Does Linenspa Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Have you seen those crazy TikTok videos where people are discovering fiberglass in their mattresses? A few years ago, mattress shopping was pretty straightforward. All you had to do was look for a mattress that’s comfortable and meets your budget. But today, you have to evaluate the support, breathability, and durability and confirm if it contains fiberglass.

Linenspa is amongst the top mattress sellers on Amazon. They have memory foam and hybrid mattresses available in various sizes. Linenspa mattresses are quite pocket friendly and they have lots of positive reviews online. But do Linenspa mattresses have fiberglass?

Do Linenspa Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Yes, Linenspa mattresses do contain fiberglass, and here is how we arrived at this conclusion.

On Amazon, there are a couple of reviews of customers who encountered fiberglass in their Linenspa mattresses. The first fiberglass complaint came from Damario who claims that ever since he bought a Linenspa mattress, he has been experiencing abnormal itchiness and skin issues which is a common side effect of sleeping on a fiberglass mattress.

The other reviewer started noticing something was wrong with their Linenspa mattress because they started sneezing immediately after moving this bed to her child’s room. She performed the fiberglass test by shining a flashlight over the mattress and that’s when she discovered thin filaments of fiberglass everywhere, even on the sheets.

There is also another reviewer who confirms the presence of fiberglass in Linenspa mattresses and highlights the dangers it poses to kids.

As if that’s not enough, when concerned clients reach out to Linenspa inquiring if their mattresses contain fiberglass, this company always provides evasive answers. Below, we have attached some of the responses Linenspa give when asked about fiberglass in their mattresses. If you read through these answers, you will realize that Linenspa does not give a definitive answer. Their responses only mention that the materials used are in line with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. In our long experience of mattress testing, if a brand can’t give a direct answer about fiberglass, this always raises a red flag!

The fact that Linenspa can’t answer the fiberglass question directly and the many reviews of customers encountering fiberglass in their mattresses, the bottom line is that Linenspa mattresses do contain fiberglass and shoppers need to take appropriate action.

Why Haven’t Some People Encountered Fiberglass in Their Linenspa Mattresses?

If you go through all fiberglass-related reviews about Linenspa mattresses, you will see some clients defending this brand claiming that their beds do not have fiberglass. The fiberglass-mattress awareness campaign is still new and many people don’t have an in-depth understanding of this material.

Just because a Linenspa mattress has fiberglass, it doesn’t mean you will encounter this material during the period you will own that mattress. Fiberglass is usually perfectly woven beneath the mattress cover. Unless you remove or poke a hole in the cover, the fiberglass will remain intact and won’t escape into the air.

Most people claiming Linenspa mattresses are fiberglass-free probably own new mattresses whose cover is in perfect condition. The minute the cover will get worn out and the fiberglass will start leaking, that’s when hell will break loose. Therefore, do not be misled by reviews that claim Linenspa mattresses are fiberglass-free. Most of these reviews are being made by innocent customers who don’t know how fiberglass in mattresses works.

Why Do Linenspa Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

In 2007, when the US Consumer Product Safety Commission enforced a law requiring all mattresses to pass the flammability test, fiberglass found a new purpose in the mattress manufacturing industry. It is usually rolled around a mattress to create a flame barrier. When exposed to fire, fiberglass extinguishes the flames thus preventing flammable materials from being consumed by fire.

Besides being an excellent flame retardant, fiberglass is quite inexpensive and that’s why it’s commonly used by mattress brands like Linenspa to pass the flammability standards.

Is Fiberglass in Linenspa Mattresses Safe?

If you were considering buying a Linenspa mattress, the fact that it contains fiberglass should make you think twice. Fiberglass is a pretty harmful material. However, its side effects are only experienced when you make direct contact with it. Therefore, if you never remove the cover or your Linenspa mattress, you should be okay. But what if the cover gets torn or worn out?

In older homes that were insulated with fiberglass, people were asked not to touch or interact with this material. It’s the same scenario with fiberglass in mattresses. Rubbing your skin on these tiny glass shards can cause scratches, rashes, and blisters.

If these particles get inside your eyes or lungs, they can cause severe irritation of the affected body parts. To make matters worse, fiberglass particles are difficult to remove when they spread to your furniture, clothes, and carpets. You may need expert cleaning services to get rid of fiberglass contamination.

The reason why fiberglass in Linenspa mattresses is not safe is that the cover won’t last forever. You may be careful and never remove the cover. But when it gets worn out, the holes that have formed will act as escape channels for fiberglass particles. These particles will get inside your eyes and nose. They will spread all over your furniture and clothes. And without realizing it, you may find yourself in a full-blown fiberglass contamination.

What is Linenspa Mattress Made Of?

We know for a fact that Linenspa mattresses contain a layer of fiberglass. It’s also a good idea that we mention other materials you may find in this mattress.

There are two types of beds sold by Linenspa; the memory foam and the hybrid. In memory foam, it resembles most bed-in-a-box mattresses. There is a support foam at the top, a reactive foam to offer transition, and a base foam that has a higher density. You may also find Triangulex memory foam in some of their models. This design promotes the mattress’s stability.

In the hybrid models, there is a layer of memory foam at the top and coils at the base. In all Linenspa mattresses, you can expect to find memory foam. And as we all know, memory foam is pretty flammable and that’s why manufacturers prefer to weave fiberglass around it.

Should You Buy a Linenspa Mattress?

That will obviously depend on your tastes and preferences. However, the Linenspa isn’t a bad mattress. There are a few features and benefits that make it a good choice. For instance, the memory foam versions of the Linenspa provide unrivaled motion transfer. No matter how much your partner loves turning at night, you will never be affected by their movements.

The hugging sensation of memory foam is also a plus. And if you prefer something a bit firmer, you can always get the hybrid Linenspa models. These are quite firm and will support your body weight. It’s also important to mention that these mattresses are quite affordable. If you don’t have a lot of money to splurge on a mattress, Linenspa is an excellent brand.

On the downside, Linenspa mattresses have weak edge support. If you are a heavyweight sleeper, you will find yourself falling off every once in a while. The quality of the materials is a bit average and therefore it’s not durable. There are many reports about sagging. When you add these drawbacks to the fiberglass issue, you should definitely explore fiberglass-free mattress alternatives like the Saatva. That’s the only way you can be assured of safety, comfort, quality, and durability.

What to Do If a Mattress Has Fiberglass?

Assuming you already own a Linenspa mattress, after reading this review, it’s okay to feel shocked and disappointed. But instead of panicking, here is what you should do;

  • Inspect for fiberglass leaking through the cover. With the help of a flashlight, look for shiny shards of glass on the mattress cover. If you don’t spot any then you are safe. But if you do, proceed to the next step.
  • If you see fiberglass particles, wear protective clothing and place the mattress in a zippered plastic bag and send it to the landfill.
  • Clean your bedroom thoroughly. A HEPA-filtered can come in handy in sucking fiberglass particles from clothes, mats, and furniture.


When shopping for Linenspa mattresses, you need to be aware of the presence of fiberglass inside the covers. If you must get a Linenspa mattress, you need to ensure that you invest in a quality mattress protector. This will keep the fiberglass away from you and your family. Alternatively, you can switch to a fiberglass-free mattress that’s safer, comfier, and more durable.

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