Does Allswell Have Fiberglass? 

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Yes. Don’t compromise your health for a good night’s sleep. Our list of the best fiberglass-free mattresses can provide you with both.

Where is the fiberglass?

Under the mattress cover.

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Who will love an Allswell mattress?

Any shopper who is looking for an affordable and supportive hybrid mattress.

Who will not love an Allswell bed?

A sleeper who is afraid of fiberglass contamination.

Allswell is one of the most affordable hybrid mattress brands. Because of that, it is a top choice for many sleepers who want to enjoy the comfort and support of a hybrid bed and are on a budget. With a name such as Allswell, one may think this is a perfect mattress. However, Allswell mattresses contain fiberglass. If you are familiar with this material and what it can do, you will stay away from it.

Has Allswell Admitted to Using Fiberglass in Their Mattresses?

The problem with Allswell is that they have neither accepted nor denied the use of fiberglass in their mattresses. Because of that, Sleep Aim had to engage in some detective work to shed more light on this matter.

While researching the presence of fiberglass in Allswell mattresses, we came across the following post on Reddit.

For those who frequently shop at Walmart, you may have come across Allswell beds. A shopper doing rounds at one Walmart store came across several Allswell mattresses that didn’t have the external cardboard box. On the mattresses, there was a tag that included the list of ingredients. One of the ingredients was 8% fiberglass.

Even though this is a small amount, the damage done will be irreversible the day it escapes through your Allswell mattress cover. Fiberglass contamination in your home poses a threat to your health and property. We will dig much deeper into that later on.

Why Do Allswell Mattresses Contain Fiberglass?

The fact that Allswell mattresses contain fiberglass shouldn’t come as a surprise. Even though Arlyn Davich, a serial entrepreneur, manages this brand, it is owned by Walmart. Most mattresses sold by Walmart contain fiberglass. Linenspa and Zinus are good examples. If a company whose most of its mattresses have fiberglass, why would you think that another of their brand will be fiberglass-free?

The main reason Allswell uses fiberglass is because mattresses, these days, are required to pass the fire safety test. Fiberglass makes an excellent flame retardant, especially in beds such as Allswell, which contain memory foam. However, most manufacturers love fiberglass because it is an inexpensive material compared to natural flame retardants such as organic cotton.

Most people prefer Allswell mattresses because they are affordable hybrids. People don’t factor in if it’s cheap. The production costs are low. If the production costs are low, then there is a huge probability that the flame retardant used is fiberglass. The only greenlight with Allswell mattresses is that the fiberglass content is minimal. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe.

Why Hasn’t Allswell Taken a Stand on the Use of Fiberglass?

We have to applaud Allswell for the approach they have taken. Brands such as Zinus have been in the limelight because of adding fiberglass to beds. There is even a class-action lawsuit against them. By not talking about the matter, Allswell has excluded themselves from the discussion about fiberglass. If consumers find out that their mattresses contain fiberglass, they will have plausible deniability.

The main reason Allswell hasn’t taken a stand on the use of fiberglass is that they want to remain neutral. They don’t want to attract attention to their brand, as is the case with Zinus beds. It’s why you won’t find many answers online regarding the question – does Allswell have fiberglass.

The Dangers of Fiberglass in Allswell Mattresses

8% fiberglass in a mattress seems like a tiny amount. Unfortunately, if you open the cover of an Allswell mattress and release the fiberglass into the air, that percentage wouldn’t seem so small anymore. There are three dangers associated with sleeping on a fiberglass mattress.

1. If you inhale the shards of fiberglass, your respiratory system will be irritated. Your nose can become watery, the throat will be inflamed, and it can trigger asthma.

2. When fiberglass in a mattress comes into contact with your skin, you will experience irritation. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, a rash may develop. If your skin makes contact with lots of fiberglass, it can result in bruises. Remember, fiberglass are tiny pieces of glass that are woven together.

3. Finally, if your home gets a fiberglass contamination thanks to an Allswell mattress, your clothes, furniture, and other belongings will no longer be useful. Getting rid of fiberglass strands on clothes and furniture is next to impossible. Let alone the risks associated with engaging in such a project.

As you can see, fiberglass contamination is something you should be afraid of, irrespective of the amount the manufacturer indicates is present.

Should I Buy an Allswell Mattress that Contains Fiberglass?

The decision whether to buy an Allswell mattress is all yours. But, after learning the dangers of fiberglass from this review, are you still willing to make such a risk?

Other than the fiberglass, the Allswell mattress is a good hybrid bed. Considering its price tag, this mattress will give you value for money. Even though it’s a relatively new mattress company, having been launched in 2018, Allswell makes decent mattresses. Their beds provide you with a luxurious sleeping experience at cost-friendly prices.

The Allswell mattress is excellent for couples since it offers the best motion isolation. Even though it contains a layer of memory foam, pocketed coils beneath ensure you sleep cooler every night. Here are its key features to determine whether the Allswell mattress is worth spending money on.

Features of an Allswell Mattress

• Individually Wrapped Coils

It’s this particular feature that makes the Allswell mattress great for couples. With individually wrapped coils, this bed offers decent motion isolation capabilities. If your partner moves around at night or vice versa, this is the bed to ensure one’s movements don’t interrupt the other person’s sleep. We must mention the coils used are high-gauge. They contribute to improving edge support, which ensures you can fully utilize your entire mattress and easily get in and out of bed.

• Quilted Cover and Memory Foam

Even though there is a memory foam and quilted cover on top of the coils, it’s very thin. That’s why this mattress is firm. Be as it may, the quilted cover and memory foam should provide adequate pressure relief to average-weight sleepers.

• Copper Gel and Charcoal Infused Memory Foam

If you are a hot sleeper, you will appreciate copper gel and charcoal infusion into the memory foam. The latter is known to trap heat. But with the presence of copper gel and charcoal, the memory foam will be breathable. The presence of coils beneath the memory foam also promotes air circulation.

• A Firmness Level of 6.5 to 7

Being a medium-firm mattress, average-weight sleepers should enjoy the ease of movement when lying on the Allswell mattress. The Allswell included this feature to support combination sleepers who move around a lot at night.

The Allswell mattress comes with many benefits. Buyers can use the 100-night trial period to determine if it’s perfect for their sleeping needs. It also has a 10-year warranty. Overall, the Allswell mattress is a good brand with several useful features. Were it not for fiberglass, it would be an excellent choice. You shouldn’t be discouraged by this information. There are plenty of mattress brands that don’t have fiberglass. You can consider these since they are safer.

What Should I Do If My Allswell Mattress Contains Fiberglass?

When you look at the construction of Allswell mattresses, you will realize that the fiberglass is tacked deeper into the mattress. Therefore, it may not come out easily unless you open the cover. But because fiberglass is a harmful material, you should follow these tips if you own an Allswell mattress.

  •  Look for signs of fiberglass contamination in your home. Switch off the lights and turn on a flashlight. If you see shiny pieces on your mattress, the fiberglass has already escaped the cover.
  • If you see the fiberglass pieces, wear protective clothing and a mask. Then bag the mattress and take it outside. Identify eco-conscious methods of disposing of the bed.
  • In case the fiberglass is still intact, avoid removing the cover. Purchase a mattress protector that will keep you safe as you shop for a fiberglass-free mattress.

Don’t let the small percentage of fiberglass written on the cover mislead you. Mattress brands are known to lie about the ingredients used. There is a probability that the percentage of fiberglass is higher. It’s not worth the risk.

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How Do I Confirm an Allswell Mattress Contains Fiberglass?

Because Allswell themselves haven’t confirmed or denied the presence of fiberglass in their mattresses, you may still have your doubts. That’s understandable. If you want to confirm the presence of fiberglass in an Allswell bed, use the following tips;

  • Go through the ingredients and look for fiberglass.
  • Confirm if Allswell recommends the mattress cover to be removed. If they are against this, that should raise some red flags.
  • The last method of confirmation is by looking beneath the cover. It’s risky, but you will have a clear answer.

Bottom Line

An Allswell mattress has all the features you may need in an affordable bed. If that’s not enough, their prices are pretty reasonable. But the fiberglass issue is the primary cause for concern. Walmart mattresses are known to contain fiberglass, and Allswell is no exception.


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