Does Casper Mattress Have Fiberglass? 

Casper Mattress Fiberglass: At a Glance


Yes. If you’re searching for a mattress that’s both eco-friendly and safe for your health, the Saatva mattress is a great option to consider.

Where is the fiberglass?

In the fire sock located beneath the mattress cover.



Toxic Chemicals


Who will love a Casper mattress?

A couple that appreciates low-motion transfer.

Who will not love a Casper bed?

A sleeper looking for a bed with decent edge support and overall durability.

Eight years ago, mattress shoppers witnessed something they had never seen before – the first bed in a box company that compresses and ships mattresses straight to sleepers. This move made by Casper signaled a massive change in the online mattress industry. Other companies started following this trend. Therefore, Casper is a big name in the mattress market.

However, despite this brand’s legacy, there is one concern all sleepers are worried about – do Casper beds have fiberglass?

Does Casper Use Fiberglass in Their Mattresses?

The information posted online about whether Casper mattresses contain fiberglass is quite confusing. Some blogs claim that Casper is fiberglass-free, and in particular forums, there are complaints regarding fiberglass contamination caused by Casper beds. Casper mattresses contain silica which is similar to fiberglass. Casper is among the best-selling brands on Amazon. However, the company states that they don’t use any chemical flame retardants. They use a knit sock placed under the cover. Should there be a fire incident, the sock will melt on its own and eliminate the oxygen needed to keep the fire burning. Customer support states that this is safe and that you can vacuum away any stray threads.

Sleep Aim is a blog dedicated to helping sleepers have a stress-free mattress shopping experience, we took the initiative to examine deeper whether Casper beds contain fiberglass.

The first place we checked was on Amazon. As a savvy shopper, when buying a mattress, you must look past the product description on Amazon. A section that can provide you with detailed information is the Q and A. On the Q and A of the Casper Sleep Original foam mattress, we came across a question about the presence of fiberglass.

There was an answer posted early this year that confirmed the presence of fiberglass beneath the cover of the Casper Original. According to the answer, the fiberglass is in the sock, located between the quilted cover and foam core. The response also explained that Casper had not indicated this information on the cover. As if that’s not enough, their covers come with a zip, which means that when you open the cover, there is a chance for fiberglass contamination to occur in your home.

Still, on that question, the affected person called Casper and confirmed that it indeed was fiberglass. Even though another agent from Casper attempted to convince the victim that the fire sock was made using silica-coated thread. The victim’s home had been contaminated by fiberglass.

Our research on the use of fiberglass in Casper mattresses didn’t stop there. We also went the extra mile to check what people think about this topic on Reddit. To our surprise, Sleep Aim discovered that more people had been victims of fiberglass contamination from Casper beds. A particular sleeper had even thrown their clothes away because the fiberglass leaked through a Casper mattress cover. On that Reddit post, there are more complaints about fiberglass contaminations caused by removing the cover or leakage caused by deterioration of the same cover.

From our research, Sleep Aim has concluded that Casper mattresses contain fiberglass. Therefore, if you plan to buy one, you have to be very careful.

Why Doesn’t Casper Talk about the Use of Fiberglass in their Mattresses?

As a shopper, you are probably wondering. Why doesn’t Casper make it easy for everyone by saying their mattresses contain fiberglass? To answer your question, are you familiar with Zinus mattresses? Zinus is the only mattress brand that has witnessed the backlash of using fiberglass in its beds. The company received a class action lawsuit made by sleepers who lost their property, and their health was put at risk because of fiberglass.

From what happened to Zinus, mattresses that use fiberglass have decided to remain neutral about the matter. Casper can’t come forward about fiberglass because they would lose many customers, and they may also get a lawsuit. Even though their decision to remain neutral has worked in their favor. Some of their shoppers have been on the negative receiving end of fiberglass. The above complaints are great examples. Casper is well aware of the dangers and risks associated with using fiberglass. If they were to agree to these allegations, it would cost them a lot.

What’s Wrong with Casper Using Fiberglass in Their Beds?

If you have never heard of or been a victim of fiberglass contamination, you may not fully understand what’s wrong with Casper using such a material. For starters, allow us to define fiberglass. These are tiny shards of glass woven together to create a fire-retardant sock. Using fiberglass, Casper ensures that their mattresses are safe in case of a fire outbreak. Instead of the foam being engulfed in flames, the fiberglass would melt and stop the spread of the fire.

As great as fiberglass is at preventing mattresses from catching fire. There are certain risks associated with it. By using fiberglass in their beds, Casper can affect you in the following ways;

1. Fiberglass Contamination

If you own a Casper mattress, there is a high chance of fiberglass contamination occurring in your home. Contamination will occur due to two things. First, if you remove the cover. Secondly, if your mattress cover wears out. Both these actions will lead to fiberglass leaking into the air. If you have an HVAC system, the tiny shards of glass will be spread all over your home. That’s what we call fiberglass contamination.

Unlike dust, fiberglass doesn’t come out quickly when it settles on clothes, furniture, and other belongings. You worsen the situation when you put these clothes in the dryer as that often spreads the fiberglass contamination further. Most of the time, people throw away clothing and furniture that has been contaminated by fiberglass. Imagine such a loss of property.

2. Health Hazard

The consequences of buying a fiberglass mattress often go from bad to worse. If damaging your property isn’t enough, fiberglass contamination poses a health hazard.

When fiberglass particles touch your skin, you will experience some irritation. You may even get bruises or red patches on the affected areas. When you inhale fiberglass, it will irritate your throat and nasal cavity. The same will happen when fiberglass gets into your eyes. Even though the side effects of fiberglass on your health are temporary, they can be severe to people living with respiratory issues such as asthma. The bottom line is that fiberglass isn’t the safest material to have in your home. It’s better to get a fiberglass-free mattress and sleep peacefully knowing that you and your property are safe from contamination.

Should You Remove the Cover of a Casper Mattress?

The last thing you should do when you buy a Casper mattress is to remove the cover. But the cover has a zip? Doesn’t that indicate that it’s removable? The presence of a zip is counterintuitive. Why would Casper put a zip on their mattress covers, yet they are aware of the layer of fiberglass beneath it?

Be as it may, you should always refrain from removing the cover of mattresses that contain fiberglass. It doesn’t matter whether there is a zip or not. Should you spill something on the cover, it’s safer and better to rub it with a clean damp cloth instead of removing the cover because that will be a costly mistake.

Does the Tag on Casper Mattress List Fiberglass?

Earlier, we discussed that Casper had not taken a stand on the fiberglass issue. They haven’t mentioned whether their mattresses contain fiberglass or not. To worsen the situation, Casper also doesn’t list fiberglass in the list of ingredients. They are aware that listing fiberglass as an ingredient would tarnish the brand’s image. Even if you buy a Casper mattress, you will not see fiberglass on the list of ingredients.

Is Casper a Bad Mattress Brand?

After reading the above, your perception of Casper may have changed. That’s understandable. But Casper mattresses also have their selling points. Here are some positive attributes of Casper mattresses.

  • Casper makes beds for all types of sleepers. If you go through our Casper review, you will see that they make different types of mattresses, such as the Original, Nova, and Wave Hybrid. These beds have varying features that make them ideal for different sleepers. No matter your sleeping preferences, you should find a Casper bed that is comfortable enough for you.
  • These beds feature an Airspace foam top layer, enabling the mattress to sleep cooler than most memory foam beds. If you appreciate the hugging sensation of memory foam and sweat a lot at night, these beds are an excellent choice.
  • Since Casper mattresses are usually made out of memory foam, they perform exceptionally well at isolating movement. Therefore, if you are a couple shopping for a bed, Casper is an excellent choice.
  • Finally, Casper beds perform well at relieving pressure points. If you often wake up with aches and pain, this bed can offer relief.


Q: What is the Casper mattress made from?

A: Casper beds are mainly made of Polyurethane foam. Their hybrid options contain springs and polyester, and some are made using latex foam. If you are not satisfied with the materials used in Casper mattresses, you may want to consider alternatives that offer a more comfortable and safe sleep experience.

Q: Do Casper mattresses have chemicals?

A: If you read through the reviews of Casper mattresses, you will find that their beds are CertiPUR certified. This certification indicates that the mattress is free of harmful chemicals.

Q: Do Casper mattresses off-gas?

A: Even though Casper beds have low amounts of VOCs, they do off-gas for a few days after unboxing. So, if you buy a Casper mattress, make sure that you leave the windows in your bedroom open during the first few days.

Bottom Line

From what we have seen with sleepers’ experiences with Casper mattresses, it’s clear that these beds contain fiberglass. Knowing how dangerous fiberglass contamination can be, it’s advisable to avoid Casper mattresses. If you are interested in a fiberglass-free mattress, here are the best Casper alternatives that won’t contaminate your home or put your health at risk.

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