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7.9 Overall Score






Motion Transfer


Pressure Relief


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Best For

Thanks to the pressure relief and support capabilities of the Casper, it can alleviate back pain

It’s conducive for average weight back sleepers

Great for couples because of the excellent motion isolation features


It’s not firm for sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds

Stomach sleepers will find the Casper too soft

Casper mattresses seem to sag prematurely

Our Verdict

Casper makes both memory foam and hybrid mattresses. As a sleeper, you can choose between pressure relief and support. These beds are known to stand out when it comes to delivering comfort. There are some complaints about durability, but if you invest in the correct box spring, it should serve you for several years.

The Casper mattress range is popular with people who want an affordable memory foam bed in a box. However, the company also makes two premium hybrid mattresses, the Nova and the Wave, that come with a higher price tag. All three beds have good user and expert reviews, including from the team here at Sleep Aim.

Reddit is an excellent source of honest, unbiased mattress reviews from real-life customers that can help you decide whether a bed is right for you. However, trawling through the site to find the information you need can be time-consuming. Help is at hand because our team has spent many hours searching the Reddit forums for Casper mattress reviews to give you the information you need in an instant.

While the Reddit mattress reviews are generally positive, they also point out some downsides with this brand that you should be aware of. In this article, we’ll reveal everything that Reddit has to say about the Casper range, both positive and negative, to help you make the correct decision.

Casper Mattress Range

Casper is an American company that makes affordable, bed-in-a-box mattresses. There are three mattresses in the range, and all of them are memory foam or hybrid options. You can read more about the Casper mattress range below.

Casper Original

The Casper Original is the company’s flagship product and the most affordable mattress in the range. It is medium firm and suitable for all sleeping styles, although it may feel a little too firm for lighter side sleepers. The mattress measures 11 inches thick, slightly thicker than average for a memory foam mattress.

This mattress comes with a supportive memory foam or innerspring base depending on whether you choose the foam or hybrid version. The innerspring core on the hybrid has a reinforced foam perimeter that makes the mattress more durable and provides extra edge support.

Next comes a transitional layer made from zoned memory foam. It offers extra softness around the shoulders and legs with firmer support around the lumbar region. The top layer features adaptable memory foam that can mold to your body shape and relieve pressure. It has built-in perforated air channels that make the mattress more breathable and help keep you cool.

Nova Hybrid

The Nova Hybrid is the newest mattress in Casper’s range. It has a medium firm feel that should feel comfortable in any position, but it may feel a little too foam for side sleepers with low body weights. It measures 12 inches thick, enough to support heavier individuals.

Like other Casper hybrid mattresses, the Nova Hybrid starts with a layer of supportive innersprings coiled with foam reinforcement around the perimeter. This reinforcement improves the mattress’s lifespan and prevents sagging. It also increases edge support, so you shouldn’t feel like you’re about to roll out of bed when you lie on the edge.

Next comes a transitional foam layer with seven separate support zones. This layer reduces pressure around the shoulders while offering more robust support for your lumbar region.

The comfort system features two layers of perforated, breathable AirScape foam. This system prevents heat buildup while you sleep. It can also adapt to the shape of your body to stop uncomfortable pressure in its tracks.

Wave Hybrid

The Wave Hybrid mattress is a premium product and significantly more expensive than the previous models. It scores around 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, so it’s a tiny bit softer than the original. However, it should feel comfortable for most people. It is thicker than average with a 13-inch profile, making it supportive enough for people with high body weights.

The Casper Wave Hybrid starts with a layer of supportive innersprings. This layer has foam reinforcement around the perimeter to add extra edge support and make it more durable to prevent sagging. Next comes a zoned support foam layer. This layer has additional gel pods around the midsection to offer decent back support.

The Wave Hybrid has a transitional layer made from supportive, zoned memory foam. This layer is softer around the shoulders and legs to relieve pressure while offering firmer support in the middle around your lower back.

The comfort system features two layers of ventilated AirScape memory foam that relieves pressure while keeping you cool. The top layer has a heat-wicking gel coating.

All Casper mattresses come with a 10-year warranty, which is the average length in the mattress industry. The policy protects against splits and cracks in the foam and indentations deeper than 1 inch. However, it doesn’t cover natural softening. The mattresses also come with a 100-day sleep trial so that you can test your new bed out. If you don’t like it, you can return it free for a full, quibble-free refund. Shipping is also free.

All the foams used in Casper mattresses are Certi-Pur certified. This means that they passed a rigorous, independent testing process to check that they don’t contain harmful levels of any chemical that could cause health problems. Therefore, you can be sure that the Casper range is safe and healthy to sleep on.

Casper Mattress Reviews According To Reddit Users

Now that you understand about the Casper mattress range, it’s time to find out what Redditors have to say on the subject. In this section, we’ll explore both the positive and negative Casper Reddit mattress reviews, including information on comfort, delivery, and returns.


We trawled a considerable number of Reddit mattress reviews, and the overall consensus seems to be that the Casper mattress is comfortable and high-quality. The reviewers who like the Casper mattress most often mentioned its firmness and responsiveness. This reflects the description on Casper’s website and our own assessment of the bed. The Casper mattress is medium firm and doesn’t give the ‘sinking into quicksand’ feeling that you often get from other memory foam beds. According to Reddit, the Casper mattress has a true medium firm and comfortable feel.

As you can see from the comments above, Reddit reviewers mention that the Casper Hybrid sleeps cool. This is unsurprising as hybrid mattresses have breathable structures that allow heat to escape while you sleep. Some reviews also say that the memory foam model prevents overheating effectively, which is excellent news if you enjoy the sensation of memory foam but hate the heat that tends to come with it. Overheating can seriously impact your comfort and sleep quality, so it’s great that the Casper appears to offer a solution.

However, it’s important to know that not every Reddit reviewer found the Casper mattress comfortable. Some people, like the following reviewers, found the Casper mattress too firm. As we mentioned above, the Casper mattress is a relatively responsive medium firm bed, so it may feel too hard if you have a lighter bodyweight and sleep on your side. You also may not like it if you love the cradling sensation of more adaptable memory foam comfort layers. No mattress will suit all sleepers, so it’s essential to be sure that a medium firm mattress is right for your sleep style before you commit.

Conversely, some people found the Casper mattress range too soft, especially the Casper Wave hybrid. This disparity of opinion goes to show how subjective mattress comfort really is.

You’ll notice that some of the Casper Reddit reviewers that didn’t enjoy sleeping on the mattress found that it caused back pain. As many people find the bed comfortable, this could be because a medium firm mattress like the Casper didn’t suit these reviewers’ sleep needs. Any mattress could cause back pain if it’s the wrong firmness or construction for your sleeping position or sleep needs.

Overall, from the Casper mattress reviews we read on Reddit, we can conclude that the mattress is comfortable and cool as long as it suits your sleep needs. In general, we recommend it for any sleeping position as long as you have an average or higher body weight. However, if you favor a soft mattress or enjoy a deep sinking sensation, you may be better off with a different brand.


When it comes to mattress durability, the Reddit Casper reviews are a mixed bag. Some people say that their mattresses lasted many years without sagging, like the reviewers below. However, one reviewer did report a broken cover zip. We didn’t find any other reviews that mentioned zipper problems, so it doesn’t sound like this is a common issue with the Casper mattress range.

However, some reviewers said that their Casper mattresses sagged prematurely. Sagging is a problem because it negatively affects comfort and stops the bed from supporting your body correctly, leading to back and joint pain. There weren’t many reviews that mentioned sagging, so we can conclude that the Casper range is reasonably durable for the price, although possibly not as long-lasting as some of its more expensive competitors.

You can stop your Casper mattress from sagging by rotating it regularly to prevent excessive wear and tear in one area. We don’t recommend flipping it because it has a single-sided structure. If the worst happens and your mattress sags, all three Casper beds come with a 10-year warranty that covers indentations deeper than 1-inch. It also covers cracked or split foam. However, the warranty doesn’t protect against the natural softening of the foam over time.


All Casper mattresses come with free delivery to the contiguous United States. You will have to pay an additional charge if you live in Alaska or Hawaii. You can get same-day delivery in some regions of New York and LA. In-home setup is also available for an additional cost, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

According to Reddit users, there are currently longer waits for Casper mattress delivery than those stated at checkout.

As you can see from the reviews above, some people are waiting close to a month to get their new mattress. While this situation is far from ideal, it seems to be a common theme with online mattress retailers at the moment. As the commenter below explains, these delays are likely down to staffing problems caused by the current coronavirus outbreak.

Some customers with delayed deliveries mention that Casper gave them a partial refund as a goodwill gesture. This is a nice touch and indicates that Casper takes the inconvenience to customers seriously. It also sounds like Casper customer service is responsive to delivery concerns and keeps people informed about their delivery difficulties.

However, it’s worth pointing out that not all customers have delayed deliveries due to coronavirus. This customer ordered recently and received their mattress very promptly.

Overall, it sounds like there are delivery problems with Casper mattresses during the pandemic, although these issues aren’t particular to Casper. Many online mattress retailers are taking longer than usual to complete customer orders and send them out. However, if you need a new bed very quickly, you should consider buying from a brick-and-mortar shop with a range of beds already in stock.

Customer Service

Casper has a decent range of customer support options on the website, and you can contact the company via email or live chat. Unlike many other online mattress retailers, there’s also a customer support hotline. You can also book an online virtual consultation with a customer service rep, which offers a good level of convenience.

Generally, aside from delivery problems, we didn’t find many complaints about Casper customer service. One customer mentioned very long waiting times for responses. However, as they were trying to get in touch around the Labor Day sales period, Casper’s customer service may have been temporarily overstretched.

However, most customers received timely responses to queries, like the reviewer below. This reflects our experiences with Casper customer services, as we’ve always received relatively quick answers to our questions.

Overall, we didn’t find anything in the Reddit Casper mattress reviews to cause serious customer service concerns.


Casper offers a 100-night sleep trial on mattresses, pillows, and bedding, which is slightly more generous than the industry standard of 90 days. The trial starts from the day of purchase and includes free returns if you don’t like your new bed. If you choose to return the mattress for any reason, Casper arranges a courier to collect it from your home, and you don’t need to repack it. The company says that it will try to donate unwanted mattresses to good causes or recycle them where this is impossible. Casper will then refund you fully to your original payment method.

While there aren’t many reviews concerning returns, customers who mention returning a Casper mattress seem to be happy with their experience. It sounds like the returns process is as described on the website.

While some people are skeptical about online mattress retailers’ claims that they successfully donate unwanted mattresses, we found a few reviews that verified that this is the case with Casper.

As you can see from the post above, in this case, Casper arranged for a local charity to pick up the mattress from the customer instead of sending a courier. It’s great to hear that Casper returns go to a good cause instead of landfill, so it’s a good company if you want to make ethical purchases.

Casper Mattress Contains Fiberglass

Our team researched and found that this mattress contains fiberglass. The fiberglass is located beneath the mattress cover. We have written an in-depth article about Casper mattress fiberglass here.


Do you still have questions about the Casper mattress? You’re in the right place. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, along with our expert opinion.

Q: Does the Casper mattress sag?

A: The Casper mattress is relatively durable for a memory foam mattress, so sagging is less likely than with some comparable brands. However, as you can see from the Reddit Casper reviews, these beds do sometimes sag. Fortunately, the 10-year warranty protects you if the mattress develops indents deeper than 1 inch. You can avoid your bed sagging too quickly by rotating it regularly to prevent excessive wear and tear in a single area.

Q: Is Casper worth the money?

A: Casper mattresses are relatively affordable but feature high-quality materials. Most people will find Casper mattresses comfortable, although you should consider your personal preferences and sleeping style before buying one. Overall, we think that Casper mattresses are worth the cost.

Q: Is the Casper mattress good for side sleepers?

A: Casper mattresses are comfortable in any sleeping position, including sleeping on your side. This is because it can conform to your body shape to stop painful pressure around your shoulders and hips. However, because the original Casper mattress is medium firm, side sleepers may feel too hard with lower body weights.

Q: Why does my Casper mattress smell?

A: Most memory foam mattresses release an unpleasant odor when you unpack them, and the Casper mattress is no exception. While the smell may bother you, it isn’t harmful. You can get rid of the smell more quickly by airing the bed thoroughly before use.

Q: How long do Casper mattresses last?

A: Casper mattresses should last between 5-10 years of regular use, and you can prolong the lifespan by rotating your mattress a couple of times a year. The beds come with a 10-year warranty in case the mattress develops a problem like sagging too quickly.

Q: Do Casper mattresses have formaldehyde?

A: No, the Casper mattress range doesn’t contain formaldehyde. The foams are Certi-Pur certified, which means that they are rigorously tested to ensure they don’t emit harmful levels of any chemical that could damage your health.

Q: Can you flip a Casper mattress?

A: Casper mattresses have a one-sided design, so you can’t flip them over because you can only sleep on one side. However, you can rotate the mattress regularly to prevent wear and tear.

Q: Are Casper beds made in the USA?

A: Casper mattresses are made in the USA, including all the materials used.

Q: How firm are Casper mattresses?

A: Both the Casper original and Nova hybrid mattresses are medium firm, scoring around 6.5 on the mattress firmness scale. This firmness means that the beds should feel comfortable in any sleeping position, although they may feel a touch too firm for light side sleepers. The Wave Hybrid is a little softer, scoring 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, so it may be a good alternative for side sleepers who find a medium firm mattress too hard.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of positive Reddit Casper mattress reviews. In particular, customers often mention that the Casper range is comfortable and supportive to sleep on. Some reviewers also say that both the memory foam and hybrid models sleep cool, giving them a significant advantage over many competitors. Even customers who didn’t like the mattress mainly said that the returns process was transparent, fair, and straightforward.

However, there were also some negative reviews. Some reviewers found the original Casper mattress too firm for comfort, while others found the Wave Hybrid too soft. In some cases, this led to back pain. However, you should bear in mind that a mattress that’s the incorrect firmness for you could cause back pain. Therefore, we recommend making sure that the Casper range suits your preference and needs before buying to avoid disappointment.

Some customers also mentioned delivery delays. This seems to be a common problem with various mattress companies during the coronavirus pandemic, so hopefully, these issues will get better in the future. While it’s understandable that there may be some delivery delays, you should consider an alternative if you need a new bed urgently.

Overall, we are comfortable recommending the Casper range to our readers based on our own expert knowledge of the brand and the Casper mattress reviews on Reddit. Generally, we feel that the brand offers high quality and decent value for money. However, like any mattress, you should take your sleeping position, body type, and sense of comfort into account before making a purchase.

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