Couchbed Review – The Best Bed for Small Spaces

The Couchbed is an innovative product that has been getting a lot of media attention recently. In essence, the Couchbed is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a comfortable memory foam mattress that can be folded using a simple process to form a couch. Unlike regular sofa beds, the Couchbed has no frame or fiddly mechanisms (although you can place the unfolded mattress on a frame if you wish). This makes it significantly cheaper than your average sofa bed and less hassle to put up and down.

The Couchbed can be used as a guest bed so you can easily accommodate overnight visitors. However, the company state that it is comfortable and supportive enough to use as your everyday mattress and sofa. For this reason, it could also be a good option for people living in very small spaces who want to save space by combining their couch and bed.

In this detailed Couchbed review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Couchbed prices, construction, feel, and more. This will help you to decide whether a Couchbed is a good option for your home.


The Couchbed is an unusual and inventive product and comes with various key benefits. These include:

  • Good level of support and comfort
  • Affordable price
  • Certi-Pur certified
  • Various colors and replacement covers available
  • Versatile and space-saving
  • Affordable price
  • Although it is comfortable to sit on, some people may find the Couchbed too low to use as their full-time couch
  • Only one firmness option available

Couchbed Construction and Function

The Couchbed mattress is made from high-density memory foam. The comfort layer is infused with gel particles to help wick away heat while you sleep, which helps it to sleep cooler than traditional memory foam alone. The mattress can adapt to the shape of your body while you sleep, giving a good level of pressure relief for your joints. There is a seam along the center of the mattress because of the way the mattress folds to make a couch. However, you shouldn’t be able to feel it too much once you’ve covered the mattress with sheets. The overall mattress profile is 10″ thick, which is about average for a mattress of this type.

The mattress can be folded up to form a couch with thick, padded armrests. This process is very simple and can be achieved in a matter of seconds. While the Couchbed feels comfortable to sit on, it’s important to note that it is lower to the ground than your average couch or sofa bed. This could be an issue if you find it difficult to get up from a couch or sofa due to mobility issues. However, the Couchbed performs pretty well as both a couch and a mattress, especially given the price.

Couchbed Mattress Firmness

The Couchbed only comes in one firmness option, which feels pretty firm. This level of firmness is necessary for it to perform its function as a couch adequately. However, there is still enough ‘give’ in the foam to allow it to conform to the shape of your body reasonably well.

Is a Couchbed Right for my Sleeping Position?

If you’re using it as your main mattress, the Couchbed is probably most suitable for front and back sleepers because it is firm. However, some side sleepers may also find it comfortable, although it’s probably a bit too firm for lighter side sleepers to use regularly. That being said, the Couchbed should be fine to use in any sleeping position if you’re only using it as a guest mattress now and then.

Does the Couchbed Sleep Cool?

The Couchbed features a comfort layer made from gel-infused memory foam. This means that the top layer of foam contains gel particles that can wick away excess body heat while you sleep. This helps to prevent you from overheating at night. While the Couchbed doesn’t sleep as cool as some highly-engineered gel memory foam mattresses that we’ve reviewed, it nevertheless sleeps cooler than standard memory foam.

How Much Does a Couchbed Cost?

The Couchbed’s price is one of its most impressive and appealing features. It is highly affordable, coming in at just $499.99 for a queen size. To put this into context, that is somewhat cheaper than your average memory foam mattress and significantly cheaper than most sofa beds. When you consider that you are getting two pieces of furniture in one, the Couchbed represents excellent value for money. Couchbed offers its customers monthly financing through third-party lender Klarna if you prefer to pay in installments. This is subject to affordability and credit checks.

Where to Buy a Couchbed

You can buy a Couchbed online through the Couchbed company website. At this time, Couchbed mattresses do not appear to be being sold through third-party retailers online or in brick-and-mortar stores.

Couchbed Shipping Information

Couchbed ships to all areas of the United States and Canada. Delivery is free to the contiguous United States, while there is an extra charge if you want your Couchbed shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada. Shipping is via FedEx and usually takes between 1 and 6 days.

Sleep Trial and Returns

While the Couchbed doesn’t come with a sleep trial as such, the company will accept returns as long as they are made within 30 days. You will be required to bear the cost of shipping the Couchbed back and will have to make the delivery arrangements yourself. Couchbed will refund you the full price of your mattress as soon as it is received.

Couchbed Mattress Warranty

The Couchbed comes with a 10-year limited warranty, which is the standard length for memory foam mattresses. The warranty only covers the original purchaser and will not be valid if the Couchbed changes hands.

The Couchbed warranty covers defects related to the materials used in the Couchbed or workmanship. In particular, it covers splits or cracks in the foam, defects in the zipper or cover and indentations deeper than 1 inch.

The customer is responsible for placing their Couchbed on a properly supportive surface when it is being used as a mattress. Otherwise, this could cause damage to the Couchbed due to improper support and could void the warranty. The warranty states that it is acceptable to sleep on your Couchbed directly on the floor. Otherwise, you should use a slatted base with no more than 4 inches between each slat or another supportive foundation.

Normal wear and tear are not covered by the Couchbed warranty. It also does not cover damage due to misuse or user error such as burns, cuts or stains, or damage caused by improper storage, for example in a damp environment. Please note that you should only use mild detergents if you need to clean your Couchbed mattress, as the use of harsh products such as bleach could damage the materials and invalidate the warranty.

If your Couchbed is found to have a flaw covered by the warranty, you can expect to have it repaired or replaced within 10 days of the Couchbed being received by the company.

Customers are responsible for paying any fees and costs associated with sending their Couchbed back, although these costs will be refunded if Couchbed agrees that your product is defective. In some situations, Couchbed may accept photographic evidence of a manufacturing flaw instead of requiring you to ship the Couchbed back.

How Does the Couchbed Compare to Other Brands?

The Couchbed mattress and couch is an unusual product, and there are few directly comparable sofa bed models currently on the market. However, we recommend checking out a few different options before parting with any money to make sure that the Couchbed is the best product for you. There are various alternative guest and multipurpose furniture options available, from traditional futons to regular sofa beds. You can check out a range of products worth considering by clicking on the links below.


Buying a piece of multipurpose furniture like the Couchbed is a big decision, so it’s only natural that you’ll have lots of questions before you choose to part with any money. In this section, we’ll share our most popular Couchbed FAQs along with our expert answers to help clear up any questions you may still have about the Couchbed.

Q: Is the Couchbed mattress good for side sleepers?

A: The Couchbed has a firm feel, which is necessary for it to perform its function as a couch properly. Some side sleepers may find it comfortable to sleep on as it still provides some body conformation, especially if they have a higher body weight. However, many side sleepers will find the Couchbed too firm to sleep on regularly. That being said, if you’re using the Couchbed as an occasional guest bed, it should feel fine in any sleeping position for a few nights.

Q: How firm is the Couchbed mattress?

A: The Couchbed has a relatively firm feel which is likely to feel most comfortable for front and back sleepers. It comes in only one firmness level, which is necessary as it needs to be firm to function correctly as a couch.

Q: How thick is the Couchbed mattress?

A: The Couchbed is 10 inches thick when folded out to be used as a mattress. This is around the average thickness for a gel memory foam mattress and should be thick and supportive enough for most sleepers.

Q: Does the Couchbed sleep cool?

A: The Couchbed’s top comfort layer is infused with gel particles with heat wicking properties. They can carry heat away from your body to help keep you at a cool and comfortable temperature. Therefore, the Couchbed sleeps reasonably cool.

Q: What type of mattresses does Couchbed make?

A: Couchbed makes gel memory foam mattresses. They have a unique design that allows them to be folded quickly and easily into a low-profile couch.

Q: Is the Couchbed durable?

A: We haven’t heard any specific complaints about the durability of the Couchbed. The materials used are of high quality, so it should have a similar lifespan to any other memory foam mattress.

Q: Does the Couchbed smell?

A: The Couchbed may release a slight off-gassing smell when you first unpack it. This odor is harmless and is common in mattresses and furniture made with memory foam. The smell should dissipate reasonably quickly if you allow the Couchbed to air out.

Q: Is it easy to return a Couchbed?

A: Couchbed has a simple and transparent returns policy. However, the returns period is relatively short at just 30 days. You can return your Couchbed at any time during this period for a full refund. Please be aware that you will be responsible for paying any costs associated with shipping your Couchbed.

Q: What frame should I use with a Couchbed mattress?

A: It’s important to use a supportive base or foundation with the Couchbed when you are using it as a mattress. If you don’t, you could cause damage to the materials and void the warranty. Any frame you use should have no more than 4 inches between each slat. Alternatively, Couchbed state that it’s fine to use the mattress directly on the floor.

The Bottom Line

The Couchbed could be a great option if you’re looking for a guest bed for occasional use or live in a small space and want a piece of furniture that performs more than one function. The Couchbed represents pretty good value for money when you compare it with other sofa bed options and, unlike many similar products, provides a level of comfort and support comparable to a regular memory foam mattress. However, bear in mind that the Couchbed is pretty low to the ground, which could be an issue for some people if using it as their main couch.

Before you buy any mattress, it’s important to do your research to make sure that you’re getting the best product for your needs and budget. In particular, it’s a good idea to compare several different options and read expert and user reviews before parting with any cash. You can read a wide variety of mattress reviews and buying guides written by the unbiased and expert team here at Sleep Aim.

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