Does Awara Mattress Have Fiberglass? 

These days, everyone wants to sleep on a natural mattress. That’s a great thing because organic beds are safer and are manufactured using sustainable methods. The biggest drawback of natural mattresses is that they are super expensive.

In your quest to find an organic bed, the Awara mattress can easily capture your attention. It’s made from natural latex and a wide range of organic materials. The best part is that it has an affordable price tag. But before placing an order for an Awara mattress, it’s crucial to confirm if it contains fiberglass. After all, its sister company, Nectar has been found guilty of using fiberglass in its mattresses.

Does Awara Mattress Have Fiberglass?

On the Awara Sleep official website, they mention that their mattress cover is made using natural cotton and New Zealand wool. The latter is an excellent flame retardant because it is rich in Keratin protein and moisture. Therefore, it’s less likely to ignite or spread a flame.

They also emphasize that their mattresses do not contain non-toxic flame retardants. Our mattresses testers did a little more digging on other platforms like Reddit and the Better Business Bureau and we didn’t find any complaints related to Awara mattresses having fiberglass.

Therefore, we concluded that Awara mattresses are fiberglass-free.

This came as a surprise because Awara mattresses is owned by Resident Home. It’s a sister company to Dreamcloud and Nectar mattresses. The latter has a bad rep for using fiberglass and was sued by the FTC for lying about making their mattresses in the US.

Nonetheless, the Awara is an organic mattress. If Resident Home were to use fiberglass in the cover, it would negate the whole natural mattress concept.

What is the Awara Mattress Made Of?

As mentioned earlier, Awara mattresses are purely made out of natural ingredients which include;

  • A smooth organic cotton cover and New Zealand wool – The first material is designed to add comfort and also a luxurious touch to the cover. New Zealand wool is a natural flame retardant. Unlike fiberglass, New Zealand wool won’t cause any side effects, and neither will it contaminate your home.
  • 2 inches of Dunlop Latex – The Awara mattress is a late hybrid. Therefore, the first layer comprises FSC organic certified Dunlop latex. This material is quite breathable and highly resistant to allergens. It’s perfect for relieving pressure points and conforming to your body shape.
  • Individually Wrapped Coils – The third layer of an Awara mattress comprises eight-inch coils that offer support, reduce motion transfer and enhance airflow.
  • A cotton cover – Finally, the Awara mattress is surrounded by a cotton cover.

From this anatomy of an Awara mattress, we can confirm that it’s indeed a natural bed that is fiberglass-free.

What are the Safety Concerns Associated with Fiberglass Mattresses?

Currently, fiberglass is a major concern for mattress shoppers. This material poses no risk when it’s tightly woven inside the cover. However, should one remove the cover or should it get worn out, these fiberglass particles can escape and spread to your skin and all over your home.

Fiberglass can irritate your skin, throat, nose, and eyes when you make direct contact with it. It can be pretty harmful to people living with respiratory conditions because it can worsen their symptoms. When fiberglass particles spread and settle on your furniture, bedding, and clothes, they are impossible to clean or remove. So, fiberglass contamination can make you lose lots of property.

In fiberglass mattresses such as Awara’s sister company Nectar, bringing such a bed into your home is very risky. This is why many people today, prefer buying fiberglass-free mattresses like the Awara hybrid.

How to Confirm If an Awara Mattress Has Fiberglass?

If you still have doubts about Awara mattresses being fiberglass-free, here is how you can confirm if fiberglass is present in a mattress;

  • Reading the label – You can always confirm if fiberglass is a mattress ingredient by checking the label.
  • Contacting the mattress company – Your mattress brand should be able to clarify whether a mattress has fiberglass or not. Please note that not all mattress vendors are genuine. Some will lie to you.
  • Checking out reviews on Reddit or Quora – The internet is a library of information. A simple Google search can expose you to customer reviews about whether Awara mattresses have fiberglass or not.
  • Looking out for red flags – Fiberglass mattresses tend to have several red flags. Examples include memory foam mattresses with low-price tags that are imported from China.

Using these tips, the Awara mattress checks most boxes. On the label, you won’t find fiberglass listed as an ingredient. If you reach out to the manufacturer, they will confirm fiberglass is not present. After checking out customer reviews and testimonials, you won’t find a single complaint linking fiberglass to Awara mattresses.

Do All Hybrid Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Not at all! The use of fiberglass in a mattress heavily depends on the brand. There are a couple of mattress brands that love using fiberglass because it’s cheap and widely available. At the same time, there is another lot that only utilizes natural flame retardants. As you are shopping for a mattress, you should consider buying from the latter group as you will be guaranteed of safety.

Something else worth mentioning is that fiberglass is not very common in natural latex hybrid mattresses. You may find it in memory foam or foam-hybrid mattresses. Brands that deal with natural latex will rarely use a synthetic flame retardant like fiberglass as that would lower the standards of their mattresses.

Should You Buy an Awara Mattress?

So far, it’s clear that Awara mattresses are fiberglass-free and they comprise of other natural ingredients. However, fiberglass isn’t the only factor you should consider when buying a bed. To ensure you make an informed purchase, here are some of the pros and cons of Awara mattresses.

Pros of Awara Mattresses

  • It’s made out of Dunlop latex which lasts longer than Talalay latex. A clear indication that Awara is a durable mattress.
  • Instead of using chemicals, Awara utilizes water-based adhesives that are safer.
  • It is highly breathable thanks to the latex and wrapped coils combination.
  • Awara mattresses have excellent motion isolation resistance.
  • They have a medium firmness of 7 which is ideal for most sleepers.
  • It’s an organic bed with an impressive price tag. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on it.
  • If you appreciate a decent amount of bounce, this mattress is a great option.

Cons of Awara Mattresses

  • Their lifetime guarantee is quite attractive but there are a lot of complaints that claim Awara has a frustrating return policy.
  • The presence of Dunlop latex and coils makes it heavy to move around.
  • This mattress seems to be quite uncomfortable for people with back, hip, shoulder, and neck pain.

There is no doubt that the Awara mattress is a good natural latex bed. However, if you suffer from back pain and don’t want to deal with poor customer support, you should try the Saatva Latex Hybrid. This is a purely organic bed that also comes with a 1-year free trial and white glove delivery. The Saatva latex hybrid doesn’t contain fiberglass and is firm enough for heavy sleepers. It’s a much better choice than the Awara hybrid.

Do Cheap Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

One of the key selling points of the Awara mattress is that it’s a budget-friendly organic bed. Earlier, we mentioned that low prices are usually a red flag signaling fiberglass presence. So, does that mean all cheap mattresses have fiberglass?

That’s not true. There are many budget mattresses that do not use fiberglass. Therefore, a low price is not an excuse for a mattress company to add fiberglass beneath the covers. You can still save some cash and sleep on a mattress without fiberglass.


The Awara mattress is a great choice for any eco-friendly shopper who wants to reduce their carbon footprint. It has lots of positive reviews and thanks to the medium firmness, it appeals to most stomach and back sleepers. However, their return policy and customer service are terrible. If you suffer from body aches, this mattress may not offer you the comfort and pressure relief you crave.

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