Does Coolsense Mattress Have Fiberglass?

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The Coolsense mattress doesn’t contain fiberglass. However, it’s only offered in medium firmness and doesn’t have springs, which means it may not be very responsive. If you’re looking for a highly durable option, you may want to consider checking out the Saatva mattress brand, which utilizes fiberglass and boasts a strong track record of durability.

Toxic Chemicals


Should you remove the cover of a Coolsense mattress?

It’s not advisable to do so.

Who will love a Coolsense mattress?

This bed has an advanced cooling system. It’s great for hot sleepers.

Who won’t like the Coolsense?

This bed has a fair share of durability complaints.

Irrespective of where you are buying a Coolsense mattress from, you will see that this brand claims their beds feature a fiberglass-free fire sock in the description. Still, in that description, the brand adds that their customers’ health is one of their key priorities. To ensure that their clients are safe, their fire sock replaces the traditional ones that contain fiberglass. If you plan to buy a Coolsense mattress before ordering one, it’s essential to do more research about their fiberglass claims. We have already done that on your behalf, and here is everything you need to know about whether Coolsense mattresses are fiberglass-free.

Is There Fiberglass in Coolsense Mattresses?

According to the manufacturer, Coolsense mattresses are fiberglass-free. However, here at Sleep Aim, we don’t always rely only on the manufacturer’s claims. We decided to dig a little more about Coolsense fiberglass-free mattresses.

Our first stop was at Amazon reviews. We found out that many people have bought Coolsense mattresses specifically because they are fiberglass-free. This is a clear indication that the awareness about fiberglass in beds is becoming more prevalent.

It also came to our attention that out of the many reviews that Coolsense mattresses have, there are no complaints about fiberglass contaminations or leaks.

Our research didn’t end there. We proceeded to FAQs, and there we found several questions about fiberglass. Two of these questions aimed to find out if there is fiberglass in a Coolsense mattress. The answers to both were no. We also looked into Reddit and other forums where sleepers express mattress concerns, and we didn’t find any information about the use of fiberglass in Coolsense mattresses.

From the data we obtained from the above research, we can confirm that Coolsense mattresses are fiberglass-free. This came as a surprise because this brand sells very affordable beds. We have learned from the mattress market for the many years we have been in this industry that most cheap memory foam mattresses use fiberglass because it’s an inexpensive flame retardant. That’s how these brands can keep their mattress prices so low.

What Flame Retardant Does Coolsense Use?

Coolsense talks a great deal about how their flame retardant is fiberglass-free. We didn’t find any complaints about fiberglass contamination on their mattress reviews. We have no problem with that. But what do they use as a flame retardant?

This brand doesn’t mention the type of flame retardant they use in their beds, which raises some red flags. We weren’t the only ones to raise this concern. Another interested buyer on Amazon also tried to inquire about what flame retardant Coolsense uses, and they didn’t get a response.

Customers appreciate Coolsense efforts in informing them that their mattresses are fiberglass-free. But customers also have to know what material is used instead of fiberglass. These days, all beds need a flame retardant for safety purposes.

Without one, a bed can easily catch and spread fire. Fiberglass is one of the most popular flame retardants. If a bed is fiberglass-free, it should contain another flame retardant. Examples of safe mattress flame retardants include latex, wool, and rayon. However, these cost more than fiberglass, which is why manufacturers don’t use them.

It’s essential to know the flame retardant used by Coolsense because fiberglass isn’t the only harmful material out there. Chemical and silica flame retardants are equally as dangerous. Therefore, just because there is no fiberglass, that doesn’t put Coolsense mattresses away from the danger zone.

Despite our attempts to find what flame retardant is used by Coolsense, we weren’t successful. Coolsense does not have an official website. The mattresses are made by a company called CHITA living, a general furniture manufacturer. We reached out to CHITA living and asked for confirmation about the material used as a flame retardant. We are yet to get a response. Therefore, at the moment, we have no credible source about the type of flame retardant found in Coolsense mattresses. The only thing we can say about the Coolsense fire sock is that it’s fiberglass-free.

Should You Buy a Coolsense Mattress?

Apart from the uncertainty of the flame retardant used by the Coolsense mattress, this bed has several decent features. Also, at its price point, Coolsense mattresses can offer comfort without you having to spend a lot of money. There are several reasons why you may consider buying a Coolsense mattress;

  • Several Comfort Layers – You will find these layers in a Coolsense mattress; an ice cooling fabric cover, three inches of gel memory foam, two inches of transitional layer, and six inches of support core layer. All these layers are designed to offer comfort and unrivaled pressure relief.
  • Advanced Cooling Technology – This mattress was named specifically because of the unique cooling features it offers sleepers. Most beds have a breathable cover—the Coolsense has an ice cooling fabric. If you sleep like a furnace, you will have a different experience with this memory foam. It’s important to mention that the immediate foam layer beneath that is gel-infused, which means sleepers are assured of sleeping cooler even in hot climates.
  • It’s Affordable – If you go through the Coolsense catalog on Amazon, the prices are the first thing that will draw your attention. These beds are pretty affordable, and unlike other mattress brands, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a mattress to sleep on.
  • It Has Plenty of Positive Reviews on Amazon – The opinions of other sleepers about a mattress matter a lot. You will be glad to know that this is one of the few beds with lots of positive reviews on Amazon. Some of the things that users praise about this mattress are its comfort. People also love the cooling technology infused. Also, Coolsense mattresses expand in a few hours after unboxing. This means that you can sleep on them comfortably on the first night.

There are many good things about Coolsense mattresses. Therefore, if you have been planning to get one, and you are comfortable with not knowing what flame retardant is used, you may consider it. As you do that, you should know that these beds have a medium level of firmness. Therefore, the mattress may not be ideal for light side sleepers.

Why Should You Be Concerned about Fiberglass in Mattresses?

Having discovered that Coolsense mattresses are fiberglass-free. You may be wondering, why are people so afraid of fiberglass? Isn’t it used to prevent fires and keep you safe?

Fiberglass does a great job of protecting mattresses from fires. However, the problem is that fiberglass isn’t safe. When used in the mattress fire sock, fiberglass particles can escape through worn-out covers and touch your skin or spread throughout your room. Fiberglass can also escape when one removes a mattress cover.

When fiberglass contamination occurs, the first thing you will realize is an irritation of the skin, especially on areas that have been in contact with fiberglass. You may notice some redness or bruises.

Secondly, when you inhale fiberglass shards, they will irritate your throat and can trigger respiratory issues such as asthma. You will experience the same irritation should fiberglass get into your eyes.

If you thought that was all, then we have news for you. Fiberglass contamination will put your health at risk. It will also make you lose valuable property. Fiberglass dust is hard t remove on clothing and furniture, even for professional cleaners. When you put these clothes in the dryer, you contaminate the machine, spreading the fiberglass to more clothes. Besides risking your health, a fiberglass mattress can make you lose many of your belongings.

What to Do If You Have a Coolsense Mattress?

If you happen to be reading this and already own a Coolsense mattress, here are some tips to ensure you sleep safely and comfortably. We don’t know what’s inside a Coolsense bed. It’s not fiberglass. Therefore, it could be something else, such as Silica or chemical flame retardants. Due to this uncertainty;

  • Never open the cover of a Coolsense mattress.
  • If possible, buy a mattress protector. That will ensure you are a safe distance away from fiberglass or any harmful flame retardant.
  • Finally, when the cover of the Coolsense mattress starts to wear out, replace the mattress right away. Make sure the bed is discarded safely to avoid contamination.

Do All Mattresses Contain Fiberglass?

Fiberglass has been in the limelight for the past few years. Many sleepers have realized its dangers and are gravitating towards fiberglass-free mattresses. Be as it may, most mattresses contain fiberglass, especially the cheap memory foam beds. However, not all beds have fiberglass. Coolsense is an example.

Even though Coolsense is a fiberglass-free mattress, we aren’t sure what’s beneath the cover. Therefore, sleepers should approach this brand with the same caution as they would beds with fiberglass.


Q: How do you know if a mattress has fiberglass?

A: Always check the label. It should be listed as one of the ingredients. Sometimes, fiberglass may not be on the label, so check if the cover is removable. You can also do your research.

Q: Do memory foam mattresses have fiberglass?

A: Fiberglass is mainly used in memory foam mattresses because it’s highly flammable. However, not all memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass.

Q: Can I sue for fiberglass in the mattress?

A: Considering how harmful fiberglass in a mattress can be. You have every right to sue a company that uses this material.

Final Thoughts

We can conclude that Coolsense mattresses are fiberglass-free. However, we can’t say for sure what material Coolsense uses as a flame retardant. That is because Coolsense themselves haven’t shared this information with the public, and they didn’t reply to our inquiries on the CHITA living website. Even though it’s an affordable mattress, you should think twice before buying it. There are tons of fiberglass-free beds in the market that clearly state the material they use as flame retardants. It’s better to consider such mattresses because they offer certainty about your safety.

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