Does Novilla Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Novilla Mattress Fiberglass: At a Glance


They stopped using it a year ago. If you are searching for a mattress that doesn’t have any fiberglass, you can consider Saatva, our top eco-friendly recommendation for a fiberglass-free mattress.



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Should you remove the cover of the Novilla mattress?

Yes. But don’t do it if you have an old Novilla.

Who will love a Novilla mattress?

Anyone who is looking for adequate pressure relief and comfort from a mattress.

Who will not love it?

Heavy sleepers often sink deeper in Novilla beds.

Novilla is a brand that’s popular for selling quality mattresses at affordable prices. They make both memory foam and hybrid beds. Therefore, sleepers can choose the type of mattress that’s more appealing to their preferences. Even though Novilla mattresses are made from foam products, their beds are CertiPUR certified, which means they are safe. But do they contain fiberglass? That’s exactly what we will discuss in this article.

Is There Fiberglass in a Novilla Mattress?

Initially, Novilla used to include fiberglass in their mattresses. It was used as a flame retardant to pass the flammability standards. However, a year ago, they did a study that unearthed the dangers of fiberglass. From there, they stopped using this material in their mattresses.

What we love most about Novilla is its honest approach to the fiberglass issue. They issued the above statement on their site and acknowledged using fiberglass. The takeaway from this statement is that mattresses made by Novilla up until 2023 contain fiberglass. However, if you buy a new mattress directly from them, it will not have fiberglass.

Because here at Sleep Aim, we are very keen on research and prefer to dig deeper into company claims. We went the extra mile by reviewing feedback from sleepers who bought and slept on a Novilla mattress. On Amazon, we came across a review from a client who purchased this mattress during the last quarter of 2023 and happened to remove the cover. There was no fiberglass in the bed. It was just several layers of foam.

The bottom line is that new Novilla mattresses are fiberglass-free. If you bought yours before 2023, never remove the cover. This may lead to fiberglass contamination.

What Flame Retardant Does Novilla Mattress Currently Use?

After discovering the dangers of fiberglass, Novilla switched to fire-retardant cotton. Here in the US, there are laws that require mattresses to pass the flammability standard. That is why manufacturers use flame retardants such as fiberglass. After discontinuing the use of fiberglass, Novilla chose a safer yet effective alternative: fire-retardant cotton.

Like fiberglass, fire-retardant cotton effectively stops the spread of flames on foam and other mattress materials. But unlike fiberglass, it doesn’t pose a health hazard, and neither will it contaminate your home.

Why Did Novilla Stop Using Fiberglass in Their Mattresses?

Novilla, in their statement, only mention that their study showed the health hazards of using fiberglass. But they don’t clarify what these hazards were. Here is an in-depth analysis of why Novilla stopped using fiberglass in their mattresses.

1. It’s a Health Hazard

Fiberglass in a mattress can be a health hazard in two ways. When you inhale the particles of fiberglass or in case they get into your eyes, you will experience some irritation. Your eyes can turn red and itchy. Your nose can become watery, and you may feel some inflammation in the throat. Asthmatic people are at a higher risk when they inhale fiberglass particles because it can worsen their symptoms.

The other way fiberglass can be a health hazard is when the particles escape through the cover and come into contact with your skin. People who have been victims of fiberglass contamination often notice skin irritation, cuts, rashes, redness, and even swelling.

2. It Can Contaminate Your Home

As if the health concerns aren’t enough, fiberglass can contaminate your home. Strands of fiberglass in your mattress can escape through the cover, get suspended in the air, and settle on furniture, bed, clothes, curtains, and mats. Once it settles on fabric, fiberglass is super difficult to remove. Even if you wash the item, the strands remain glued to it.

When it comes to the removal of fiberglass from the mattress or clothes, there is no option except to place the items in a zippered encasement and dispose it.

3. More People are Becoming Aware of the Dangers of Fiberglass in Mattresses

Apart from contamination and the health side effects, Novilla also stopped using fiberglass because more people are becoming aware of the dangers of this material. A few years ago, no one cared what was in a mattress as long as it was comfy and supportive. However, many people are gradually realizing how toxic their surroundings are. That’s why you need to be very keen when buying a mattress.

These three are valid reasons why Novilla stopped using fiberglass in their mattress. It would be good if other brands could also emulate what Novilla has done. Many mattress brands continue to use fiberglass without caring about the impact it can have on sleepers and their homes.

What are Novilla Mattresses Made Of?

After reading the above, it’s understandable that you may be worried Novilla mattresses contain other harmful products. However, since Novilla switched to fire-retardant cotton, their beds have been safer.

Novilla mattresses are divided into two. We have the memory foam version, which comes as the Bliss 10″ or Bliss 12″. The foam variations feature multiple layers of foam in varying densities to determine the level of cushion. Novilla also makes hybrid mattresses. These are available in two; Serenity and Vitality. Each hybrid features a cooling gel foam and individually pocketed coils.

From the above descriptions of Novilla mattress construction, these beds don’t contain harmful ingredients. We can conclude that the new Novilla mattresses are safe. They even have a CertiPUR certification.

Do Novilla Mattresses Have Some of the Red Flags Associated with Fiberglass Mattresses?

There are a couple of red flags that often indicate whether a certain mattress contains fiberglass or not. Unfortunately, Novilla mattresses do have some of these red flags. For instance, it’s an affordable memory foam mattress. Most cheap beds use fiberglass as a flame retardant because it is cost-effective.

The other red flag is that Novilla mattresses are made in Malaysia and Vietnam. Most mattresses made in the East tend to have fiberglass inside them.

Because of these red flags and the fact that Novilla used to add fiberglass under the cover of its mattresses, you need to be very keen when shopping from this brand. It’s a good idea to carefully review the tag or product description. If you see fiberglass listed on the ingredients, look for another alternative. There are many high-quality fiberglass-free mattresses out there. You don’t have to risk your health and property.

Are There Novilla Mattresses that Still Contain Fiberglass?

There are many Novilla mattresses out there that still contain fiberglass. What you have to understand is that Novilla stopped using fiberglass a year ago. Therefore, any beds bought before that obviously contain fiberglass woven beneath the cover.

Unless you buy directly from Novilla, there is a high chance that third-party vendors still have some fiberglass Novilla mattresses in stock. If you have settled for this brand, you need to be careful to avoid buying a mattress containing fiberglass.

If your old Novilla mattress has fiberglass, do not attempt to remove the fire sock yourself. By doing so, you risk breathing in shards of glass or releasing them all over your home.

What Should I Do If I Have an Old Novilla Mattress?

If you bought your Novilla mattress before or during 2023, it obviously contains fiberglass. Our best advice for you is to save up and buy another fiberglass-free mattress, such as Saatva or Dreamcloud. If you are low on finances, you can always invest in a mattress protector. A mattress protector will shield you from the fiberglass in the cover.

Also, if you own an old Novilla mattress, never open the cover at whatever cost. When the cover grows old and torn, place the mattress in a zippered bag and safely discard it before fiberglass leaks into the air. If you are scared of handling the Novilla mattress with fiberglass sock, you can always call a professional cleaning company. It will cost you more, but you and your home will be saved from fiberglass contamination.

Why Was Novilla Using Fiberglass in Their Mattress?

It’s not just Novilla. Many mattress manufacturers prefer to use fiberglass as a flame retardant because it is cheap. Let’s face it. Most mattress companies are in this line of work because they want to make profits. Natural flame retardants like organic wool cost a lot of money. Therefore, fiberglass is a cheaper substitute and is very effective at stopping the spread of fire.

Novilla, like all other brands, preferred to use fiberglass because of its low cost.

Should You Buy a Novilla Mattress?

Now that you know Novilla mattresses used to have fiberglass, you may have doubts about buying from this brand. However, there are a couple of things that stand out about this company. First, Novilla stopped using fiberglass a year ago. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about contamination.

Also, Novilla beds are a budget-friendly option that offers a decent amount of comfort. These beds are great at isolating movement and are hypoallergenic. The cooling gel memory foam ensures you sleep better all night long, and it’s complemented by the soft bamboo charcoal cover. If you prefer a hugging sensation when you sleep, you can try the Novilla Bliss. But if you prefer something firmer, their hybrid options provide adequate support to average-weight sleepers.

In Summary

Novilla is one of the few brands that have admitted that they used to add fiberglass as a flame retardant to their mattresses. They, however, switched to fire-retardant cotton a year ago. Therefore, if you have an old Novilla bed, it probably contains fiberglass, and you should plan on replacing it with a fiberglass-free bed.

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