Does Sealy Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

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Yes, Sealy memory foam mattresses contain fiberglass. If you require a memory foam mattress that is both fiberglass-free and has a track record of excellent durability, you might want to explore the Saatva mattress as an option.


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An affordable mattress that doesn’t compromise on quality, this mattress is a great selection for bargain hunters.

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Sealy mattresses may not be the preferred choice for stomach sleepers.

If you’re considering buying a Sealy mattress, you might have concerns about using fiberglass in its construction. Finding a comfortable and safe mattress is a top priority for many people, and it’s important to understand the materials used to make them. Fortunately, we’re here to help!

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at whether Sealy mattresses contain fiberglass as a flame retardant and what you need to know before making a purchase. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your loved ones, this information will help you make an informed decision about finding the perfect mattress. So let’s dive in and learn more about Sealy mattresses and fiberglass!

Do Sealy Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Yes, Sealy mattresses contain fiberglass, as confirmed by customer feedback and research. We came across different responses on Amazon regarding the presence of fiberglass in a Sealy memory foam bed.

One customer, named Fate, received a mattress with a tag indicating that the inner cover contained 45% glass fiber. This was disappointing as they had believed that Sealy no longer used fiberglass.

Another customer, named Iriebril, called the company twice to inquire about fiberglass in the mattress and was informed that there was none. However, a third customer confirmed that there was fiberglass in the Sealy memory foam mattress, and it contained 36% glass. It can be confusing to determine whether one’s specific Sealy mattress has been manufactured without fiberglass.

In order to confirm the fact that Sealy Mattress uses fiberglass, we gather more customer feedback. In a review posted on Amazon on January 16, 2023, a customer named Seb shared that Sealy mattresses contain fiberglass, despite being CertiPUR-pure certified.

Seb had been searching for a safe option for her daughter’s bunk bed that was free of harmful chemicals and fiberglass. She chose this mattress because it appeared to meet those requirements, but upon opening it, she found that the label showed that it contained fiberglass in the inner cover. Given reports of fiberglass escaping through the cover, Seb believes the manufacturer’s claims are pure lies.

When Seb called the manufacturer, she found them to be unhelpful and unable to confirm whether the mattress contained fiberglass. She warned others looking for a fiberglass-free option not to buy this mattress.

Another verified customer who purchased the Sealy Hybrid Bed in a Box Mattress shared the mattress tags. According to the tag, the inner cover of the hybrid bed contains 37% silica. To meet regulations, mattresses sold in the United States must have a fire retardant layer. This can be achieved by using silica (also called fiberglass) or by treating fabrics with a chemical fire retardant.

Moreover, when we searched, we found a question about the use of fiberglass in Sealy’s hybrid mattresses. According to the answer provided, Sealy currently uses a small amount of fiberglass in their fire retardant barriers, but they are currently working on new fire retardant barriers that do not contain fiberglass.

What Are Sealy Mattresses Made of?

Although some customers complain that Sealy mattresses have fiberglass in their fire barrier, this may not be the case in all cases. If you don’t have any concerns about fiberglass, a Sealy mattress could be an excellent option to consider when shopping for a new mattress.

Because Sealy mattresses are made from a variety of materials, they can provide a supportive and comfortable sleep surface. In addition to these features, Sealy mattresses may incorporate the following:

Innerspring coils – Sealy’s traditional innerspring mattresses use coils to provide support and distribute weight. The Sealy Response line features innerspring mattresses with different levels of support and comfort.

Foam – Sealy mattresses often use foam layers to provide cushioning and contouring. Memory foam is a common type of foam used in Sealy mattresses, such as the Sealy Conform line, which features premium memory foam for personalized comfort.

Gel – Some Sealy mattresses include gel layers, which are designed to provide cooling and additional support. The gel can be infused into foam layers or used in a separate layer in the mattress. The Sealy Hybrid line combines innerspring coils with gel-infused memory foam to create a supportive and comfortable sleep surface.

Latex – Sealy also offers latex mattresses, which use natural or synthetic latex foam to provide a more responsive and breathable sleep surface. The Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid line includes latex foam in its construction for added support and comfort.

Overall, Sealy mattresses provide a comfortable and restful night’s sleep by combining a variety of materials that work together to address various sleep needs. You can find a mattress from Sealy that matches your preferences and needs with a wide range of products featuring different materials and technologies.

Does Sealy Make a Non-Toxic Mattress?

Yes, Sealy does make a non-toxic mattress in their Sealy Naturals line. The Sealy Naturals mattresses feature eco-friendly materials, such as responsibly farmed and manufactured organic cotton, natural hemp, modal, and a natural wool blend that acts as a natural flame retardant. However, The Sealy Naturals hybrid beds typically do not contain mattress materials that are certified organic. Nonetheless, the materials utilized are frequently sourced from plants, recyclable, or recycled, rather than synthetic or petroleum-based materials. 

Does the Sealy Mattress Come with a Removable Cover?

According to the Sealy mattress statement, the cover of a Sealy mattress is removable. This means that if the body contains fiberglass, it can be removed and professionally cleaned or replaced if necessary, which can help reduce the number of fiberglass particles released into the air. In addition, removing the cover can also allow for a closer inspection of the foam to determine if the fiberglass has penetrated profoundly and whether the mattress needs to be replaced or repaired.

Who Might Be Interested in a Sealy Mattress?

Sealy offers a range of mattress models, each with unique features and benefits that may appeal to different types of sleepers. The Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid may be a good option for those who prefer a medium-firm feel and need good support for their back and spine.

The Sealy Conform Premium may be suitable for people who prefer a softer feel and want a mattress that can help relieve pressure points.

The Sealy Response Performance is designed to provide support where the body needs it most, making it a good option for people who need extra support for their hips and lower back.

The Sealy Hybrid Essentials is a firmer option that can help keep sleepers cool while they sleep, making it a good option for those who prefer a firmer feel.

Finally, the Sealy Cocoon by Sealy is a medium-feel mattress that can help regulate temperature while providing support and comfort. It may be a good option for those who prefer a medium feel and want a mattress that can help regulate their temperature while they sleep.

Who Wouldn’t Be Interested in a Sealy Mattress?

If someone is looking for a mattress made entirely of organic materials, they may not be interested in a Sealy mattress. Additionally, individuals who prefer a mattress from a different brand or manufacturer may not be interested in Sealy mattresses. Ultimately, the decision to purchase a Sealy mattress or not depends on an individual’s personal preferences and needs when it comes to mattresses.

Is Formaldehydes Present in Sealy Mattresses?

According to the statement, Sealy mattresses do not contain formaldehyde as a raw ingredient in their proprietary foam. However, like many consumer products, trace amounts of formaldehyde may be detected occasionally due to the manufacturing and/or shipping process. The amounts of formaldehyde detected around or near Sealy products are well below any levels that would pose safety concerns.


To sum up, Sealy mattresses currently use fiberglass (called silica) as a flame retardant, but the company is developing alternative fire retardant barriers that don’t include fiberglass. Although some customers have voiced worries about the presence of fiberglass, Sealy mattresses are constructed from a range of materials that can deliver a comfortable and peaceful sleeping experience.

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