Does Lucid Mattress Have Fiberglass? 

The Lucid mattress brand is known for making budget-friendly mattresses. Besides mattresses, they also manufacture a wide range of bedding accessories. If you have settled on buying a Lucid mattress, it’s important to determine whether it contains fiberglass. These days, there are many cases of fiberglass contaminations caused by mattresses. To prevent falling prey to such risks, it’s crucial for sleepers to determine whether the mattress they intend to purchase is free from fiberglass.

Is There Fiberglass in a Lucid Mattress?

Unfortunately, Lucid beds contain fiberglass layered beneath the mattress cover. We can confirm this from numerous complaints posted by Lucid mattress owners. On Reddit, there is a detailed post explaining how a certain family fell victim to fibreglass contamination from a Lucid mattress.

According to this Lucid bed customer, they made the mistake of removing the cover and washing it. The funny thing here is that the cover comes with a zip. Why would Lucid install a zip on a mattress cover that contains fiberglass? Anyway, after a few hours, the family members started experiencing itching and skin irritations. It got worse when they saw sparkling shards all over their skin and clothes.

At that moment, the cause of this contamination was still unclear until the owner of this post researched and discovered that this was fiberglass contamination. Lucid had not provided a warning sign or anything that would indicate there was fiberglass beneath the cover. These people had to find out how dangerous fiberglass was the hard way. They lost nearly all their clothes as well as the washer and dryer.

When you continue reading the comments on that Reddit post, you will realize that this isn’t the only person who has been a victim of Lucid mattress fiberglass contamination. More people have suffered the harmful side effects of fiberglass.

Irrespective of what you may come across online, you should know that lucid mattresses contain fiberglass. If you own one, never remove the cover under any circumstance.

What is Fiberglass, and Why Does Lucid Use It?

If your area of work or career isn’t mattress-related, then you may not understand why a mattress would have fiberglass in the first place. Currently, all beds sold in the US should have some form of flame retardant which should ensure the bed can withstand exposure to open flames for not less than thirty minutes.

It’s this law that introduced fiberglass into the mattress industry. Fiberglass is mostly used as a thermal barrier. It is used to insulate homes and property in general. This material is very effective at stopping fires, and unlike other flame retardants, it doesn’t interfere with mattress comfort. It’s also very cheap. Because of these reasons, fiberglass is a favorite amongst mattress manufacturers such as Lucid. It’s effective, affordable and doesn’t affect the comfort of a mattress. Despite all these benefits, fiberglass can be dangerous when it escapes your mattress.

What are Lucid Mattresses Made Of?

The Lucid brand makes three types of mattresses; hybrid, gel memory foam and latex.

In the latex category, these beds contain a latex layer on top of the mattress, accompanied by poly and gel memory foam. Latex Lucid mattresses offer excellent support and are conducive for heavy back and stomach sleepers.

The gel memory foam mattresses are made using this material. These beds come in a wide variety ranging from five to fourteen inches. They are great at providing adequate pressure relief. But there have been complaints about durability.

Then there are foam-based hybrids. These contain foam layered on top of wrapped coils. These are more durable and offer decent support.

Besides being made using different materials, all Lucid mattresses contain fiberglass. The fiberglass is placed beneath the cover, and its purpose is to ensure the mattress doesn’t get engulfed in flames in case of a fire.

Does Lucid Admit That Their Mattresses Contain Fiberglass?

The Lucid brand has decided to remain quiet about the fiberglass issue. Obviously, with so many reviews posted online, they must have received complaints about fiberglass contaminations. That means they are aware of the problem. Nonetheless, no action has been taken. Sleepers continue to buy their beds without knowing the danger that lies beneath them.

Lucid isn’t the only mattress that contains fiberglass. There are many more such as Zinus and Nectar. You can read more about that here. Anyway, to ensure that you are more vigilant when mattress shopping, here are some methods to identify if a mattress contains fiberglass.

  • Read the mattress label or description and look for phrases such as fiberglass, glass fiber or glass wool. Mattress manufacturers these days may not list the presence of fiberglass in the label as that will scare customers.
  • The next warning sign is the instruction against the removal of the cover. If a manufacturer asks you not to remove the cover, please avoid doing so even if it has a zip. Remember what the above client experienced because of opening the cover. If a bed brand says that the cover shouldn’t be removed, it’s mostly because they don’t want to cause fiberglass contamination.
  • Certain red flags can also indicate the mattress contains fiberglass. Examples include if the bed is made in China or is extremely cheap.

How to Avoid Lucid Mattress Fiberglass Contamination?

Understandably, you may come across this information when you have bought a Lucid mattress or have had it for years. Please note that it’s never too late to be safe. If you have a Lucid mattress, the first thing you should do is inspect for fiberglass leaks. If there are holes in the mattress cover, that should be a warning sign.

However, if the mattress is in good condition, you should invest in a mattress protector. A mattress protector will shield you from fiberglass by adding a layer over the cover. Don’t buy a mattress protector and forget about the fiberglass. Start looking for a mattress without fiberglass. There are so many mattresses out there that are made with natural flame retardants. These won’t lead to any side effects.

Is There a Fiberglass Lawsuit Against Lucid?

Unfortunately, Lucid hasn’t yet received a lawsuit about fiberglass contaminations caused by their mattresses. This is surprising, especially considering the high number of reviews posted about Lucid mattress fiberglass contamination.

If you or a loved one has been a Lucid mattress fiberglass contamination victim, you can always file a lawsuit and ask for compensation for damaged property and health issues caused. You will have to provide proof that the mattress was the cause.

Is Fiberglass in a Lucid Mattress Safe?

Fiberglass is an unsafe material to be exposed to. We spend a lot of time on our mattresses. Therefore, if fibreglass leaks through the cover, you may experience many side effects. Fiberglass in a Lucid bed can affect you in several ways;

  1. When fiberglass touches your skin, an itchy rash will develop. The skin can also turn red.
  2. Should the fiberglass particles get suspended in the air, you can inhale them, leading to breathing difficulties. People living with asthma and other allergies may experience more severe symptoms.

As you can see from above, fiberglass isn’t as harmless as most people think. It’s dangerous, and long-term exposure can lead to breathing problems.

Why is There a Zip on a Lucid Mattress If It Contains Fiberglass?

Some people may argue that because there is a cover on the Lucid mattress, it is fibreglass-free. We want to clarify that the above isn’t true. The presence of a zip is a manufacturing defect. It is not meant to be opened. Remember, these beds are made in China, where the manufacturing requirements aren’t very stringent. Therefore, it’s not shocking that there is a zip on a mattress with fiberglass. Never open this zip as you would be left exposed to fiberglass contamination.

How Much Property Can You Lose from a Fiberglass Contamination?

When you read stories of how people lost thousands of money because of fiberglass in a mattress, the figures may seem exaggerated, but there is some truth in such matters. If you have never experienced a fiberglass contamination, it can be hard to understand the extent of the loss.

Fibreglass particles leak into the air and settle on beddings and clothes. If you have an HVAC system connected all over the house, the fiberglass particles can spread to other rooms and settle on clothing and furniture. These shards of glass are almost impossible to remove from a fabric-like surface. When you put the clothes in the washer, they contaminate it, thus worsening the situation. Therefore, you can lose property worth lots of money from fiberglass contamination.


Q: Are Lucid mattresses made of foam?

A: Lucid makes three types of mattresses; foam, hybrid and latex.

Q: What mattresses don’t have fiberglass in them?

A: There are plenty of brands that don’t use fiberglass. Examples include Saatva, Avocado, Harvest Green and many others.

Q: Are mattresses still made with fiberglass?

A: A lot of mattresses here in the US contain fiberglass. You, therefore, have to be very careful when shopping.


The overwhelmingly high number of fiberglass complaints against Lucid mattresses indicate that their beds aren’t fiberglass-free. Even though fiberglass can save your life in a fire outbreak, it’s not safe.

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