Does Lull Mattress Have Fiberglass?

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Yes, it contains fiberglass, and some customers have reported that the mattress is too firm and causes back pain. To avoid this, you can consider the Saatva mattress, which is recommended by chiropractors and is fiberglass-free. It is specially designed for durability and to alleviate back pain.

Where is the fiberglass?

It is woven in the flame retardant fire sock.

Toxic Chemicals



Yes. Lull was sued for not being adequately accessible digitally.

Who will love the Lull mattress?

Sleepers who want a combination of both comfort and affordability.

Who won’t love it?

Heavy sleepers, especially those above 230 pounds. The Lull won’t be adequately supportive.

If all brands were as transparent as the Lull mattress, it would be easier for shoppers to choose the right mattress. There has been an awareness campaign about fiberglass mattresses in the past few years. As most sleepers gravitate towards eco-friendly mattress choices, most shoppers these days are interested in finding out whether their favorite mattress brands contain fiberglass. This article will shed light on whether the Lull mattress has fiberglass and if it’s a bed worth bringing into your home.

Is There Fiberglass in a Lull Mattress?

We started our article with a compliment for the Lull mattress brand because they don’t deny using a fiberglass flame retardant sock in some of their mattresses. Unlike other brands where we had to conduct investigations and research, Lull has openly admitted on their website that their beds are encased with a fiberglass fire sock.

As a shopper interested in the Lull mattress, the above information should relieve any doubts you may have. When making a decision, you won’t have to rely on hearsay or the opinions of other shoppers.

Even though Lull’s mattress honesty is commendable, we can’t overlook the dangers of sleeping on a fiberglass mattress. We will dive much deeper into that for those who are not familiar with the risks associated with a fiberglass mattress such as Lull.

What’s Wrong with Lull Using Fiberglass in Their Mattresses?

Allow us to start this discussion by defining what fiberglass is. The Oxford dictionary defines fiberglass as a reinforced plastic merged with glass fibers in a resin. Fiberglass was initially used for insulation purposes because of its flame retardant capabilities.

Fiberglass grew in popularity when mattress companies were prohibited from using chemical flame retardants. That was because fiberglass was an excellent flame retardant, and it is very cheap. Many brands, Lull included switched to fiberglass to pass the mattress flammability requirements.

Unfortunately, the benefits of fiberglass in mattresses only apply to mattress manufacturers and not sleepers. Here is what’s wrong with Lull using fiberglass in their beds.

1. Fiberglass is a Health Hazard

What Lull mattress has done in terms of being open about using fiberglass is excellent. But that doesn’t change the fact that this material is hazardous to sleepers. There are two ways in which fiberglass can be dangerous to your health. It can affect your external organs. It can also be harmful to your internal organs. We will look at both ways.

  • All mattresses, Lull inclusive, are vulnerable to wear. When beds wear, the upper layers of the mattress, such as the cover, get torn, revealing what’s underneath. If there is a layer of fiberglass beneath the cover, it will rise to the surface. When that happens, it’s when all hell will go loose. The shards of fiberglass come into contact with your skin, and they will cause some irritation. Most sleepers whose skin makes contact with fiberglass experience itchiness, rashness, or redness. Even though, when fiberglass makes contact with the skin, it doesn’t lead to severe conditions. It can be quite uncomfortable. Picture waking up with an itch or rash all over the body every morning?
  • The other health hazard fiberglass poses is if it is inhaled or gets into the eyes. The first stage of fiberglass contamination is when the shards rise to the mattress. If you don’t take action, the fiberglass particles will be suspended in the air. That’s how it will get into your internal organs. You may inhale the fiberglass, or it could get into your eyes. That will lead to irritation of the part where fiberglass has gotten into. When inhaled, fiberglass can inflame the throat and nose. The reactions would be more severe if you are asthmatic.

2. Property Loss

The other issue with Lull using a fiberglass mattress is that it can lead to property loss worth thousands of dollars. Many homeowners invest a lot of money in their wardrobes and furniture. However, fiberglass contamination can render most of this property useless when it settles on them. Strands of fiberglass are impossible to remove when they stick to clothes and furniture.

If your Lull mattress leaks fiberglass into the air, you can say goodbye to your favorite coach or outfits. The only people who can help are professional cleaning service providers. Even they won’t be able to salvage most of your belongings from fiberglass contamination.

These are two experiences you will likely have when you bring a Lull mattress into your home. After reading the above, do you still think fiberglass is harmless?

Why Does Lull Use Fiberglass in Their Mattresses?

Knowing how dangerous fiberglass is, you are probably wondering why Lull would use such material in their beds? Here are the main reasons.

  1. It’s Affordable – Lull mattresses are what consumers consider affordable brands. Most people are in a hurry to save a buck on mattress shopping and don’t realize the dangers they are exposing themselves to. Fiberglass is one of the cheapest flame retardants. It’s not just Lull, but many mattress brands use it to pass the mattress flammability test.
  2. It’s an Effective Flame Retardant – Since Lull makes memory foam mattresses that are highly flammable. It’s crucial that they also use a flame retardant to keep sleepers safe if a fire breaks out. Shards of fiberglass will not melt until they reach 1000 degrees F. This fire-resistant capability makes it ideal for withstanding a lot of heat.

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How Will Fiberglass Escape a Lull Mattress?

A fiberglass mattress has a cover on the surface. So, how will the fiberglass escape? Here are some ways;

  1. The cover of a Lull mattress isn’t meant to last forever. Therefore, it will wear, and certain parts may get torn. When that happens, your Lull cover would have created an opportunity for fiberglass to leak to the surface. When it leaks, you should expect full-blown contamination.
  2. The other common way fiberglass can escape a Lull mattress is by removing the cover. A pro tip you should keep in mind from today henceforth is – As long as a bed contains fiberglass, you should never remove the cover. When you do that, knowingly or unknowingly, you will release fiberglass strands into the air.

These are the only two ways fiberglass can escape the Lull mattress cover. If you are keen enough to avoid opening the cover and frequently inspect the mattress for fiberglass, you will lower the chances of contamination.

What to Do If You’ve Already Bought a Lull Mattress?

The above information may seem discouraging for those of you who have already bought a Lull mattress. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you hadn’t come across this article, you might have never known about the presence of fiberglass in your Lull bed. With the above information in mind, you can take measures to keep yourself safe from fiberglass.

  • Avoid opening the mattress cover at all costs.
  • Always inspect the condition of your mattress cover. The minute you spot a tear on the cover, you should discard the mattress.
  • To be safe, you can invest in a mattress protector for your Lull bed. It will add an extra protection cover to the Lull mattress, keeping you further from the fiberglass.
  • Finally, you should start saving up and exploring other fiberglass-free mattresses.

What Other Features Do Lull Mattresses Have?

Other than the presence of fiberglass, it would be best if you also had an in-depth understanding of the Lull’s mattress performance.

• A Medium Firmness Rating of 6/10

The Lull mattress provides a medium firmness which is conducive to most sleepers. The upper layers are soft and provide adequate comfort. It’s worth mentioning that heavy sleepers will sink into the bed.

• Memory Foam Construction

For those of you who may not be aware, the Lull mattress is an all-foam bed. It features a 7-inch foam base layer, a 1.5-inch transitional layer made from a mixture of foams, a comfort layer measuring 1.5 inches, and a softcover. Because of the fiberglass inside, we advise against removing this cover.

• Sufficient Motion Isolation

If you don’t wake up very easily when your partner turns at night, you may enjoy this bed’s motion isolation capabilities. The comfort layer in the mattress absorbs more motion than most memory foam beds in its price range.

• Excellent Pressure Relief

The Lull mattress being an all-foam bed, performs exceptionally well at relieving pressure points. It works even better amongst side sleepers because it will sink in the shoulder and lumbar area. If you are a heavy sleeper, it’s best to keep off this bed as it will sag.

• Decent Edge Support

Lull has a thin comfort layer. Therefore, it offers sturdier edge support than most memory foam beds. If you want more access to your mattress surface, the Lull mattress should provide you with that.

Final Thoughts

After going through the features, the Lull mattress is okay for its price. Side sleepers and shoppers on a budget can enjoy a goodnight’s rest on this bed. However, the presence of fiberglass makes it risky to bring such a mattress into your home.

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