Fiberglass is very dangerous, and it can lead to severe health conditions. This is why brands such as Saatva prefer to use New Zealand wool and natural thistle.

Why Doesn’t Saatva Use Fiberglass in Their Mattresses?

The reason is pretty simple pretty simple. Fiberglass isn’t safe!

As mentioned earlier, Saatva is a reputable mattress brand. They are very honest about the materials used in their mattresses. For every bed made, they share a detailed list of the ingredients used in the description. If you examine that list, you will not see fiberglass, and here are the reasons why.

Fiberglass, when used inside a mattress, is susceptible to leaking to the air and surface when the cover gets old, torn, or removed. Fiberglass particles can contaminate your living space when they escape into the air. If you don’t act immediately, the contamination can be pretty severe to the extent that your home no longer becomes habitable.

Saatva doesn’t use fiberglass because when these particles are inhaled, they can irritate the throat, nose, and eyes. Finer fiberglass particles can also go deeper down your respiratory tract and scar the lungs. When you touch fiberglass, these particles can scar your skin. Rashes or redness may develop on some parts if you have sensitive skin.

Besides putting your health in jeopardy, when fiberglass particles contaminate your living area, they are impossible to remove. These strands attach themselves firmly to furniture, clothing, and mattress covers. This makes it harder to clean them off, even when you use a washing machine or strong detergent. Therefore, fiberglass contamination can make you lose a lot of property.

Saatva is well aware of these side effects, which is why they opted to use natural flame retardants to ensure their customers’ safety.

Which Mattress Brands Have Fiberglass?

When shopping for a mattress, it’s normal to compare different brands. Now that you are aware Saatva mattresses are fiberglass-free, you may also want to know which brands contain fiberglass so you can avoid them.

Unfortunately, most mattresses you see online or in stores contain fiberglass. Fiberglass mattresses are usually cheaper, and this blinds most people from seeing the toxic ingredients used. Popular mattress brands that contain fiberglass include; Zinus, Linenspa, Lucid, and Nectar. We have an entire article dedicated to mattresses with fiberglass. You can check it out to learn more.

If your mattress contains fiberglass, you can replace it with a fiberglass-free alternative such as Saatva. Please note that it’s impossible to remove fiberglass fully from a bed. The process is tedious and time-consuming, and you risk inhaling these particles. Also, removing fiberglass leaves a mattress without a flame retardant which is a significant risk.

Are There Other Mattress Brands Like Saatva Which Don’t Use Fiberglass?

Saatva isn’t the only brand that doesn’t use fiberglass in their beds. There are other fiberglass free beds brands, such as Puffy Lux and Idle Mattress. You can explore our comprehensive review of the best mattresses without fiberglass and compare other Saatva alternatives.

How to Tell If a Saatva Mattress Has Fiberglass?

Even though we have done the research for you, sometimes you may want to be 100% sure that Saatva mattresses are fiberglass. Therefore, here are some expert tips you can use to determine whether Saatva beds are fiberglass free;

  • Check the label – Saatva included, mattresses usually have a tag that lists the ingredients used. When you check the Saatva label, you will see New Zealand wool or natural thistle. Apart from the label, you can also check the product description.
  • Read online reviews – There are plenty of Saatva mattress reviews online from mattress testers and customers. You can read through these reviews and check whether you will spot a fiberglass complaint.
  • Remove the cover – A sure way of confirming whether Saatva mattresses are fiberglass-free is by removing the cover. When you remove the cover, look for shiny strands of fiberglass. Fiberglass illuminates when it’s exposed to light. Therefore, it should be easy to see. When you remove the cover of a Saatva mattress, you will only see wool or thistle.
  • Confirm with the manufacturer – You can always reach out to the manufacturers of Saatva and ask them if their beds contain fiberglass. They will give you the same answer we have shared above.
  • Familiarize yourself with fiberglass-mattress red flags – Most mattresses that contain fiberglass often have some visible red flags. For instance, they are usually made in China. Saatva is made strictly in the US. They are cheap. Saatva is a high-end mattress whose price range is a bit higher due to the use of high-quality materials. Another red flag is that fiberglass mattresses don’t have a removable cover. That’s because the manufacturer doesn’t want to expose you to fiberglass. Saatva beds come with removable covers because they are not hiding anything. As you crosscheck these red flags, you will realize that Saatva beds meet the criteria for fiberglass-free mattresses.

What’s Inside a Saatva Mattress?

It’s evident that Saatva beds don’t have fiberglass. So, what are they made of?

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of Saatva beds. Therefore, the materials used depend on the mattress in question. Therefore, we will generally list some materials you can find in Saatva beds.

These mattresses contain memory foam, natural latex, fiberfill, memory foam, and pocketed coils. The coils are often made of carbon steel for maximum strength. You will also find organic wool and cotton in some models, such as the Zenhaven.

Overall, the ingredients used to make Saatva mattresses are safe. This applies to both organic and manufactured materials such as foam. To ease any worries you may have, you should know that Saatva is certified by OEKO-TEX, GOTS, GOLS, GreenGuard, and CertiPUR US. They wouldn’t get these certifications if their mattresses contained harmful ingredients.

Is Saatva the Best Mattress without Fiberglass?

Many mattress brands don’t use fiberglass as a flame retardant, but very few can come close to Saatva. Saatva beds are manufactured through an eco-friendly method, that’s why they use natural flame retardants like wool and natural thistle.

Secondly, these beds are pretty durable and don’t sag easily. The edge support on a Saatva bed is unrivaled and comes in different firmness levels. If you prefer a soft or medium-firm mattress, Saatva has got you covered.

When you compare all the features Saatva beds offer, we can conclude that they are one of the best mattresses without fiberglass.


Were you considering buying a Saatva mattress but worried it might contain fiberglass? From our extensive research, we can assure you that Saatva beds are fiberglass-free.

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