Do Purple Mattresses Sag Prematurely?

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Do Purple beds sag prematurely?

Yes. To avoid early sagging, it’s recommended to invest in a highly durable mattress such as Saatva which is resistant to sagging.


Inferior materials.


Yes. (Read More)

Does the Purple warranty cover sagging?


How can I prevent the Purple bed from sagging?

Buy a mattress topper, rotate the bed, and choose the right box spring.

Who will love a Purple mattress?

It’s ideal for lightweight sleepers under 130 pounds.

Who won’t love it?

Heavy sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds.



Toxic Materials

No. CertiPUR certified.

It’s normal for every mattress to sag after some time. That is usually due to the wear and tear experienced by the mattress materials. However, certain mattresses tend to sag much sooner than others. Purple happens to be one of these mattresses. If you are considering buying a Purple bed, it’s important to note this to avoid disappointments in the future.

Do Purple Mattresses Sag Prematurely?

Unfortunately, Purple mattresses sag prematurely. These beds often begin to sag within the first year of ownership. Sagging is more common, especially amongst heavy sleepers. Sagging is the development of indentations on certain areas of the bed. If your bed is sagging, it won’t be comfortable to sleep on since your body won’t be naturally aligned. Sleeping on a sagging mattress often leads to back, shoulder, and neck pain. In some instances, it can even lead to insomnia.

Purple mattresses have received their fair share of complaints since the company was launched. Sagging is one of the main complaints. In most reviews related to sagging, sleepers claim that these beds can either sag in the middle or side of the heavier partner. Please note that some Purple mattress sagging complaints have been reported by sleepers of average weight. Therefore, this isn’t a problem that only affects heavy sleepers.

It’s not clear why Purple mattresses sag so soon, yet they claim that their beds are made using premium materials. Purple claims that their beds can comfortably hold up to 600lbs. Their beds also feature the Smart Comfort Grid on the comfort layer. The purpose of this grid is to distribute weight evenly. However, despite all these features, Purple mattresses still sag prematurely. Sagging complaints are mostly made against the non-hybrid models. So, if you don’t want to fall victim to such, you can opt for a Purple hybrid.

Does the Purple Warranty Cover Sagging Complaints?

The thought of buying a mattress that will sag within the first year sounds scary. However, Purple has a ten-year warranty that covers two main things. Indentations that are not more than an inch deeper and cracks on the foam.

When your Purple mattress starts to sag, you can always file a claim, and they will send a new bed or cater for the repair costs. Even though the availability of a warranty is reassuring, as you may already know, it’s not always when a company will honor its warranty. If you have placed your Purple bed on an inadequate frame, you will have voided the Purple warranty, and you may not get a replacement. The same also applies to Purple beds that have been put in storage or those that have been mistreated.

It won’t be such a smart move to buy a Purple bed knowing that it could sag after a few months, and you may not get compensated. Isn’t it better to invest in a Purple mattress alternative made with premium materials and is resistant to sagging?

What Sagging Experiences Have Purple Mattress Customers Had?

Purple mattress customers are the best people to verify these sagging allegations. It’s why we headed to Reddit to source various sagging experiences that Purple mattress customers have gone through.

The first review explains that the owner started experiencing pain caused by sagging by the ninth month. This is clear proof that Purple mattresses sag within one year of use. Another customer claims that they experienced sagging within three months and had to seek the services of a chiropractor because of the back pain inflicted by Purple beds.

Most of the reviews on Reddit indicate that Purple beds sag prematurely and can lead to back pain. From these reviews, we can also learn that Purple does accept returns on mattresses that have sagged due to the typical wear and tear. However, this isn’t always the case, and Purple can deny your claim. The warranty is a double-edged sword. You can either benefit from it or vice versa.

What are the Side Effects of a Saggy Purple Bed?

On paper, sagging may not seem like a big deal. But wait till you fall victim to such. A saggy Purple mattress can have the following side effects;

  • Body aches and pain – The main drawback of sleeping on a saggy Purple mattress is that there will be inadequate tension to support your body. As a result, you won’t be naturally aligned on the mattress surface. The lack of support and the odd sleeping positions caused by sagging will lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain. If you notice that you wake up with a sore back every day, inspect for indentations.
  • Discomfort – Can you imagine finding a comfortable sleeping position on a mattress that sagged in the middle? Falling and staying asleep on such an uncomfortable mattress is next to impossible.
  • Excessive Sweating – The hugging sensation of Purple memory foam mattresses is a key contributor to excessive sweating. When you add indentations into the mixture, hot sleepers will find themselves waking up drenched in sweat.
  • Intimacy Problems – When your Purple mattress starts to sag, you and your partner can say goodbye to intimacy. With a part of a mattress that has sagged deeper, it won’t be easy to cuddle or even share intimate moments. For the sake of your marriage, it’s important to consider a mattress resistant to sagging.

How Do I Prevent a Purple Mattress from Sagging?

A quality bed should serve you unconditionally. Sleeping is a form of relaxation. Your mattress should help you relax. It’s not your job to change your sleeping habits and preferences to prevent the bed from sagging. Anyway, if you have settled for a Purple bed, here are some ways you can prevent sagging.

  1. Buy a Mattress Topper: A mattress topper is both a preventative method and a fix for sagging. If you are worried about indentations forming on your Purple bed, you should invest in a topper. Mattress toppers add an extra comfort layer on top of the one on the Purple bed.
  2. Switch your sleeping Position: Switching up your sleeping positions and habits is another easy and effective method of preventing sagging. For most married couples, everyone usually has their favorite side. If you are of different weights, you may find one side sagging sooner than the other. Also, if you sleep alone, you definitely have a favorite side. Switching up sleeping positions ensures maximum weight distribution and even wear.
  3. Rotate the Mattress Regularly: This method has a similar effect to the one above. It ensures even wear of the mattress. You can rotate your bed every two to three months. Please don’t flip a Purple mattress. When you do that, you will be sleeping on the hard side, and it won’t be comfy.
  4. Invest in the Right Box Spring: These days many sleepers prefer to buy bed frames with slats since they are cheaper and consume the least space. However, a study box spring offers the support needed by a mattress and prevents sagging.

How Do I Know It’s Time to Replace a Saggy Purple Mattress?

We will list some of the methods on how to fix a saggy Purple mattress. But before that, we must inform you on how to know it’s time to replace a saggy purple mattress.

First, if your Purple mattress is older than five years, there is no need to try to fix indentations. Mattresses have a lifespan of five to ten years. The bed will have experienced maximum wear and tear at such an age. Therefore, there isn’t much you can do to revive it.

Secondly, the size of the indent determines whether it’s worth trying to fill it up. Purple warranty only covers indentations not more than an inch deep because they understand that a bigger dent is unfixable. Ensure that you evaluate whether the size of the indent is worth fixing.

If your Purple mattress meets these two requirements, there is no need to fix it. A replacement is the best course of action.

Has Purple Ever Been Sued for Selling Mattresses that Sag Prematurely?

Sagging is a normal thing for mattresses. It’s only that in some brands, such as the Purple, it occurs much sooner. Because of this reason, Purple mattress has never been sued for making beds that sag prematurely. Shoppers have expressed disappointment in online reviews, but that’s the much that has been done about this issue.

Purple mattress has only been involved in one lawsuit. This brand sued a mattress review website owner known as Monahan, who claimed that the white powder found in their beds was harmful. The lawsuit ruled in favor of Purple when the white powder was considered safe.


  • Do Purple mattresses sag over time?

All beds sag over time. It’s only that Purple mattresses sag much sooner. It can happen even within the first six months.

  • Do Purple mattresses need to be rotated?

Purple beds should be rotated every two to three months to prevent sagging. These beds are not flippable.

  • What’s the estimated lifespan of a Purple mattress?

Purple claims that their beds have a 10-year lifespan. However, from customer reviews, these beds last for three to five years.

  • Are there any complaints about the Purple mattresses?
There is currently a lot of concern in the mattress industry about fiberglass. This article discusses the fact that Purple mattresses are not free of fiberglass.


Besides the sagging complaints, Purple mattress has tons of positive reviews. Many of their clients appreciate the beds’ pressure relief and responsiveness. It’s also one of the few mattresses with a short expansion duration of two days. Purple’s customer support is always available to address any complaints. If you are looking for a new bed, it’s crucial that you invest in a durable mattress that is resistant to sagging. Unlike Purple mattresses that sag within the first year, there are alternatives that can last for years without forming indentations on the comfort layer.

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