Does Molecule Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Our Findings


The Molecule Mattress contains fiberglass and lacks edge support, causing side sleepers weighing over 230lbs to experience hip pain from sinking in certain areas of the mattress. If you’re in need of a supportive mattress without fiberglass, you should consider the Saatva Hybrid mattress.

Where is the Fiberglass?

Beneath the woven cover.

Toxic Materials

There are no harmful chemicals used in Molecule mattresses.



What do we like about Molecule mattresses?

The memory form is quite comfortable amongst lightweight sleepers.

What don’t we like?

The edge support is inferior, and it’s not a bouncy mattress.

There are so many horror stories of fiberglass contamination, the importance of getting a fiberglass free bed can’t be overlooked. To help our readers find the best mattresses, Sleep Aim has embarked on a journey of researching and listing mattresses that contain fiberglass and those that don’t. Our focus today will be the Molecule Mattress.

You can find this bed in almost all stores ranging from Wayfair, Target, Costco, and Amazon. It is affordable and has got tons of positive reviews. When it comes to safety, the Molecule Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified. That means it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. But is it fiberglass-free?

Will I Find Fiberglass in a Molecule Mattress?

For those of you who had high hopes with the Molecule Mattress, we are sorry to inform you that this bed has fiberglass. The Molecule brand has done a great job at keeping this information hidden, but one of their third-party vendors sold them out.

When you visit Wayfair and click on the Molecule mattress, in the description, they clearly say that the mattress uses fiberglass. Below that, they also provide readers with a fiberglass warning. In that warning, buyers are advised not to remove the mattress cover under any circumstance. They only say that removing the cover will damage the fire protection. Surprisingly, they don’t talk about the real threat, which is fiberglass contamination.

Why Does Molecule Put Fiberglass in Their Mattresses?

If you are mattress shopping, a word of caution that will come in handy is that most memory foam mattresses you see online contain a fiberglass fire sock. You may think that you are getting a good deal, but you are bringing a health hazard to your home.

Molecule uses fiberglass in their beds to meet the requirement in the US that mattresses need to contain a flame retardant. This was fueled by many cases of fire outbreaks accelerated by the flammability of memory foam. Molecule adds fiberglass to their beds to meet these requirements and keep sleepers safe from fires.

The other reason Molecule puts fiberglass in their beds is that this material is very cost-effective. If you compare it against other mattress brands, you will see that it costs way less. By using fiberglass, Molecule doesn’t have to increase its mattress prices. A move that could make them lose many customers.

Why Hasn’t Molecule Come Forward about This Matter?

That’s probably because of the backlash the brand will receive. Mattress manufacturers clearly understand the dangers of fiberglass. However, they continue to use it in mattresses. Molecule, unlike mattress brands that use fiberglass, such as Zinus, has managed to stay away from the radar of mattress shoppers and fiberglass whistleblowers.

Molecule clearly understands what would happen if people find out that their beds contain fiberglass. The first thing that would happen is a decrease in sales. Fiberglass isn’t the safest material to have in your home. We will explain why. When people learn that Molecule mattresses have fiberglass, they will avoid buying them.

Also, if Molecule comes forward about using fiberglass, that could turn into a PR nightmare. Brands such as Zinus have gone to the extent of being taken to court because of fiberglass. Molecule wouldn’t risk being in such a position. It’s safe to say Molecule, in this case, puts its interests first before that of the customers.

Should I Remove the Cover of a Molecule Mattress?

We want to clarify that it’s not illegal for a mattress brand such as Molecule to use fiberglass. This is why the lawsuits made against Zinus haven’t born any fruit. It is up to the mattress brand to be open about this matter and warn its customers from opening the covers. For instance, according to the warning given by Wayfair regarding the Molecule mattress, buyers shouldn’t open the covers once they get home. When you remove the covers, below are some dangers you will be exposing yourself to.

The Harmful Effects of Fiberglass in Molecule Mattresses

We scoured the internet, and there haven’t been any reports related to fiberglass contamination arising from a Molecule bed. However, that doesn’t mean sleepers haven’t encountered the dangers of fiberglass from a Molecule mattress knowingly and unknowingly. Be as it may, here are the dangers of sleeping on a fiberglass Molecule mattress.

  • Skin Irritation – The first and most common effect of sleeping on a Molecule mattress is that fiberglass will lead to skin irritation. When you remove the cover, fiberglass shards will touch your skin. A rash may appear, or the affected part could turn red. If your skin isn’t very sensitive, the irritation may be slight.
  • Respiratory Issues – If you inhale the fiberglass particles, they will irritate the nose and throat. You may feel like you have an allergic reaction. For those who are asthmatic, fiberglass inhalation can trigger an attack.
  • Irritation of the Eyes – unfortunately, if you touch your eyes with fiberglass. You may get an experience close to that of sand getting inside your eyes. Your eyes can turn red and watery. If the issue gets out of hand, you should seek medical attention.
  • Loss of Property – This isn’t a health-related issue, but it can cause significant harm. When you fall victim to fiberglass contamination, the strands can settle on clothes and furniture. Removing fiberglass from such items will be a nightmare. Most people dispose of belongings that have been in contact with fiberglass.

As comfortable as a Molecule mattress may be, the above are experiences you should avoid by all means.

How to Avoid a Fiberglass Contamination?

You can take several steps to avoid fiberglass contamination in your home.

  1. Switch to mattresses that don’t use fiberglass. The thing is, fiberglass isn’t the only flame retardant material on the market. There are lots of mattress brands that don’t use fiberglass. You can sleep on these, knowing that you are safe.
  2. If you already own a Molecule mattress, avoid removing the cover at all costs. If you spill something on the cover, clean it off without removing it.
  3. Buy a mattress protector. This will add another layer above the cover, keeping you further away from the fiberglass. Removing the cover isn’t the only way fiberglass can escape from the mattress. Wear and tear can also cause fiberglass pieces to leak to the surface.

What Else Should I Know about Molecule Mattresses?

Now that you know the fiberglass issue associated with this bed, it’s also important to learn everything else about this brand. When shopping for mattresses, there are a lot of factors that have to be considered. Below is a quick rundown of essential details about the Molecule mattress.

  • Molecule Mattress was introduced into the market in 2018. It’s probably why not many people know a lot of information about it compared to brands that have been there for years.
  • These mattresses are made using memory foam. Therefore, for sleepers who prefer the hugging sensation of memory foam, this may be the right bed for you. While we are still on memory foam, the Molecule mattress best suits lightweight and average-weight side sleepers. The memory foam will relieve the pressure points for sleepers who meet these requirements. Stomach and heavy sleepers can have a difficult time trying to find comfort on such a bed.
  • They have a firmness rating of 6. This seems to be typical in memory foam mattresses. With a medium firmness of 6, average-weight sleepers can enjoy adequate support and comfort.
  • The prices of Molecule mattresses are competitive. This is for both the Molecule 1 and 2. It’s a brand that offers many discounts throughout the year. It’s one thing that makes this bed a popular choice for many sleepers.
  • You need to know that the Molecule mattress provides better motion isolation than standard memory foam mattresses. The upper comfort layer is responsible for this. If you hate hearing your partner’s movements, this is the right bed for you.
  • The memory foam comprises open-cell technology, enabling it to wick away moisture and heat. The polyfoam beneath that is highly breathable. Unlike most mattresses that trap heat, the Molecule will ensure you sleep cooler.
  • Being a memory foam bed, you shouldn’t expect much when it comes to edge support. When you sit on the edge, it sinks deep.
  • The other thing is that couples can’t enjoy intimacy on this bed because it doesn’t offer adequate bounce, as hybrid mattresses do.


Is it worth investing in a Molecule mattress knowing that it contains fiberglass? That will depend on what you want in a mattress. As you can see from the above, the Molecule mattress isn’t such a bad bed. It is comfortable, relieves pressure points, and offers great motion isolation. Plus, it’s more affordable than other high-end mattresses. The best solution would be to avoid fiberglass mattresses. But if you must buy the Molecule mattress, never open the cover. Always inspect the mattress for fiberglass contamination. If your cover starts wearing out, dispose the mattress before fiberglass contamination occurs.

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