Does Dreamcloud mattress have fiberglass?

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Although Dreamcloud mattresses do not contain fiberglass, some customers have expressed concerns about weaker edge support leading to some roll-off due to the softer perimeter. To prevent this, you may want to consider selecting a fiberglass-free mattress with a strong durability record, such as Saatva.


Yes. (It was sued alongside its sibling company, Nectar)

Toxic Chemicals

Yes. It contains Dacron polyester.

Should you remove the cover of a Dreamcloud mattress?

No. It comes with a non-removable cover.

Who will love a Dreamcloud mattress?

Average-weight side and back sleepers who prefer a bouncy bed.

Who will not love it?

Sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds will find this bed too firm to sleep on.

Being a hybrid mattress, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Dreamcloud is a top choice for many sleepers. It offers unrivaled support and is super comfortable, thanks to the availability of multiple foam layers. If you are interested in a Dreamcloud mattress, you have probably researched all the essential features, such as firmness, pressure relief, temperature control, and edge support. But have you inquired if it contains fiberglass?

These days, there are a lot of horror stories about homeowners discovering fiberglass in their mattresses. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine whether a particular bed brand uses fiberglass. Today, we will be answering whether Dreamcloud mattresses contain fiberglass. We will also share expert tips about this harmful material which is often used as a flame retardant.

Is There Fiberglass in a Dreamcloud Mattress?

Dreamcloud mattresses do not contain fiberglass beneath their covers. After conducting extensive research, we didn’t come across any complaints about customers finding fiberglass in their Dreamcloud beds. Also, there were no reports of fiberglass contaminations caused by Dreamcloud mattresses.

To substantiate these claims, Sleep Aim took the extra step of looking past the cover of a Dreamcloud mattress. We didn’t spot any fiberglass fire socks wrapped around the bed. Kindly refer to the picture below.

If you were considering getting a Dreamcloud mattress, you don’t have to worry about dealing with any fiberglass leaking into the air.

What Flame Retardant Does Dreamcloud Use in Their Mattresses?

Since Dreamcloud doesn’t have fiberglass beneath the cover, it must have some other form of flame retardant that they use to pass the flammability regulations.

When we were dissecting the Dreamcloud mattress looking for fiberglass, what mostly drew our attention was that we didn’t see any flame retardant. When you look at the picture below, you will notice that there are two inches of pillow top, followed by poly foam, before reaching the coils.

We didn’t see silica, rayon, wool, or any other flame retardant, which raised some red flags.

For those of you who may not know, Dream Cloud is a sister company to Nectar mattresses. Nectar is a controversial mattress company. A few years back, they were sued alongside Dreamcloud for making false ‘made in USA’ allegations. Nectar has also been in the limelight for lying to their clients that their mattresses are fiberglass-free, yet they are covered with a fiberglass fire sock.

With the above information in mind, we strongly advise shoppers interested in Dreamcloud mattresses to proceed cautiously. Even though these beds don’t have fiberglass, there is a lot of uncertainty about the flame retardant this company uses. They haven’t shared this information with the public. So, customers can only be left guessing what flame retardant Dreamcloud uses in their beds.

What are Dreamcloud Mattresses Made Of? 

Now that you know fiberglass is not used in Dreamcloud mattresses, you may be wondering – are there any other materials I should be worried about?

Let’s break down the materials Dreamcloud mattresses are made of and see if there are harmful materials.

  • The cover is made out of cashmere and Dacron polyester. Even though this combination makes the surface pretty soft and luxurious, you must be mindful of Dacron polyester. When your Dreamcloud mattress is new, Dacron may off-gas VOCs when exposed to room temperature. Dacron VOCs dissipate fast, but they can have a foul order and may bother chemical-sensitive sleepers.
  • Beneath that, you will find three foam layers. These foam layers exist to offer a decent amount of sinkage while regulating temperatures.
  • Then there are pocketed coils that are individually wrapped. These aim to give you a bit of a bounce and support.
  • The core support of a Dreamcloud mattress comes from the foundation layer, which is made of high-density polyfoam.

From the above, it’s evident that there are no harmful materials in Dreamcloud mattresses. However, their beds are CertiPUR US certified. This means they are free of PBDEs and other toxic chemicals.

Why Should You Be Concerned About Fiberglass in a Mattress? 

You may be familiar with the uses of fiberglass for home insulation. However, it has many other uses. Fiberglass is an excellent flame retardant. It slows down the spread of flames on mattress materials which are usually quite flammable.

The mattress flame retardant standards were put into effect in 2007. These standards see to it that every mattress manufacturer passes the flammability test. Even though these laws were enforced to protect sleepers, they didn’t outline which ingredients could be used as flame retardants.

Most mattresses use fiberglass because it is cheap and widely available. However, fiberglass isn’t the safest material to have under your bed. Fiberglass particles have been known to escape through the cover and contaminate your home, thus leading to fiberglass contamination.

These tiny shards of glass are annoyingly stubborn to remove from beddings, clothing, and furniture. Online, there are many stories of how people lost property worth thousands of dollars all because of fiberglass contamination.

If you think losing property is scary, wait until you hear about the health impacts of exposing yourself to fiberglass. Fiberglass can inflame your respiratory system from the nose to the throat when inhaled. It’s even worse if you have asthma or other respiratory issues. Fiberglass can cause irritation, rashes, or redness when it touches the skin.

It’s a pretty harmful ingredient. That is why you should keep off any mattress that contains fiberglass.

How to Know If a Dreamcloud Mattress Contains Fiberglass? 

Sleep Aim has taken the initiative to review whether different mattresses have fiberglass. We have identified and listed popular mattress brands that contain fiberglass. You can use our guides to filter your options when mattress shopping. However, it’s also vital for you to be able to tell whether a specific bed contains fiberglass. Here are some expert tips you can use;

  • Remove the cover – Fiberglass is usually woven beneath the cover. It’s the first mattress layer you will see when removing the cover. Fiberglass resembles a white and shiny material that slightly resembles a thread. Mattresses that don’t have a removable cover. (Red Flag!) Therefore, it may be a little bit challenging to check whether there is fiberglass. Before removing a mattress cover, you should always research first. Otherwise, you may end up contaminating your home with fiberglass.
  • Check the tag – The mattress tag usually contains the ingredients and materials used. Look for words such as glass or fiberglass. It is often indicated in percentages. Therefore, you may see something like 42% fiberglass. When you see fiberglass listed on the ingredients, that should immediately raise a red flag. For those who are shopping online, you can read through the product description. Please note that some mattress manufacturers may intentionally withhold this information.
  • Inquire from the manufacturer – If you can’t find any information online about whether a particular mattress contains fiberglass or not, you can always inquire directly from the manufacturer. You can do this on their website or official social media handles. Some manufacturers, such as Nectar and Dreamcloud, have a reputation for lying to their clients. This is something you need to keep in mind.
  • Check out the country of manufacture and evaluate the price – Mattresses with fiberglass tend to have similar characteristics. For instance, the cheapest memory foam mattresses often contain fiberglass. Many beds made in China also contain fiberglass as a flame retardant. Dreamcloud checks these two boxes because it is made in China and it’s a low-priced memory foam mattress.
  • Research – Out of all the methods of identifying whether a mattress contains fiberglass, nothing beats research. By reading reviews like the ones posted here on Sleep Aim or checking out feedback from other sleepers on forums and eCommerce stores, you can gain accurate information on whether your mattress has fiberglass.

Does Dreamcloud Acknowledge the Absence of Fiberglass in Its Mattress? 

One of the things that got onto our nerves when compiling this review was how ignorant Dreamcloud is when it comes to flame retardants. On their official website, they don’t mention that their mattress doesn’t contain fiberglass. They only talk about how the mattress materials are certified and that there are no harmful chemicals or flame retardants.

Initially, when we discovered that Dreamcloud mattresses don’t have a removable cover, this raised some red flags. That’s because most mattresses with non-removable covers usually have fiberglass. But upon inspection, we didn’t find any.

Dreamcloud needs to re-evaluate its approach to sharing its product features. Information on whether their beds contain fiberglass should be clearly outlined on their website. They shouldn’t leave potential customers in the dark about such crucial matters. If you need to do more digging, we have already equipped you with tips and tricks to know if a mattress contains fiberglass.

Should You Buy a Dreamcloud Mattress? 

If fiberglass was your biggest concern, you should be relieved after discovering that Dreamcloud doesn’t contain this material. However, it would be best if you give it time to off-gas so it can release the chemicals from Dacron polyester. Besides that, this mattress has some good features. So, is the Dreamcloud bed worth spending money on?

Dreamcloud is one of the top hybrid mattresses on the market. It has a firm feel which is ideal for side and back sleepers who weigh more than 130 lbs. It’s also suitable for combination sleepers and couples who don’t move much at night. If you love sleeping on the edge of the bed, you will appreciate the impact of the reinforced pocket coils.

Also, people with back pain will get some relief from this firm mattress. It’s comfortable, durable, and a suitable option if you are allergic to dust or hay. The hybrid structure ensures proper aeration and temperature control if you sweat a lot at night. Please note that the Dreamcloud mattress can be too firm for a lightweight sleeper weighing less than 130 pounds.

Final Thoughts 

We live in an era where mattress manufacturers are driven by profits and don’t prioritize the health of their customers. If you wanted to know whether Dreamcloud mattresses contain fiberglass, the above article should answer all your questions. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know about your experience with Dreamcloud beds.

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