Diamond Mattress Review – An Unbiased Review

If you’re shopping online for a mattress, you’ll probably have noticed the enormous number of new brands that have sprung up in recent years. While we rate a lot of these start-ups very highly, some consumers prefer to shop from a brand with a well-established reputation in the industry.

Diamond have been selling mattresses since 1946 and have now moved into the online mattress marketplace. Their all-foam and hybrid mattresses are handmade in the USA and could be a great option for you if you want to buy from a company that’s really earned their stripes and can afford to spend more on a mid-range brand.

If you’re shopping on a tight budget, we recommend checking out our top-rated product, the Puffy mattress. Puffy was established more recently but we believe they offer great value to customers looking for the best memory foam mattress in 2020.

In this article, we’ll tell you all the key information you need to know to help you decide whether a Diamond mattress is the best option for you.


The Diamond mattress range comes with some fantastic benefits for consumers. These include:

  • Wide range of firmness settings and options for customization
  • Advanced sleep technology to help you sleep cool
  • Well-established reputation in the industry
  • Generous ‘forever’ warranty
  • Zoned support cores for excellent spinal support

Although we generally rate Diamond mattresses highly, there are drawbacks to every mattress brand out there. The ones you need to be aware of regarding Diamond mattresses are:

  • Higher price tag, which may be unaffordable for many shoppers
  • Some users have reported that their all-foam model loses its structure as time passes

How much do Diamond mattresses cost?

How much you pay for a Diamond mattress depends on which model you select. Their cheapest model is the Grateful Hybrid, which usually retails on Diamond’s website for $1,199 for a queen size. However, at the time of writing it is being sold for a promotional price of $999. Their most expensive mattress is the Transformation Hybrid, costing $1,899 for a queen at its regular price, although it is currently being sold for $1,699 in Diamond’s promotional sale.

Diamond offer monthly financing arrangements through third-party lender Affirm if you can’t afford to pay for your new bed in one go. These are subject to credit checks, and you should make sure the plan is affordable for you before proceeding.

Diamond Mattress Range and Construction

Diamond sell two collections of mattresses through their website. These are the Diamond Gift Collection, which features premium hybrid mattress models, and the Rally, which is Diamond’s customizable option. Diamond are also the parent company of the newer mattress brand DreamStage™. They produce foam and hybrid mattresses as part of a range of collections. You may want to check out DreamStage mattresses as part of your research.

We’ll give a detailed overview of all the Diamond mattress options in this section to help you understand their features and what this means for your sleep experience.

Diamond Gift Collection

The Diamond Gift Collection has four hybrid mattress options which combine a supportive pocketed innerspring core with comfort layers including adaptable foams.

Grateful Hybrid

The Grateful Hybrid is specially designed to help you sleep cool while improving spinal alignment. It has a triple-layered construction which provides a good balance of support and pressure relief.

The core layer is made using Diamond’s patented support system made from individually pocketed springs. The support is zoned, which means there are extra coils in the central region of the mattress to provide additional lumbar support. This feature may be especially helpful for people with painful back conditions. The support core is encased in polyfoam to increase edge support. This makes the mattress more durable and allows you to sleep or sit on the edge.

The Grateful Hybrid has two comfort layers. The lower is made from HD foam, and the upper layer is made from gel-infused memory foam with the ability to mold to the shape of your body and relieve pressure. The gel particles in the foam help to conduct heat away from you during the night. The mattress is finished with a breathable fabric cover specially designed to help you sleep cool.

Intention Hybrid

The Intention Hybrid also has a triple-layered construction. The zoned innerspring core and HD comfort layer match those in the Grateful Hybrid model.

What sets the Intention Hybrid apart from the Grateful is its top layer made from Diamond’s own invention, their Diamond Sparkle Foam. This foam is infused with graphene and flakes of conductive material designed to wick heat away from your skin while you sleep. The material is highly adaptable, conforming to the shape of your body to effectively relieve pressure. This layer is also convoluted to promote maximum airflow. So, overall the Intention Hybrid is a good option for people who want to sleep cool. It also features Diamond’s quilted, breathable cover.

Faith Hybrid

The Faith Hybrid has the same triple-layered construction as the Intention, with Diamond’s supportive innerspring ore followed by comfort layers made from HD and Diamond Sparkle Foam. So, you’ll get the same key features if you decide to plump for the Faith Hybrid.

What sets the Faith Hybrid apart from the previous models is its cover. This is made from a material that Diamond call their Cooltouch Advanced Regulating Fabric. This material is coated in PCM which helps to wick heat away from your body during the night. It’s also knitted and flexible to allow you to achieve maximum pressure relief from your mattress.

Transformation Hybrid

The Transformation Hybrid is the most expensive and technologically advanced of Diamond’s Gift collection. Like the previous two models, it features a zoned innerspring core, a layer of HD foam and a top comfort layer of Diamond Sparkle foam. It is finished with a breathable, quilted cover.

However, the Transformation hybrid has an extra comfort layer which justifies its higher price tag. This is located between the HD and Sparkle Foam layers and is made from more than 1,000 individually pocketed microcoils. This helps to provide additional pressure relief and a floating sensation when you lie on the bed. Therefore, the Transformation Hybrid could be the optimal choice if you have specific pressure relief needs such as a painful joint condition.

Rally Collection

The Rally Collection features a mattress that you can customize to suit your own needs. It’s available in three firmness settings and has comfort layers made from gel memory foam and copper-infused foam to relieve pressure and help reduce overheating while you sleep.

You can choose between a supportive innerspring core to provide excellent support, or a high-density foam base layer which can adapt more readily to the shape of your body for a more traditional memory foam feel. You can also choose between a basic cover or two different cooling covers depending on your individual needs. Prices vary depending on how you prefer to customize your mattress.

How firm are Diamond Mattresses?

All of the Diamond mattresses come in three firmness settings: Plush, Medium and Firm. The Plush has a medium soft feel, which allows your body to sink in more deeply than the other settings. Which one you choose depends on your individual needs. We’ll explain how to decide which is best for you in the next section.

If you’re considering purchasing the Rally mattress, you should bear in mind the difference that the base layer will give in terms of feel. The innerspring base feels bouncier and more responsive. Meanwhile, the dense foam base option conforms more to your body but also has a firmer feel.

Which Diamond mattress is best for my sleeping position?

All the models in the Diamond Gift and Rally collections are suitable for any sleep position and body type. However, you should select the firmness carefully to make sure you get the correct amount of pressure relief and support for your sleeping style. In this section, we will explain which firmness setting should suit which sleeper. However, you may have a particular preference when it comes to firmness. You should always apply your own knowledge about what feels comfortable for you when taking on board our advice on mattress selection.

Diamond mattresses in Plush are ideal for side sleepers, especially those with circulation issues or body weights lower than 130 lbs. This is because a softer mattress allows your body to sink in more deeply, which helps to relieve pressure around key problem areas for side sleepers like the hips and shoulders.

Diamond mattresses in Medium are likely to suit the vast majority of sleeping positions and styles. This firmness could be a good choice if you switch positions in the night (combi-sleeping) or share your bed with a partner who sleeps in a different position to you.

Diamond’s Firm setting is most likely to be comfortable for people who sleep on their front or back and need more support, especially if they have a high body weight over 250 lbs. It will probably feel too hard for the majority of side sleepers or those with low body weights. Back or front sleepers with back pain may find a Firm Diamond mattress to be of particular benefit.

Do Diamond mattresses sleep cool?

Diamond Hybrid mattresses sleep particularly cool because their innerspring cores are highly breathable. The all-foam option from the Rally collection is likely to sleep a little warmer as the dense base layer has a close structure.

That being said, any of Diamond’s mattresses should feel cooler than many of their competitors because of the sleep technology contained within the foam layers. Depending on the model you pick, the comfort layers feature gel particles, graphene, conductive flakes or copper, which all have the ability to wick heat away from your skin. If sleeping hot is a particular issue for you, you should consider picking a Diamond mattress that uses cooling technology in the cover like the Faith Hybrid or Rally.
Motion isolation

Motion isolation should be a key consideration for you if you share your bed with a partner. This is because good motion isolation reduces disturbance from your partner during the night. In general, foam mattresses perform best when it comes to motion isolation.

Therefore, the all-foam Rally mattress option performs extremely well when it comes to motion isolation and is almost soundless. However, Diamond’s hybrid models also isolate motion from one side of the bed to the other thanks to their individually pocketed coils. Individual pockets allow the springs to move independently of each other, so you shouldn’t feel too much movement from your side of the mattress.

Additionally, the adaptable foam comfort layers used in Diamond mattresses limit motion transfer well. They have the added effect of reducing the amount you move around during the night in the first place. This is because they allow your body to sink in comfortably, limiting tossing and turning during the night.

Where can I buy a Diamond mattress?

You can buy all the Diamond mattresses online through their company website. However, some people prefer to try a mattress out in a bricks-and-mortar store first prior to purchase. Fortunately, Diamond mattresses are stocked in sleep stores nationwide. To find your nearest retailer, you can enter your zip code in the storefinder tool contained in this link: https://www.diamondmattress.com/tools/find-a-store

Shipping Information

Diamond offer free shipping on all their mattresses to the contiguous United States. There is an additional charge if you require delivery to Alaska or Hawaii. Mattresses are shipped using FedEx Ground, and delivery usually takes 3-7 working days after placing your order. Diamond provide an estimated delivery time when you enter your shipping address at checkout, and you can track the progress of your order through FedEx. Bear in mind that mattresses are compressed prior to packing, so you will need to allow them to expand fully before use.

Diamond also offer a White Glove delivery service for an additional fee if you prefer to have your mattress set up for you in your home.

Sleep Trial and Returns

Diamond offer a 120-night sleep trial on all their mattresses. This means that you can return your mattress at any point during this period for a full refund. You can initiate a return by contacting Diamond’s customer service team who will arrange for your mattress to be collected from your home. You should be aware that you won’t be refunded any additional fees you paid for White Glove Delivery if you selected that option.


Mattresses from the Gift and Rally collections come with a generous ‘forever’ warranty, which means that you’re covered for as long as you keep and use your mattress. Please be aware that if you purchase a mattress from their partner company DreamStage, your mattress will come with a 20-year warranty. Diamond warranties only apply to the original purchaser, so they can’t be transferred if the mattress changes hands.

The Diamond warranty covers manufacturing defects including indents deeper than 1.5 inches, faults in the mattress cover (not including zippers and handles) and faults like cracks or splits in the foam layers. It does not cover normal wear and tear, accidental damage or damage caused by insufficient support. Therefore, customers are responsible for ensuring that their Diamond mattress is placed on a bed frame with strong central support or the warranty will be void.

Customers are liable to pay any shipping fees associated with returning the mattress. For the first 10 years after you buy your mattress, Diamond will replace your mattress for free if you discover a flaw. After this period has expired, they will either repair the mattress free of charge or offer a replacement mattress at half price.

Buy a Diamond Mattress if:

  • Sleeping cool is important to you

Diamond mattresses are extremely well engineered when it comes to temperature control. The mattresses have various cooling features including gel, graphene and copper-infused gel and cooling covers, depending on which option you choose.

  • You want customizable comfort

Mattresses in the Rally collection allow a high level of customization. Customers are able to choose between an innerspring or foam support layer and can select between three different cover options. This is a great feature if you have specific sleep needs.

  • You want firmness options

Diamond mattresses come in three firmness settings: Plush, Medium and Firm. So, there should be a firmness option to suit the majority of sleepers.

  • You suffer from back or joint pain

Diamond’s hybrid mattresses are especially suitable for people with back pain because their innerspring cores have zoned support. This means that they provide extra support for your lower back which can help to ease discomfort. All Diamond mattresses also provide good pressure relief thanks to their adaptable comfort layers. So, they can help to reduce pain caused by painful joint conditions.

  • You want to try a mattress out in-store

Although Diamond sell their mattresses online through their website, they are also stocked in bricks-and-mortar stores nationwide. This could be a key selling point if you want to try a mattress out in person before you commit to a purchase.

Alternatives to Diamond Mattresses

It’s always a good idea to check out a range of mattresses before you make a final decision. This will give you peace of mind that you’ve chosen the best possible mattress for your needs and budget. In particular, we always suggest that our readers consider the Puffy, Novosbed and Nectar mattresses as part of their research. These are our top-rated products from the many mattresses we’ve reviewed and are good options if you don’t have the budget available to buy a Diamond mattress.

Puffy Mattress

The Puffy mattress is our highest ranked product from the many mattress brands we’ve seen. It does a great job of supporting your spine while offering superior pressure relief for your joints. To top it all off, it’s available at a very reasonable and affordable price. Although it is an all-foam bed with top layers made from adaptable memory foam, it’s well engineered to sleep cool.

In particular, the Puffy mattress is highly recommended for side sleepers. This is because of its medium firmness setting, which will allow your body to sink in and take uncomfortable pressure off the hip and shoulder areas. However, most people with other sleep styles should still find the Puffy comfortable.

Novosbed Mattress

The Novosbed mattress is made entirely from foam and is highly supportive. The foam used in the comfort layers has been made using open cell technology. This makes it more breathable and responsive than most memory foam mattresses while still providing the adaptability necessary to relieve pressure on your joints.

This mattress is available in three firmness options. However, it has the added benefit of customizable firmness if you use Novosbed’s Comfort+ feature. So, you shouldn’t find it difficult to achieve a firmness that feels just right for you.

Nectar Mattress

Nectar Sleep have a formidable reputation in the online mattress market. This mattress features a dense, supportive foam core and a gel-infused comfort layer. Like the Novosbed, Nectar’s foams are open cell, which makes them far more breathable and responsive than traditional memory foam without sacrificing pressure relief. Gel memory foam has the added benefit of transferring heat away while you sleep to help tackle overheating at night.

The Nectar is a universal comfort mattress, which means it is Medium Firm. This makes it ideal for almost all sleep styles, body types and sleeping positions. So, you should consider the Nectar mattress if you’re a combi sleeper or share with a partner. That being said, the Nectar may feel too firm if you have a body weight less than 130 lbs and sleep on your side.


If you’re still unsure whether a Diamond mattress is right for you or not, we recommend checking out our FAQs. In this section, we’ll reveal addition information about the Diamond mattress range to help clear up any queries you may have.

Q: What type of mattresses are featured in the Diamond range?

A: The Diamond mattress collection is mainly made up of hybrid mattresses. These combine innerspring cores with adaptable foam comfort layers. You can also purchase an all-foam Diamond mattress if you select the foam base layer as part of their customizable Rally mattress.

Q: Are Diamond mattresses a good choice for side sleepers?

A: Diamond mattresses provide great pressure relief, so they’re a great choice for side sleepers who often complain of uncomfortable pressure around the hips and shoulders. We recommend selecting a Plush or Medium mattress. The Plush option is probably most suitable if you have a very light body weight or wake up with numbness in your arms and hands.

Q: How firm are Diamond mattress collections?

A: All the mattresses in Diamond’s Gift and Rally collections come in three firmness settings: Plush, Medium and Firm.

Q: What are the thickness measurements of Diamond mattresses?

A: We were unable to find thickness measurements for Diamond’s mattress collections. We’ll update this information if Diamond choose to publish these specifications in the future.

Q: Do Diamond mattresses sleep cool?

A: Diamond mattresses are highly recommended for people who want to sleep cool. This is because they feature conductive materials in their comfort layers such as gel, copper and graphene that help wick heat away from your skin. Additionally, Diamond’s hybrid mattresses are extremely breathable as their innerspring cores allow for maximum airflow. Some models also come with cooling covers.

Q: Will I have to wait before sleeping on a Diamond mattress?

A: Diamond mattresses are compressed prior to shipping. So, you’ll need to allow the mattress to fully expand before sleeping on it. This can take up to 72 hours in some cases.

Q: Do Diamond mattresses last for a long time?

A: Diamond mattresses are generally highly durable, with the possible exception of their all-foam option which some customers have said loses its support over time. Diamond’s hybrid mattresses have strong edge support which helps them keep their shape. Overall, you can expect your mattress to last 10 years or longer with proper care and a supportive base.

Q: Do Diamond mattresses have an off-gassing smell?

A: All mattresses that feature foam components give off an unpleasant but harmless odour when you unpack them, and this is also true of Diamond mattresses. However, this smell should disappear reasonably quickly. You can speed up the process by allowing the mattress to air out after unpacking.

Q: How easy are Diamond returns?

A: Diamond state that they try to make the returns process as simple as possible. You can return your mattress for a refund at any time during the 120-night sleep trial period. To return your mattress, you should contact customer services who will arrange for your mattress to be collected.

Q: What base do I need for a Diamond mattress?

A: You can use most bed bases and foundations with Diamond mattresses as long as they are in good condition and provide proper central support if you’ve got a queen size model or larger. This means that you will most likely be able to use your current bed frame as long as it is the right size.

The bottom line

Buying a mattress is one of the most important investments you will make for your home. Many people will find that Diamond mattresses provide them with a great night’s sleep, especially if they are looking for a mid-price bed that provides excellent back support and sleeps cool.

Before you make your final decision, we suggest that you check out reviews of other mattress brands to make sure you’re choosing the best make and model for your needs. You’ll find a wide range of reviews and sleep advice right here at Sleep Aim.

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