Best Costco Mattress Reviews 2023 – Should You Buy or Not?

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Best For

There are many bed brands to choose from

Costco stores are located all over the country

The Costco franchise has a good return policy


The specs shared about mattresses are limited

Mattress shopping in Costco is better for members

Some Costco beds contain fiberglass

Our Verdict

Costco’s wide range of mattresses is advantageous and disadvantageous. As a shopper, you have many options to pick from. At the same time, it can be very easy to go out of your budget. Another perk of buying a Costco mattress is the ability to try it first. However, you must be a member to get the most out of Costco mattresses.

Looking for the best Costco mattress reviews? Costco sell a wide range of mattresses created by a variety of brands through their website and in their bricks-and-mortar stores. This gives members a large amount of choice, whether they are looking for an affordable memory foam mattress or a premium product with lots of luxurious features. Most people should be able to find a mattress in Costco’s range to suit their needs and preferences.

In this costco mattress review, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Costco’s range of mattresses and their policies, terms and conditions to help you decide which one is best for you.


Although Costco don’t produce their own brand of mattresses, there are various advantages to choosing them as your mattress retailer. These include:

  • Wide range of brands, types and firmness options
  • Variety of price points from budget mattresses to premium, luxury options
  • Wide availability in bricks-and-mortar stores nationwide
  • Generous returns policy

Like any retailer, there are some key drawbacks to buying a mattress from Costco. The ones you should be aware of are:

  • Limited product information: not all the mattresses sold through Costco have detailed specifications such as foam density and individual layer thicknesses, which may make comparing and contrasting different options more difficult
  • You will need to pay for an annual membership to make any purchases instore or online

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Reviews of the Best Costco Mattresses

By now, you are familiar with the various mattress brands available at Costco. You are also aware that they stock all types of beds ranging from latex, gel memory foam, hybrid and innerspring, amongst others. However, in a sea full of hundreds of mattresses, one can find it challenging to focus on a particular mattress, more so if you don’t have a specific brand in mind. We are well aware of that, and that’s why we are sharing a review of Costco’s best mattress with you. The following caught our attention the most out of the many beds you will find at Costco.

Ghostbed 11” Memory Foam

Starting our list of what is the best mattress from Costco. With a 4.3 star rating and more than 4,000 reviews, the Ghostbed 11” is one of the best-selling mattresses at Costco. It can accommodate various types of sleepers because of its medium-level firmness. Its price tag is quite pocket-friendly and contains high-quality foam as well as latex which is quite durable. The Ghostbed measures 11 inches, come with a twenty-year warranty, and has a trial period of 101 nights. On this bed, you will enjoy sufficient pressure relief. There is a gel foam layer that keeps you cooler at night, and for a mattress in its price range, the Ghostbed memory foam bed has good edge support. Therefore, if your partner likes to occupy the middle by themselves, you can consider buying this mattress.

Key Features

  • Medium Firmness
  • Contains foam and latex
  • Measures 11 inches

The unique feature of the Ghostbed is the mixed-foam feel. You don’t only get to experience the hugging feeling of memory foam. The Ghostbed also offers you the responsiveness of latex foam. The top foam is latex. There is a gel memory foam beneath it, and the remaining 7.5 inches have support memory foam. The Ghostbed’s cover is made up of polyester and viscose blend, and it’s removable.

  • Great edge support
  • Contains gel memory foam and latex
  • Good motion isolation
  • Ideal bed for couples
  • Being a foam bed, it’s not ideal for heavy bodies

Casper Select

If pressure relief is what you are looking for in a mattress, this all-foam bed is an excellent choice. It is affordable, breathable, and comes with four layers of premium foam and a Zoned support layer, making it one of the most comfortable Costco mattresses. The Casper Select is a member-only mattress. You, therefore, have to be a Costco member if you want to purchase this bed. Please note that it is only available at Costco. Therefore if it sounds like the ideal foam bed, you should have in your home, get that membership and enjoy Costco’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Key Features

  • A firmness level of 5
  • 12” tall
  • Contains four layers of premium foam

With a firmness level of 5 out of 10, it is a medium-firm bed that best suits side sleepers. If you are a stomach sleeper, it may be too soft for you. Standing at twelve inches tall, this bed has four layers of quality foam. The top features open-cell foam, which promotes air circulation. There is a comfort layer that ensures the mattress contours to your body shape. Beneath it is the Zoned Support layer that provides pressure relief around the hips and shoulders. Finally, we have a base layer that supports body weight. It is resistant to sagging and contributes to the durability of the bed.

  • Offers adequate pressure relief
  • Affordable
  • Gives you the classic hugging feeling of memory foam
  • Breathable
  • Inadequate edge support
  • Only available for purchase to members

Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress

Another popular Costco mattress is the Beautyrest hybrid bed. It is a product of Simmons Mattress Company, one of the first mattress brands in the US, and has tons of excellent features. The Beautyrest Costco hybrid mattress contains both foam layers and metal coils. With a firmness scale of 5 out of 10, it offers you a medium feel. Considering that it’s a hybrid bed, the price tag is moderate.

Key Features

  • A firmness level of 5 out of 10
  • Combines both foam and metal coils
  • The cover features a cooling material

When you lay on a Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress, the first thing that will draw your attention is the medium firmness. Therefore, it can accommodate all sleeping types. Secondly, it is a hybrid bed. The foam offers comfort, and the coils provide support. The coils are pocketed and therefore isolate movement. This is a feature worth considering if you are shopping for a mattress for couples. On top of the bed is a quilted fabric cover top that contains cooling technology to regulate temperatures at night.

  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Balances comfort and support
  • Medium firmness is ideal for various types of sleepers
  • The firmness is too soft for stomach sleepers

Cocoon Hybrid 12”

Nowadays, hybrid beds are becoming a popular choice for most sleepers because of their many benefits. At Costco, you can find many hybrid mattresses from various brands. The Cocoon Hybrid by Silly is one of the few that stands out to be amongst the best. It combines pocketed coils and memory foam to bring you a mattress with a firmness level of 6 out of 10. You will find the foam at the top, and the coils are at the bottom to offer breathability and bounce. In the Cocoon Hybrid, the coils are wrapped in fabric to limit motion. It comes with a stretch-knit cover that does a commendable job of spreading heat.

Key Features

  • 8-inch pocketed coils
  • 1-inch of perfect fit memory foam and 2.2 inches of transitional memory foam
  • An edge supported by reinforced perimeters

Unlike most coil beds that quickly transfer motion, the Cocoon Hybrid features several layers of memory foam that prevent this. The coils are also wrapped separately to ensure high levels of motion isolation. The presence of perfect fit and transitional memory foam contributes to the bed’s pressure-relieving capabilities. The cooling cover and coil core make this mattress ideal for hot sleepers. It is responsive, and therefore movement on the bed is easy.

  • Medium firmness makes it comfortable for side sleepers
  • Hot sleepers will enjoy this mattress’s cooling features
  • Great motion isolation
  • May not suit stomach sleepers

Novaform 14” Comfort Grande Plus Gel Memory Foam

If you compare the Novaform Comfort Grande Plus with other mattresses in its price range at Costco, you will notice a huge difference. The comfort system is thicker, and the support core is way stronger. The Novaform 14” Comfort Grande Plus should be amongst your top options if you are hunting for an affordable Costco mattress.

Key Features

  • 6.5-inch charcoal-infused polyfoam
  • 3-inch air channel foam and 3-inch gel-infused memory foam
  • Quilted cover

All the above layers of foam play a pivotal role in helping this mattress offer comfort and relaxation to sleepers. Let’s start with the gel memory foam. Memory foam beds are known to retain a lot of heat. Therefore, hot sleepers find it hard to sleep on days when temperatures are high. With the help of the air channel foam, the gel memory foam dissipates heat away from the mattress and makes it breathable. Beneath it is a support core that enhances comfort. The foam in this bed is of high quality and will last for a significantly long time. Before we list the pros and cons, you should know that this bed has a firmness level of 6/10, which most people consider ideal.

  • The motion isolation is great
  • Offers good value for money
  • Pressure relief
  • Suits back sleepers
  • Can significantly restrict movement, especially during sex

Juniper’s Kids 6” Mattress

As you browse through the various Costco mattresses, it is also essential to look at available options for kids. Our children, too, deserve quality sleep, and asking them to go to bed by nine isn’t the only way to ensure that happens. It would be best if you also got them a quality and comfortable bed. At Costco, Brentwood Home brings you Juniper’s Kids 6 inch mattress that many parents refer to as the healthiest mattress choice.

Key Features

  • 5-inch therapeutic base support
  • 1-inch gel memory foam layer
  • Organic cotton cover

Some kids sleep hotter than others. If yours tends to sweat a lot at night, this bed’s gel memory foam will regulate temperatures allowing them to sleep cooler. The therapeutic base support at the bottom offers support and ensures the mattress doesn’t sink. As you check on comfort, it is crucial that you also prioritize health. The Brentwood Home Juniper Kid’s mattress comes with an organic cotton cover. It is free of chemical and harmful fire retardants and ensures your baby is safe from toxic bed materials. This mattress is hypo-allergenic and features CertiPUR and GOTS certification.

  • Relieves pressure points in your child’s developing bodies
  • The memory foam provides a huggy feeling
  • It is a natural bed and is safe for your baby
  • Comes with two handles that make it easy to carry
  • It’s a bit small for kids approaching their teen years

Costco Mattress Buying Guide

Costco mattress reviews play a significant role in helping you pick the best Costco mattress. However, you still need a buyer’s guide so that you can make the best choice. Did you think that we would leave you without tips on how to choose the best Costco mattress? Below is a quick buyer’s guide that will help you narrow your choices and pick a mattress that suits your sleeping needs.

  • Stick to Your Budget

Nowadays, mattresses aren’t cheap. Even though Costco sells mattresses at affordable prices, some can cost as much as $2000 or $3000. When you decide to buy a new bed, you must identify the features you want and research how much a mattress with those features costs. This will help you create a budget. As you shop at Costco, try to stick to your budget.

A pro tip you should use when shopping at Costco is to enroll for membership. Costco members pay slightly less than non-members, thus allowing you to save a couple of dollars. Another perk of Costco membership is that all mattresses are available for purchase. For instance, you can’t buy the Casper Select if you are a non-member.

  • Understand the Importance of a Mattress’s Sleep Trial

When shopping for a mattress at Costco, the fact that they have stores all over the country makes them an excellent store. This is because you can test a mattress before buying it. However, mattresses aren’t the easiest items to try out. If you sleep on it for a minute or two, it can seem perfect, but wait till you get home. To ensure you make the right choice, buy a Costco mattress with a long sleep trial duration. One hundred days should be enough for you to test a mattress and determine if it’s comfortable enough for you.

  • The Warranties Won’t Always Work in Your Favor

Buying a mattress with a warranty is a wise decision. The problem with Costco is that it’s a third-party company. The mattress companies set the sales agreement terms, and they have a right to turn down any sagging or damage complaints. Always read and understand the fine print of a warranty before investing in a Costco bed.

  • Being a Member Allows You to Return Mattresses after 6 Months

Subscribing to the Costco membership exposes you to lots of perks. We have seen that a membership enables you to pay less and gives you access to all beds. The other benefit is that you have the freedom to return a mattress even after six months. This is under the Costco membership satisfaction policy. Please note that not all beds have this option. Membership qualifies you for same-day or two-day Costco mattress delivery.

The perks of membership at Costco don’t come for free. There is a Gold Star package that goes for $60 a year, and there is the Gold Star Executive that costs $120 per year. The latter comes with more perks and is worth considering if you plan to buy several mattresses in one year.

  • Don’t Hesitate to Take Advantage of Costco’s White-Glove Delivery

Mattress types such as innerspring and latex or bulky ones aren’t very easy to set up in your bedroom. The good news is that Costco offers white glove delivery on some brands. If the mattress you are buying has this option, do not hesitate to use this feature.

  • Invest in a Bed from a Reputable Brand

Earlier, we did list some of the mattress brands you can find at Costco. Different brands use varying products, and this is why the quality of beds is never the same. A savvy shopper is one who identifies reputable brands and sticks to them. When you shop from a reputable mattress brand, you will get a quality and comfortable bed that will last for years.

Top Costco Mattress Alternatives

The internet is full of mattresses waiting for you to buy them. As popular as Costco mattresses are, there are other brands and sellers worth looking into. Before purchasing a mattress from a particular seller, you must compare them with others. This will give you insight into whether there are better options outside there. After performing in-depth research, we came across the following top Costco mattress alternatives.

#1. Saatva Mattress (Classic)

Also known as the Saatva Classic, this is the most popular mattress from the Saatva brand. For those of you who are familiar with bed brands, Saatva is famous for making luxury mattresses. Their beds comprise natural quality materials, and this brand deals directly with consumers.

When you compare Costco and saatva mattresses, there are a bunch of differences. Most Costco beds come with one firmness option. The Saatva classic is available in three firmness options; firm, luxury firm, and plush soft. With saatva, you can choose between the 11.5 inches option or the 14.5 inches. The ideal pick depends on your preferences. Another difference is that other manufacturers make Costco beds, and Costco is only a wholesaler. Saatva beds are only available on their official website. There are no third parties.

Even though the Saatva mattress costs more than some Costco beds, they are no match for the Saatva Classic in terms of quality and durability. Let us look at the features of the Saatva mattress so that you can understand what we are talking about.

Key Features

  • The Saatva Mattress has three firmness options
  • Hybrid (pocketed coils and foam)
  • Comes with an organic cotton cover

Very few mattresses can offer the same level of comfort as the Saatva Classic. At the top of this bed, you will find an organic cotton cover that is soft and promotes airflow. Beneath it is a comfort layer that contains memory foam, polyfoam, and fiberfill. This allows your body to contour to the surface of the mattress. In the support system, you will find pocketed coils that promote air circulation and makes the bed responsive. This brand gives you the option to choose from three firmness levels, and they offer white glove delivery for all their beds. Considering all these features and advantages, the Saatva mattress is indeed an excellent Costco mattress alternative.

  • Suits a wide range of sleeping positions
  • Comfy and responsive
  • Offers bounce and pressure relief at the same time
  • You can choose the exact firmness preference
  • Doesn’t offer the best motion isolation

#2. Puffy Mattress

Another excellent Costco mattress alternative is Puffy. This bed performs amazingly in motion isolation, pressure relief, and its silent. If you wake up easily when you hear the slightest noise or squeaking of the bed, this is a great choice. It suits side and back sleepers more.

Key Features

  • Polyester cover
  • Two foam comfort layers
  • A high-density firm core support

The cover of the Puffy mattress is breathable. This is thanks to its thinness. Another thing that you should know about it is that it’s removable and stain-resistant. Below the cover are two foam layers; a gel memory foam layer and climate comfort polyfoam. Both improve airflow and offer pressure relief. The remaining part of the 10-inch bed comprises support layers that are resistant to sagging. Unlike the Saatva Classic, the Puffy mattress has a firmness of 5 out of 10. This is the firmness level in all Costco mattresses. It offers excellent motion isolation making it the best bed for couples. As a foam mattress, you will enjoy maximum pressure relief as it conforms to the curves of your body. Puffy is available on their official website. You will not find it in Costco.

  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Hugs the body
  • Decent edge support
  • The air circulation needs improvement

#3. Ghostbed Natural

Has it come to your attention that some Costco mattresses aren’t manufactured using sustainable means? Fortunately, there is an eco-friendly alternative that’s not only safe for the environment but will meet all your sleeping needs. If you are an environmentally conscious shopper, this organic latex hybrid bed should be your top pick. We recommend this bed for hot sleepers, back and side sleepers, couples, and those who suffer from back pain. The biggest difference between Ghostbed and the above two Costco mattress alternatives is that they sell via third parties, including Costco itself.

Key Features

  • Hybrid mattress that contains pocketed coils and natural latex
  • Natural wool cover
  • Medium firmness of 6 out of 10

During the manufacture of this bed, Ghostbed was very keen about its impact on the environment. Nearly all of the materials are from natural sources. It has an organic wool cover that is soft to touch and is a natural flame retardant. The bed features natural Talalay latex which is responsible for the mattress responsiveness. The pocketed coils provide support and promote airflow. The only downside of this bed is it transfers some motion.

  • Contains safe, organic materials
  • Breathable
  • Suits side, back, and combination sleepers
  • Doesn’t contour as much Costco memory foam mattresses

Costco Mattress Buying Experience (Online vs. In-store)

From our review, have you seen a particular Costco mattress that interests you? Are you wondering where to buy it? Costco offers its clients two options. You can buy their beds online or visit their store. Both options have their pros and cons. If you aren’t familiar with either, here is an overview of the experiences you are likely to get.

Costco Online Mattresses Shopping Experience

Costco online mattress shopping is convenient and fast. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience. All you have to do is navigate to their website. Upon opening their official website, Costco will present a wide range of mattress brands. These are available in different sizes and styles. To help you look for the ideal bed, they provide a search filter. In this filter, you can tailor your search to certain mattress types, sizes, and brands. They go the extra mile of providing filter options of mattress composition and firmness. These are features that you will never see anywhere, and they help you find a bed that suits your preferences.

After selecting these filters, Costco will list some mattresses that meet your criteria. It is up to you to choose which mattress seems to be best for you. They provide you with various details about beds in the description. This includes reviews and shipping information.

The main benefit of shopping online is that you can access a wide range of beds that may not be available at your local store. The online space is quite vast, and unlike physical stores that run out of space, at, you can compare hundreds of mattresses at

Online is the best place for you to start shopping for a Costco bed. The only drawback is that you can’t physically try out a mattress before buying it. To do that, you must head to the store. Anyway, this isn’t such a big deal since Costco beds do come with a trial period. Moreover, you should do enough research before buying a mattress. This helps you avoid buying the wrong thing.

Costco In-store Shopping Experience

Do you prefer the traditional mattress shopping experience? Costco doesn’t deny you this as well. They have plenty of chain stores all over the country, and you can head to the one closest to you and have a look at the mattresses in stock. Remember, Costco doesn’t only sell beds. They do have over 4,000 items in stock. Therefore, the number of mattresses available at your nearest store won’t be many. As a result, you won’t have access to their entire catalog. It is why we are recommending you check out their website first.

The Costco in-store shopping experience is helpful. You will find beds in a section that has a lot of floor space. This creates the perfect environment for you to try out as many mattresses as you can. Costco sales agents aren’t nagging, unlike those in regular mattress stores, and won’t force you to choose a particular bed over another. This probably has to do more with the fact that it’s not a mattress-only store. Depending on what kind of shopper you are, you can choose to do it online or in person.

Costco Online Alternatives

For some reason, you may not be in the mood to visit one of their stores or shop from their online store. The reason could be; your mattress brand isn’t available at your nearest Costco store or website. Or, there are certain features that Costco mattresses do not offer. Here are some online alternatives worth exploring.

  • – As a leading luxury mattress brand, sells quality, comfy and durable beds. You can visit their website and check out some of their best-selling mattresses, such as the Saatva Classic, Loom & Leaf, and Zenhaven.
  • – In case the Costco memory foam mattresses don’t seem to offer enough pressure relief, you can explore various options from this mattress brand.
  • – Do you prefer a mattress that is chemical-free and only contains organic materials? Avocado Green Mattress makes the safest and comfiest beds in the market.

Are Costco Mattresses Available in All Sizes?

Remember, Costco isn’t the manufacturer of these beds. They are just retailers. They, therefore, stock what they get from mattress manufacturers. Most mattress brands make beds in every size ranging from crib to Alaskan king. Most beds, however, start at twin and go all the way to California king. Whether you are looking for a queen-size mattress, full-size mattress, or king-size mattress, you can get them all at Costco.

To get the Costco mattress size that you want, just select it from the size filter. The other option is to Google the following phrases;

  • King-size mattress Costco
  • Queen-size Costco mattress
  • Full-size Costco mattress

From these search phrases, you should get results that directly send you to the Costco website, which will contain a list of full, queen, or king-size Costco mattresses. If you were wondering, you could also get a Costco mattress in a box.

Popular Mattress Brands that Aren’t Available at Costco

Despite being so popular, not all mattress brands sell their products via third-party companies. They prefer to deal with their customers directly. This is the main reason why you may not find some mattress brands at Costco. To help you avoid spending endless hours searching through Costco pages, here are popular mattress brands that you won’t find at Costco. This information will help you save valuable time that would have otherwise been spent looking for a bed that isn’t available at Costco.

  • Saatva – If you look up Saatva mattress Costco, you won’t find any results. However, if you search for the terms Casper mattress Costco, you will see many options. This happens because Costco doesn’t stock Saatva, but it does have Casper mattresses.
  • Nectar – This is also the same case if you look up Nectar mattress Costco on your browser. There will be no results. But if you search for Simmons mattress Costco, the first thing you will see is their medium gel memory foam. It’s because Nectar isn’t available.
  • Purple – You also can’t find a Purple mattress at Costco, but they sell Sealy mattresses.

How much do Costco mattresses cost?

Costco sell mattresses at a wide range of price points, from the very cheap to premium, luxury products. At the time of writing, their prices range from just $349.99 to $4,999.99 for a queen size. This means that almost everybody should be able to find a Costco mattress to suit their budget.

Bear in mind that you will need to be a Costco member to shop online or in one of their bricks-and-mortar locations. If you don’t already have membership, you will need to factor the membership fee into the overall cost if you decide to buy a mattress from Costco. Memberships begin at $60.

Costco Mattress Range and Construction

Retail warehouse giant Costco are not a mattress manufacturer. Instead, they stock a range of mattresses from various popular brands. In this section, we’ll explain the key details you need to know about each manufacturer to help you make the best selection for you.


Costco stocks gel memory foam and hybrid mattresses from popular mattress brand Beautyrest. Their all-foam option features a supportive core made from high-density polyfoam and comfort layers made from cooling gel memory foam. Their hybrid mattress combines a supportive innerspring core with gel memory foam upper layers. Additionally, Beautyrest manufacture adjustable beds which are also sold through Costco.

Beautyrest mattresses generally perform well when it comes to sleeping cool. In particular, their hybrid mattresses have breathable innerspring cores and gel memory foam upper layers which can wick heat away from your body while you sleep. These mattresses also provide a good level of support and pressure relief. However, it’s worth noting that some customers have complained that Beautyrest mattresses are less durable and sag more quickly than some comparable brands.

Beautyrest mattresses are available in Plush, Medium and Firm. Which one you choose depends on factors such as your body weight and sleep position. We’ll explain more about how to decide which firmness is right for you later in the article.


Blackstone are an affordable foam mattress brand sold exclusively through Costco. They may be a good option for customers on very tight budgets as they provide a good level of comfort for the price you pay.

Blackstone mattresses are all medium firm, which is sometimes called universal comfort. This makes them a good option for combi sleepers and couples with differing sleep needs. However, if you require a different mattress firmness, a Blackstone mattress won’t be right for you.

You should also be aware that Blackstone mattresses, like many similar products, sleep relatively hot because of the close structure of their foams. They also produce significant off-gassing when you first unpack them, although this should dissipate after a few days.

Brentwood Home

Brentwood home produce a wide range of mattresses as part of several collections. These feature all-foam, latex foam hybrid and foam hybrid mattresses. They are a luxury brand which focuses on using high-quality materials. Many of their mattresses feature natural and organic materials, making them an eco-friendly choice. All their mattresses are made by hand in California.

Brentwood Home also produce a vegan mattress called the Crystal Cove. This is a hybrid option that combines a supportive innerspring core with conforming foam comfort layers for extra pressure relief. It’s dual sided, which allows you to flip the mattress to choose between a plush and a firm side depending on your individual needs. The supportive core is zoned to provide extra support in key areas. Therefore, it’s a very good choice for people with back pain. However, some customers have complained about the durability of Brentwood Home mattresses.


Broyhill manufacture hybrid mattresses combining supportive innerspring cores with foam comfort layers. These beds are mid-range in terms of price and are generally highly rated for comfort. However, some sleepers have reported a lack of durability in the Broyhill range.


The Casper is a popular online all-foam mattress model. It has four layers which work together to provide a good balance of support and pressure relief.

The comfort layers are made from memory foam which is a little more responsive than standard memory foam, which gives good pressure relief but has a little more bounce. The transitional layer is made from polyfoam. This layer is zoned to provide extra support and pressure relief exactly where you need it, which makes it a good option for people with back or joint pain. The bottom layer is made from high-density polyfoam which provides a good level of support for your back. Unlike many comparable brands, the Casper comes with a removeable and washable cover.

Bear in mind that the Casper mattress will produce a harmless off-gassing smell when you first unpack it which will fade over time.


ComfortTech sell two mattress options, the Aurora and the Serene. Both are all-foam options. The Aurora mattress is a medium option and combines a dense foam core layer with two conforming foam comfort layers. This mattress is generally agreed to offer good pressure relief, although it may not be supportive enough for stomach and back sleepers or those with higher body weights.

The Serene mattress comes in medium or firm and has a dense polyfoam base. Unlike the Aurora, it has just one conforming comfort layer. Although it provides good pressure relief, there have been reports of the Serene mattress sagging prematurely.

ComfortTech mattresses have low price tags, so they could be a good choice if you are shopping on a very tight budget. However, as there are question marks over the durability of these mattresses, they may not be the best choice for people looking for a long-term option. You should also be aware that ComfortTech mattresses sleep warm, as is common with all-foam mattresses.


Dormeo are European mattresses which use a support system known as Octaspring®. This system uses coils made from foam, which provide a similar level of support to metal innersprings without some of the downsides such as squeaking and motion transfer.

The Dormeo model sold through Costco is Medium Firm (or universal comfort). This should suit most people reasonably well, making it a good choice for combi sleepers and couples. However, some buyers have reported durability issues. There is also some off gassing when you first unpack the mattress.

Drexel Heritage

Drexel Heritage produce hybrid mattresses which combine an innerspring core with foam comfort layers. These mattresses are all firm, so they are a good choice if you know you require firmer support. Drexel Heritage mattresses are 15 inches thick, significantly thicker than most other hybrid bed options. Therefore, they are ideal for people with heavier body weights and those who require a higher-profile bed, such as people with mobility issues.

Drexel Heritage mattresses have high price points, placing them firmly at the luxury end of the market.


Ghostbed produce all-foam and innerspring mattress options. Their mattresses are classified as either Medium or Medium Firm, which means they should suit the vast majority of sleeping styles.

Ghostbed feature cooling foam layers in their mattresses. Their popular Flex and Matrix models also offer zoned support, which makes them a good choice for people with painful back or joint conditions.

You should be aware that Costco do not stock the full range of Ghostbed mattresses. Some of the more recent additions to their range are only sold through the Ghostbed company website.


Novaform sell a wide range of all-foam mattresses. These combine a supportive base layer of polyfoam with conforming comfort layers to provide good pressure relief. They come in a range of firmness options, so most people should be able to find a Novaform mattress to suit their needs. They are also very reasonably priced, which allows customers to get a high-quality foam bed on a budget. Novaform mattresses are generally well reviewed by both customers and experts.

It’s worth noting that some Novaform models sleep relatively hot, which could be an issue for some people. However, some of their models feature gel-infused memory foam in the top layers which helps to wick away heat while you sleep. Some also have convoluted polyfoam transitional layers which helps to make the bed more breathable.


Sealy is a well-known mattress brand, and their popular Posturepedic range is sold by Costco. Posturepedic mattresses are available in innerspring, memory foam and hybrid forms. You can select between Plush and Firm depending on your needs.

Posturepedic mattresses are made using the brand’s own Posturepedic Technology™. This means that there is reinforced support around the lumbar area, which helps to guide your spine into a healthy alignment while you sleep. Therefore, Posturepedic mattresses can be a good choice for people with back pain. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that some people have complained of sagging and failure of the foams to decompress after you sleep on them.

Sleep Science

Sleep Science sell a range of latex and memory foam mattresses in a range of firmness options. These have conforming upper layers which provide a good level of pressure relief. They are sold at a highly competitive price point, making them better value than many other brands of a similar quality.

However, Sleep Science mattresses are not as durable as some comparable brands and can lose support over time. So, they may be best as a temporary fix or for children or those with very light body weights.

Spring Air

Spring Air are a well-established mattress brand and have been trading since 1926. They produce relatively affordable hybrid mattresses across various ranges. These have supportive innerspring cores with conforming comfort layers made from latex or memory foam. They could be a good choice for people who want the benefits of a hybrid mattress but are shopping on a tight budget.

Most Spring Air customers are initially satisfied with the feel and comfort of their mattresses. However, there have been concerns about their durability over the long term.


Tempur-Pedic are probably the most well-known memory foam mattress manufacturer on the market today. They produce premium memory foam and hybrid mattresses which provide a good balance of support and pressure relief in a full range of firmness options.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are highly durable and are well-known for providing outstanding motion isolation. Some of their more basic models may sleep hot, while others are specially engineered to sleep as cool as possible. As they have very high price tags, they are not suitable for shoppers on a tight budget.

Which Costco mattress should I choose?

With such an overwhelming range available, it can be hard to know which Costco mattress brand you should choose. However, we have some tips to make narrowing down your choices a little easier.

The first thing you should consider is your budget. By figuring how much you can reasonably afford to spend on a mattress, this should help narrow down the range of brands and models you have to consider significantly. Ideally, you should spend as much as you can afford to get the best mattress possible without overstretching yourself financially.

After that, you need to figure out which type of mattress would suit you best. All have their pros and cons, so which one you ultimately plump for will depend on your needs and preferences. The types you have to choose from if you’re shopping from Costco are:

Innerspring: This is the most commonly used type of mattress. They are very supportive and generally sleep cool. They are also the bounciest type of mattress, which many people like. However, innerspring mattresses don’t tend to isolate motion very well, and the springs can start to squeak over time.

Foam: Mattresses made from polyfoam are more responsive than memory foam but are lighter than innerspring mattresses. They get their support from a dense base layer. Polyfoam mattresses are generally reasonably inexpensive, but they often lack edge support and tend to sleep hot.

Memory foam: Memory foam mattresses have the ability to conform closely to the shape of your body, relieving pressure very well on your joints. They give a deep, hugging sensation which some people like more than others. Memory foam tends to sleep hot, although many mattress manufacturers nowadays are carefully engineering their memory foam beds to help them sleep cooler.

Gel memory foam: Mattresses featuring gel foam in the upper layer provide the same benefits of memory foam mattresses. However, the gel particles help to transfer heat away from your body while you sleep. Therefore, they may be suitable for people who want to sleep cool but also want the contouring benefits of memory foam.

Latex: Mattresses made from latex foam are naturally hypoallergenic and very supportive. Latex foam can contour to your body in a similar manner to memory foam, which helps them to provide excellent pressure relief. However, unlike memory foam, latex is breathable. So, these mattresses are a good option for people who sleep hot.

Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses generally combine a supportive innerspring core with one or more types of conforming foam to give good pressure relief. Therefore, they provide a ‘best of both worlds’ compromise between the support and breathability of innersprings and the pressure relief of memory foam.

The final major factor to take into account when choosing a Costco mattress is firmness. Mattress firmness is ranked on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Brands sold by Costco make mattresses in the full range of firmness options. However, not every mattress model comes in all firmness ratings. Some, like the Casper for example, only have one firmness setting. So, it’s important to make sure your chosen mattress brand makes their beds in a firmness that suits you. In general, side sleepers require a medium-soft or medium mattress to allow the side of their body to sink in and relieve pressure. Back and front sleepers usually require firmer support. However, bear in mind that body weight has a role to play as well. Lighter individuals may need a softer mattress, while people with high body weights usually need the support of a firmer mattress.

When you’re buying a mattress at Costco, you should also take durability into account. Many (although not all) of the brands stocked by Costco have received criticism when it comes to durability. This may not be an issue for you if you need a mattress on a budget and aren’t so concerned about longevity, or if you’re buying a guest bed mattress. However, if you’re hoping to use your mattress long-term, you should avoid the less durable brands.

Where Can I Buy The Best Costco Mattress?

You can buy some mattress models online through Costco’s website. Alternatively, you can visit one of their many bricks-and-mortar stores nationwide to try out and purchase a range of mattresses. You can find your nearest Costco by visiting the company website and entering your zip code in their ‘find a warehouse’ tool.

Shipping Information

The type of shipping used for Costco mattresses depends on which model you order. Some all-foam mattresses are sent via UPS or Fed-Ex using ‘bed-in-a-box’ shipping, which means that they are sent compressed in compact packaging. This makes it easier to move your mattress around your home and into your bedroom. However, you will need to allow up to 72 hours for your mattress to decompress before you can sleep on it.

Other mattresses are delivered through Costco’s white glove delivery service. If you choose an innerspring or hybrid mattress, it will probably come with white glove delivery as these types of bed are unsuitable for compressed packaging. This means that your mattress will be set up in your home for you.

You can check to find out whether mattresses come with compressed or white glove delivery by checking the online item listing. Both shipping options are included in the overall price. Depending on which product you select, you may be eligible to take advantage of Costco’s old mattress removal service for an additional fee.

Shipping times vary. You can check the current shipping times for your chosen mattress by checking the individual online product listing.


Warranty lengths and terms for Costco mattresses vary widely. This is because warranties are provided by the mattress manufacturers instead of Costco themselves. Therefore, you should check out the individual manufacturer’s warranty terms before you buy. We recommend looking for a warranty of at least 10 years, which is the industry average and provides cover for the expected lifespan of your mattress. However, many brands offer much longer warranties than this.


Costco have a ‘Member Satisfaction Policy’, which applies to all mattresses sold by the company. This means that you can return the mattress at any time for a full refund. You may read the Full Costco mattress return policy here.

Buy a Costco Mattress If:

  • You want to try before you buy

Costco have many bricks-and-mortar stores nationwide, so you will almost certainly have a branch near you. This is a major selling point of Costco mattresses for many people who want to experience the mattress first-hand before they commit to a purchase.

  • Simple returns are important to you

Costco apply an extremely generous return policy to their mattresses called their ‘Member Satisfaction Policy’. This means that you can return the mattress at any point for a full refund. So, buying a mattress from Costco is a low-risk option.

  • You want a wide range of choice

Costco sell an impressively wide variety of mattresses in a full range of firmness options. These include innerspring, gel, memory foam and hybrid mattresses, and adjustable beds. They also stock mattresses at a wide variety of price points, so there should be a Costco mattress to suit all sleep needs and budgets.

Advantages for Shopping Mattresses from

  • Costco stores are located all over the country

Did you know that there are more than 500 Costco stores in the US? This means that there will always be a Costco store near you, irrespective of where you live. This makes it very easy for you to get your hands on the perfect mattress. Unlike other stores that require you to drive for hours, you can easily visit the nearest Costco and look at the various options.

  • You can choose between online and in-person mattress shopping experience

At Costco, they do not limit your mattress shopping experience. Most mattress sellers either offer in-person or online shopping. Costco offers you both. You can either drive into one of their stores, compare various mattress brands. Get to actually feel the mattress by sleeping on it before buying it. Physically testing a bed is a sure way of confirming that you are making the right choice.

This wholesaler also gives you the option to buy their mattresses online. Suppose you prefer the convenience of online mattress shopping. In that case, all you have to do is navigate to their site, filter the type of mattress preferences you want and go through a comprehensive list of the best Costco mattresses. When shopping for a Costco mattress online, they include all the details of the bed in the description so that you can know the features, pros, and cons.

  • They stock a variety of mattresses

The number of mattress brands available at Costco are many. Therefore, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of options. With so many options to choose from, you are sure that you will get a suitable bed that meets your sleeping needs. At Costco, you will find reputable brands and big names in the mattress industry. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about quality.

  • Clients enjoy white glove delivery

You can only find this mode of delivery from high-end mattress brands. When you buy a mattress from Costco, however, certain brands offer customers white glove delivery. This is very different from the usual delivery whereby a bed is dropped off at your door, and you are left to get it inside. It entails delivery and installation in your bedroom by Costco’s bed exerts. If you wish, they can also remove the old mattress and discard it for you.

  • Costco membership grants you many offers and discounts

If there is a store that is always giving their clients offers and discounts is Costco. If you subscribe to their membership, all these discounts and offers are made available to you. As a result, you will save a lot of money when buying a bed.

  • Their mattresses are available in all price ranges

When shopping for a bed, everyone usually has a budget in mind. Costco mattresses can accommodate all budgets. If you have a higher budget, you can get a luxurious mattress for as much as $2000 or $3000. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can get a bed for as little as $300.

  • It’s a Genuine Store

If you visit their website, you will realize that Costco is a genuine wholesaler. In the product description, you will find features that are present in the mattress. If you scroll to the reviews, you will find authentic reviews by real customers. You will find even the most negative reviews. They do not delete anything. Thanks to this openness, potential clients gain useful insight regarding various mattresses.

  • An excellent return policy

If there is a problem with a Costco mattress, just contact customer support, and they will advise you on how to return it. Costco has got one of the best return policies. Remember, these policies differ from one mattress brand to another. Always go through the terms before buying a bed.

How to Complete a Costco Mattress Purchase?

The process of completing a purchase at a Costco physical store is straightforward. After identifying the mattress, let the sales agents know, pay for it, and organize how you can take it home. This is if the bed doesn’t feature white glove delivery. On the other hand, completing a Costco mattress purchase online is way easier. Below is a step by step guide;

Step 1 – You must have a Costco account to make a purchase. Register first. But if you are a Costco member, you can go straight ahead. You can indicate whether you are a member or not during registration.

Step 2 – Navigate to the mattresses category. There you will see a lot of filters you can either shop for a mattress by size, firmness, brand, or composition. If you have a particular bed in mind, look for it directly by typing the name on the search bar.

Step 3 – When you spot the perfect Costco bed, add it to cart. Select the quantity and then click on view cart.

Step 4 – In the Cart icon at the top right corner, click on it and proceed to checkout.

Step 5 – You will have to provide your payment and shipping details before reviewing your order.

Step 6 – When you confirm the above, place the order and await a confirmation email. It should include the order summary and tracking number, which you can use to see the progress of your mattress delivery. It should arrive as per Costco’s delivery schedule, which ranges from four to six weeks.


If you’re still hungry to find out more about Costco’s range of mattresses, you’re not the only one. Our readers frequently get in touch to ask us questions about Costco mattresses. Here are some of our top FAQs.

Q: What type of mattress do Costco sell?

A: Costco sell a wide range of mattresses from different manufacturers. These include innerspring, polyfoam, memory foam, gel, hybrid and latex mattresses. They also sell adjustable beds.

Q: Are Costco mattresses suitable for side sleepers?

A: The answer to this question depends on which brand and model you select, as Costco don’t make their own mattresses. In general, side sleepers are most likely to feel comfortable sleeping on a medium soft to medium mattress, although many will also find a medium firm mattress suitable. Ideally, you should look for a mattress that can conform to and relieve pressure on the side of your body. Memory foam, gel, latex and hybrid mattresses are great for this.

Q: How firm are Costco mattresses?

A: Costco sell mattresses made by various manufacturers in a full range of firmness options. However, not all makes and models come in every firmness. You will need to check the individual listing of the product you’re interested in.

Q: What are the Costco mattress thickness measurements?

A: Costco mattresses come in a wide range of thicknesses because they stock a variety of brands. You’ll need to check the product listing on their website for individual specifications.

Q: Do Costco mattresses sleep cool?

A: This depends on which brand or model you select from Costco’s range. In general, innerspring, latex and hybrid mattresses tend to sleep the coolest. However, some memory foam brands stocked by Costco are specially engineered to sleep cool.

Q: How long do I need to wait before sleeping on a Costco mattress?

A: If your mattress is an innerspring or hybrid that comes with white glove delivery, you can sleep on it right away. However, foam mattresses delivered in bed-in-a-box packaging require up to 72 hours to fully expand before you can sleep on them.

Q: How durable are Costco mattresses?

A: Some of the brands sold by Costco have been the subject of complaints concerning lack of durability. We’ve mentioned this under the brand subheading earlier in the article if concerns have been raised about a certain mattress. However, many brands stocked by Costco have good lifespans and could last upwards of 10 years with proper care.

Q: Do Costco mattresses produce an off-gassing smell?

A: If you buy a mattress from Costco with elements made from polyfoam or memory foam, they will produce a harmless smell when you remove the packaging. This is typical of these types of beds. The smell shouldn’t last longer than a few days if you allow the mattress to air out.

Q: What is the Costco returns policy?

A: Costco have an extremely generous returns policy which allows customers to return their mattress at any time for a full refund. This is unusual for mattress retailers and is a major benefit of shopping through Costco.

Q: Which frames are compatible with Costco mattresses?

A: Which frame or foundation you should use depends on the brand and model you select. You can check the product-specific information on the Costco website listing for the mattress you’re interested in.

The bottom line

Many shoppers prefer shopping for a mattress at Costco because of their widespread availability, large amount of choice, reasonable prices and excellent returns policy. Most people should be able to find a mattress at Costco that suits them well.

However, we always recommend looking at a range of makes and models before settling on a particular mattress including those sold exclusively online. Otherwise, you could miss out on a mattress that’s perfect for you. You can check out detailed reviews of a huge variety of mattresses right here at Sleep Aim.

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