Do Beautyrest Mattresses Have Fiberglass? What You Need to Know

Beautyrest is the flagship brand for Simmons Bedding Company, which is one of the leading mattress manufacturers in the US. Beautyrest mattresses are well-known for offering exceptional pressure relief and back support. Their mattresses are moderately priced which makes them an ideal option for budget shoppers.

Are you considering buying a Beautyrest mattress? As you explore the sleeping technology integrated with this mattress and its features, one of the key things you should cross from your list is if it contains fiberglass. Recently there have been many reports about fiberglass mattresses. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to figure out if Beautyrest mattresses have fiberglass, before bringing one into your home.

Does Beautyrest Mattress Have Fiberglass?

From our research, we have discovered that Beautyrest mattresses do contain fiberglass.

When introducing this article, we mentioned that Beautyrest is owned by Simmons. On Amazon, this company has openly admitted to using fiberglass as a fire-retardant sock inside their mattresses. Therefore, it’s all a matter of putting two and two together. If Simmons uses fiberglass, then it’s pretty obvious that they would also use it in their flagship model, which is the Beautyrest.

As we were doing a little more digging, we came across a Reddit post where a certain user was complaining of fiberglass leaking through their Beautyrest mattress. This led us to the conclusion that Beautyrest mattresses do contain fiberglass and should be handled with care.

Why Does Beautyrest Use Fiberglass in Their Mattress?

Like other fiberglass mattress brands, Beautyrest uses this material so that it can pass the US Consumer Products Safety Commission law which was passed in 2007. This regulation requires all mattresses to have a flame retardant.

As you may be wondering, why does Beautyrest prefer fiberglass yet there are many other flame-retardant materials out there? Well, it’s because fiberglass is super affordable and very effective at preventing the spread of flames. These are the two main reasons why Beautyrest uses fiberglass in their mattresses.

On paper, the use of fiberglass in Beautyrest mattresses may seem okay. However, this material is quite toxic and consumers need to refrain from introducing it into their homes. We will explain why in the next subtopic.

What are the Dangers of Having Fiberglass in a Beautyrest Mattress?

The use of fiberglass in Beautyrest mattresses is a bit counterintuitive. This material is designed to keep us safe in case of fires. However, its existence beneath the mattress cover puts you at great risk of serious health complications.

Here are some of the risks associated with having fiberglass in a Beautyrest mattress;

  • Fiberglass can irritate your skin leading to bruises, itching, and the development of rashes
  • When you inhale fiberglass particles, they will irritate your respiratory tract. Continuous exposure to fiberglass can also aggravate conditions like asthma and bronchitis.
  • Lastly, the fiberglass in your Beautyrest mattress can contaminate your home leading to hefty losses. When these particles settle on your clothes or furniture, they are impossible to remove or clean.

You need to think long and hard about these three risks before buying a Beautyrest mattress.

Do Beautyrest Mattresses Have Chemicals?

After discovering the presence of fiberglass in Beautyrest mattresses, you may also suspect that it contains harmful chemicals. But we are here to assure you and confirm that Beautyrest mattresses do not contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. This mattress brand is CertiPUR-US certified. That means it’s free of harmful chemicals and its safe except for the fact that it is enclosed in a fiberglass fire sock.

What are Beautyrest Mattresses Made Of?

If you are interested in buying a Beautyrest mattress, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the list of materials used to make these beds. We have already mentioned that they use a fiberglass flame retardant. Some other materials used include memory foam and polyurethane foam. Their hybrid models comprise steel coils and some memory foam for cushioning. Varying models of Beautyrest utilize different cooling technologies. All these other materials are pretty much safe. Fiberglass should be your primary concern.

How Do You Check for Fiberglass in a Mattress?

In case you want to confirm on your own whether Beautyrest mattresses contain fiberglass, there are a few methods you can use. They include;

  • Carefully go through the label – Mattress manufacturers are required to list the key materials used in the label. When you finally find a Beautyrest mattress, go through the label and look for the following phrases; fiberglass, glass fiber, silica, or glass wool. If you spot any of these words, then your mattress contains fiberglass. Sometimes, the mattress may not have a detailed label. You can, therefore, check out their website.
  •  Look for red flags – There are a couple of red flags that usually point to a fiberglass mattress. Some of these red flags include; a cheaply priced mattress, a bed that’s made in China, or warning signs which are advising you not to remove the cover. If a mattress brand checks all these red flags, approach it with caution.
  • Read reviews from third-party sites like Reddit and Amazon – On official websites, companies tend to ignore the fiberglass discussion. Some even won’t inform you about the flame retardant they use. To be safe, always visit third-party platforms like Reddit and Amazon. Here you can get unfiltered information about a certain mattress. For instance, we were able to know that Beautyrest mattresses contain fiberglass from a user’s testimonial on Reddit.

Do All Manufacturers Make Fiberglass Mattresses?

Just because Beautyrest uses fiberglass in their mattress, that doesn’t mean all companies do the same. There are many fiberglass-free mattress brands out there. Saatva is an excellent example. Unlike Beautyrest, these brands understand the dangers of adding fiberglass sheets to a mattress. That’s why they prefer to use natural flame retardants like cotton.

Fiberglass isn’t the only flame retardant in the market. There are plenty of safer and more effective solutions. Manufacturers simply like using fiberglass because it’s affordable and won’t affect their production costs.

Because there exist many fiberglass-free mattresses in the market. You should never settle for a bed that will risk you and your family’s health.

Can You Remove Fiberglass from Beautyrest Mattress?

It’s possible but the process is hectic, time-consuming, and tiresome. To get rid of fiberglass in a Beautyrest mattress, you will need a lint roller. You can then run that roller all over your mattress when the cover is removed. This can take days, especially if you are working by yourself. Also, in the process of removing fiberglass from your mattress, you can contaminate your entire home with these shards of glass.

To pull off such a job, you will need to wear a mask and protect nearby furniture or clothing. It’s not something we would recommend unless you work with the help of a professional cleaning company. Don’t forget that mattresses need a flame retardant. So, when you remove fiberglass from your Beautyrest mattress, it will be left without protection.

Where are Beautyrest Mattresses Made?

Beautyrest and all of the other Simmons mattresses are made in the US. The fact that their mattresses contain fiberglass is quite shocking, considering that US-made mattresses are usually fiberglass-free. But that’s a debate for another day.

Should You Buy Beautyrest Mattresses?

Overall, Beautyrest mattresses have a high satisfaction rating from sleepers. This makes it one of the most sought-after mattresses in the United States. Despite the use of fiberglass beneath their covers, Beautyrest mattresses have a lot of quality features. We will briefly go through some of the reasons why you should consider buying a Beautyrest mattress.

  • They Have a Wide Variety of Mattresses

From the L-class to the C and K-class series, Beautyrest has a lot of mattress models in stock. This allows its customers to have many options to choose from, including hybrid mattresses. With such a massive selection, it’s easier to find a mattress that suits your tastes and preferences.

  • Beautyrest Mattresses Offer Amazing Initial Comfort

During the first few months of sleeping in a Beautyrest mattress, many clients appreciate the softness of these beds. However, after a few years, these beds tend to sag.

Their Beds are Available in Multiple Firmness Levels

You can get a soft or super firm mattress from Beautyrest. Before ordering one, evaluate your sleeping pattern and weight, then get your mattress in a suitable firmness.

  • These Beds are Integrated with Innovative Cooling Technology

One of the things that makes Beautyrest mattresses stand out is the integration of gel-infused foams and cooling treatments. If you are a hot sleeper, you will have an amazing time with this mattress.

Final Thoughts

Beautyrest mattresses are well-known for their initial comfort and cooling technology. However, they do contain fiberglass and are not durable. A mattress is one of the most important investments in your life. It’s crucial to have a bed that’s not only comfortable but it’s safe to sleep on. As a mattress material, fiberglass is quite harmful and should be avoided by all means.

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