Does Novaform Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Novaform is a leading brand known for making memory foam mattresses. These beds appeal mainly to those who love the hugging sensation memory foam offers. It’s also worth mentioning that memory foam beds are great at relieving pressure points. However, memory foam beds are known to use fiberglass as a flame retardant. Does Novaform contain fiberglass? Keep on reading to find out.

Our Findings


No. While the Novaform mattress is free from fiberglass, some people have expressed concerns about its durability. If you’re searching for a mattress that’s both fiberglass-free and highly durable, it’s worth considering the Saatva mattress as an option.

Toxic Chemical

No (Certified By CertiPUR )

Who love it?

Best for Back sleepers under 130 pounds

Who will not love it?

The mattress may not be the best for sleepers over 230 pounds. If you weigh over 230 pounds and are in need of a durable mattress that can support you all night long.

Is There Fiberglass in Novaform Mattresses?

The good news for all memory foam lovers is that Novaform mattresses do not contain fiberglass. Even though this brand doesn’t speak on whether their beds have fiberglass, Sleep Aim was able to find out that Novaform mattresses are fiberglass-free through our investigations.

We concluded the above after coming across a Reddit post where a particular sleeper was interested in buying a Novaform mattress but was worried about fiberglass contamination.

However, after taking the risk and buying the mattress, the sleeper discovered that the Novaform mattress was fiberglass-free. Despite having all the red flags, such as being a memory foam bed and having an affordable price tag, Novaform stands out as a unique mattress brand that has kept off the fiberglass.

We also came across an answer on Amazon whereby a customer reached out to Novaform, and they replied that their mattress fire sock is made using silica and rayon.

Sleep Aim conducted more research about Novaform, and we didn’t come across any reviews, complaints, or lawsuits that blamed Novaform for using fiberglass.

Suppose you love the hugging sensation of a memory foam bed, and you are on a budget. You can confidently invest in a Novaform mattress and not have to worry about the safety concerns of fiberglass.

What Does Novaform Use as a Flame Retardant?

As a savvy shopper, it pays off to be inquisitive. Now that you know, Novaform doesn’t use fiberglass. What do they use as a flame retardant? After all, their mattresses are made of memory foam, and this material is highly flammable.

Here in the US, the law demands that all mattresses have some form of flame retardant. Unfortunately, this law doesn’t dictate the type of flame retardants to be used. It’s why companies such as Zinus use fiberglass because it’s cheap.

Novaform, according to their description, uses a rayon and silica fire sock. You can confuse it with fiberglass for those of you who may not know what silica is. However, these are entirely different materials. Even though fiberglass comprises a significant amount of silica, the latter is made from silica sand and doesn’t contain fiberglass. The silica is bonded with rayon and wrapped inside a jacquard cover to prevent it from escaping.

How to Check If a Novaform Mattress Contains Fiberglass?

From the investigation done by Sleep Aim, we discovered that Novaform uses a silica and rayon fire sock. As assuring as that may sound, mattress shoppers need to equip themselves with how to identify fiberglass in a Novaform mattress. This will relieve any doubts you may have about the presence of fiberglass in a Novaform bed.

1. Always Check the Label

A mattress containing fiberglass will be listed as one of the ingredients on the label. In modern markets, it’s ethical for mattress manufacturers to include the list of ingredients in the tags. Nearly 95% of mattresses will have ingredients listed on the label.

If you look at the label of the Novaform mattress, you won’t find fiberglass on the list. But you may see Rayon and Silica.

2. Look for Certifications 

It is impossible to find fiberglass in a mattress that is organically certified. Therefore, you should look at certifications such as Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) when mattress shopping.

Novaform mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified. That means that the bed is free of VOCs, which are a health hazard. Unfortunately, Novaform mattresses are not organic certified. At times, certifications such as CertiPUR can be present, and the bed can still contain fiberglass. You have to be vigilant.

3. Made in China 

Before we dig deeper into this, we must state the following. Sleep Aim isn’t in any way against mattresses made in China. We are proud and encourage international trade. Nonetheless, most beds made in China contain fiberglass. Here in the US, there are laws about flame retardants in mattresses. In China, these laws are non-existent. The manufacturers can use whatever they seem fit. If a bed is imported from there, it could contain fiberglass.

Fortunately, Novaform mattresses are made here in the US. That means that the manufacturer has to adhere to the flame retardant regulations set by the authorities.

What is the Relationship Between Foam Mattresses and Fiberglass Fire Socks?

If you have been mattress shopping for a while, you may have come across the narrative that all memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass. Because Novaform is a memory foam mattress, this statement can leave you overwhelmed and wondering whether you should buy such a mattress.

We want to clarify that not all memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass. Novaform is a good example. There is a close relationship between fiberglass fire socks and memory foam because these beds are generally cheap. Most memory foam beds fall under the $500 price range.

Fiberglass is the most affordable flame retardant. To ensure that the cost of memory foam mattresses remains low, they opt to use fiberglass fire socks. The other reason is that memory foam is highly flammable, and fiberglass effectively prevents these mattresses from catching fire. Manufacturers prefer to use this inexpensive and effective flame retardant to comply with the current mattress flame retardant rules.

What are the Benefits of Sleeping on a Fiberglass-free Memory Foam Mattress Such as Novaform?

There are a couple of benefits of sleeping on a fiberglass-free memory foam mattress such as Novaform. These advantages include;

  • You don’t have to worry about inhaling shards of fiberglass that will irritate your respiratory system.
  • When you sleep on your bed, there won’t be a risk of shards of fiberglass tearing your skin and causing the development of rashes and wounds.
  • Thirdly, you don’t have to dread the day you will walk into your bedroom and find the sheets, blankets, clothes, and furniture covered in tiny fiberglass pieces.

Should I Buy a Novaform Mattress?

Buying a mattress revolves around more than just whether it contains fiberglass. Novaform may have passed the fiberglass check, but what about comfort and support?

Novaform specializes mainly in memory foam beds. They have one hybrid mattress known as the Nue. Their prices are budget-friendly, and their mattresses cater specifically to sleepers that would like to relieve their pressure points.

Let’s look at the primary features of Novaform and see whether it’s a good memory foam mattress.

  • Impressive Motion Isolation

The Novaform performs exceptionally well when it comes to motion isolation. Boasting of a six-inch comfort system. It would absorb any movement your partner makes, ensuring you sleep without interruptions.

  • Adequate Pressure Relief

The Novaform has a firmness level of 6. This medium firmness level makes it comfortable enough for an average-weight sleeper. Since it is also made of memory foam, sleepers will enjoy an adequate amount of sinkage to relieve pressure points on the hips and shoulders.

  • A Longer Off-gassing Period

A CertiPUR certification indicates that this bed has low amounts of volatile organic compounds. However, from what we have gathered from sleepers, the Novaform releases an unpleasant odor, especially in the first few weeks after unboxing. If you plan on buying the Novaform, prepare to endure some unpleasant scents.

  • Inadequate Temperature Regulation

Memory foam mattresses are known to trap heat. The Novaform, however, contains a gel-infused memory foam that dissipates a slight amount of heat. For the average sleeper, you may enjoy a goodnight’s rest. But if you are a super-hot sleeper, the gel-infused memory foam capabilities may not be sufficient.

  • Below-average Edge Support

This isn’t just a problem with Novaform, but all types of memory foam mattresses offer insufficient edge support. Getting in and out of bed may not be easy if you are a heavy sleeper. Also, with a Novaform, you can’t utilize the entire mattress surface.

The Bottom Line

A Novaform mattress is one of the most affordable fiberglass-free memory foam mattresses. If you are on a budget and love memory foam’s hugging feeling but are wary of fiberglass, the Novaform is an excellent choice.

However, the Novaform does have its drawbacks. For instance, this bed is covered with a silica fire sock. If you do some digging on silica, you will see that silica dust particles also affect the respiratory system. When inhaled, they can inflame and scar the lung tissues. Long-term exposure can also lead to a condition known as silicosis, whereby the lungs cannot breathe oxygen.

Also, despite having a medium firmness level, the Novaform won’t adequately support heavy sleepers. Combination sleepers should look at other options because the Novaform will make your body feel trapped, thus restricting movement. The edge support is a bit mediocre. If you prefer a mattress with adequate support, comfort and is resistant to sagging, there are better fiberglass-free mattress alternatives.

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