Do Wayfair Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Our Findings


Yes. If you have concerns about the health risks associated with fiberglass in your mattress, our list of recommended options can provide you with peace of mind.

Where is the fiberglass?

Between the mattress cover and comfort layer.

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What do we like about Wayfair mattresses?

These beds are affordable and available in various designs ranging from innerspring to hybrid.

What don’t we like?

Wayfair mattresses aren’t durable. They can sag months after purchase.

Whether you want furniture, cookware, or lighting accessories, there is no better place to get some other than Wayfair. They have got thousands of products to choose from at very reasonable prices. One of the most popular things people buy from Wayfair is mattresses. If you are mattress shopping on a budget, Wayfair can seem like the best solution through their two brands; the Nora and Sleep. Before ordering a bed from Wayfair, you must go through the features. One of the things that caught our attention was the allegations that these beds contain fiberglass. It’s why we took the initiative to dig deeper into Wayfair mattresses and whether they contain fiberglass.

Is There Fiberglass in Wayfair Mattresses?

Considering the rate at which many mattress brands are switching to fiberglass, shoppers need to be extra careful. One of the ways you can exercise caution is by reading the descriptions of mattresses thoroughly.

Using Wayfair mattresses as an example. When you visit the Wayfair website and click on specifications, you will see a fiberglass warning. The warning clearly explains that the mattress cover shouldn’t be removed since it will pose a health and safety risk. Doing so will result in damage to the flame retardant. Below is an image of the Fiberglass warning found in Wayfair Sleep and Nora memory foam mattresses.

The Wayfair mattress fiberglass warning is present mainly in Wayfair’s Nora and Sleep memory foam beds. In the hybrid models, there is no fiberglass warning. However, the fact remains that Wayfair mattresses do contain fiberglass. Even though they may not list that in the description of hybrid models, sleepers should be very careful when shopping for mattresses from this brand.

Our team also came across another forum where the topic of discussion was fiberglass mattresses in Wayfair beds. We discovered that many people are aware of the presence of fiberglass in Wayfair mattresses. We also took note that many people dread sleeping on mattresses with fiberglass.

Why Does Wayfair Use Fiberglass in Their Mattresses?

If you research more about fiberglass in mattresses, you will realize that it’s not unusual to find this material in low-priced beds. The connection between the two is related to the low cost of fiberglass. Therefore, manufacturers whose goal is to maintain their mattress prices below average must use cheap materials such as fiberglass.

Despite fiberglass being an inexpensive material, Wayfair must use fiberglass because the law requires it. A while back, there were numerous reports of fire outbreaks in homes. Mattresses, especially memory foam ones, were the most common culprits for fueling these incidences. The authorities then recommended that mattress manufacturers use flame retardants in their beds. Chemical flame retardants were considered too harmful. Fiberglass, on the other hand, works as an excellent flame retardant. Plus, as long as it is kept hidden beneath the covers, it shouldn’t cause harm to sleepers.

However, the idea of sleeping on fiberglass shards is scary to most sleepers. Fiberglass can pose a health risk in several ways. Even though a cover protects it. These covers do wear out after some time. Also, one can accidentally remove the cover without knowing and contaminate their homes with fiberglass.

What are the Dangers of Sleeping on a Wayfair Fiberglass Mattress?

Whether you go with the Nora or Sleep brand, as long as the mattress contains fiberglass, you will be at risk of the following;

  • Irritation of the respiratory system – When the fiberglass in your Wayfair mattress starts to leak through the cover, you will inhale these particles. When you do so, your entire respiratory system will experience some irritation. First, your nose will become watery, the throat will itch, and you may have difficulty breathing.
  • Inflammation of the eyes – When fiberglass particles from the Wayfair mattress get into your eyes, you will get an experience similar to that when dust or sand gets into your eyes. Even though the inflammation doesn’t last long, it can be traumatizing.
  • Itching and redness of the skin – One of the common side effects of sleeping on a Wayfair fiberglass mattress is irritation of the skin when you contact with these shards of fiberglass. This is also a temporary side effect.
  • Contamination of your home – It may not be a health issue. Still, when your home is contaminated by fiberglass, that can make you lose a lot of money on valuable items such as furniture, bedding, and clothes. Fiberglass contamination is most likely going to happen if you remove the cover.

Is Fiberglass Only Used in Wayfair Mattresses?

Wayfair isn’t the only mattress brand that uses fiberglass. There are tons of mattress brands that use fiberglass as a flame retardant. A good example is Zinus and Olee Sleep. As mentioned earlier, fiberglass happens to be very popular because of its affordability. Therefore, in most budget mattresses, there is a high chance that it contain fiberglass.

Since Wayfair isn’t the only brand that uses fiberglass, below are tips to help you identify other mattress brands that use fiberglass.

  • Always read the description. That’s how we found out Wayfair beds contain fiberglass.
  • If you are not buying online, check the label and look for fiberglass on the list of ingredients.
  • Beware of mattresses that advise against the removal of the cover.
  • Avoid mattresses that are not made in the US. Beds made in countries such as China don’t adhere to the same requirements as manufacturers here.
  • You should be cautious when buying affordable memory foam beds. Even though not all memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass, most of them are covered with a fiberglass fire sock.

These days, there are tons of resources online. With enough research, you can identify whether a mattress contains fiberglass or not. You don’t have to guess and risk exposing yourself to the dangers of fiberglass. Alternatively, you can look at fiberglass-free beds that can offer you all you may need in a mattress.

Should I Buy a Wayfair Mattress?

As you will see in the next sub-topic, Wayfair mattresses have many benefits. However, the presence of fiberglass is a cause for concern for many sleepers. You have already seen how it can be detrimental to your health.

But, if you must buy a Wayfair mattress, ensure you do the following;

  • Never remove the cover. It would be best to refrain from removing the cover under any circumstances. Doing that can result in fiberglass contamination.
  • Invest in a mattress protector. You will be much safer when you add a protector to your Wayfair mattress. That will ensure the shards don’t rise to the top.
  • Finally, always inspect the condition of your mattress cover. If you see holes, you can get rid of the bed as soon as possible.

The decision as to whether you should buy a Wayfair mattress depends on more than just the presence of fiberglass. Here are other things you should know about Wayfair beds.

• Wayfair Mattresses are Very Affordable

One of the main selling points about this mattress is its price tag. Wayfair beds cost way less than most mattresses on the market. This applies even to the hybrid models. Most Sleep and Nora mattresses are under the $500 mark.

• Wayfair Doesn’t Make Durable Beds

If you only thought fiberglass was the only drawback of Wayfair mattresses, we are sorry to inform you that these beds are far from being durable. That shouldn’t come as a surprise because you get what you pay for in the mattress market. A low-priced mattress will contain cheap materials. You can expect Wayfair mattresses to sag prematurely.

• They Make More than Just Memory Foam Mattresses

Even though their memory foam beds are the most popular, at Wayfair, you can get innerspring and hybrid mattresses. Whether you like the hugging sensation of memory foam or the bounce that comes from an innerspring mattress, you can get it all from Wayfair.

• Their Policies aren’t So Bad

Shipping, trials, and return policies are part of the overall mattress-buying experience. Even though Wayfair doesn’t offer white glove delivery, as is the case with brands such as Saatva, their shipping is relatively fast. Their beds have a 100-night trial which is enough to figure out whether a particular mattress is right for you. About the returns, there are tons of complaints about customers being forced to pay more. You may want to carefully go through their return policy before buying a bed from them.

Final Thoughts

If you plan on buying a Wayfair mattress, you should know that it contains fiberglass. You can opt for a fiberglass-free bed and enjoy peace of mind knowing you are safe. Or, you can go ahead and buy a Wayfair bed of your choice and follow the tips we have shared above. The most important thing is to know that Wayfair beds contain fiberglass and the risks that come with it. Besides, Wayfair beds are quite affordable and are a great choice if you are on a tight budget.

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