The 5 Biggest Bed Mattresses You Can Buy Online in 2022

Shopping online has to be the most convenient way of buying items. And thankfully, these days, you don’t have to guess which mattress is right for you. Online brands nowadays allow individuals to let you try mattresses at home to know whether it’s a good fit or not. Most companies offer a trial period of some days, so you can test the mattress before buying it.

Now, since we spend a lot of time in our beds, it’s good to pick the right mattress. If you are planning to buy the largest mattress, you’d want to ensure that you are purchasing the best. But with the many brands available, how do you determine the best mattress for you? If you are asking this question, you are in luck as we have done the hard work for you. Having looked at different oversized mattress sizes, we have created the following list of the biggest bed mattresses in 2022.

5 Biggest Bed Mattress Reviews 2022

#1. Saatva HD Mattress – Best Mattress for Large Body (Editor’s Choice)

Saatva HD mattress is marketed under the tagline “luxury comfort for the bigger body.” So you can already tell that it is designed for heavy people. Manufacturers ensured enough pressure relief and support by using memory form, latex, polyfoam, and sturdy steel coils.

So, is the Saatva HD mattress for you? Well, this depends on your preferred sleeping position, body height, and weight. We think that this mattress is a great choice for heavy people. It offers enough lumbar support and has a high level of thickness that ensures durability. However, note that all body types could use this mattress.

We also think it is a good fit for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and combination sleepers. It offers great firmness, pressure relief, and support. Plus, it has an ‘on top’ than ‘in bed’ feel, which is great for switching positions. Let us look at the features of this product;

Key Features

Ventilated Latex: This mattress comes with two comfort layers, with the upper layer being made of Talalay latex. This material is not only durable but also well ventilated to ensure enough airflow. Also, the cover fabric is made of organic cotton that is soft as well as breathable.

Durable Coil Base: The mattress’s bulk and core have a coil system made of thick and strong recycled steel coils. These coils are rated among the thickest available today. Also, manufacturers added wiring on the mattress’s core to ensure more support.

High-Density Support Foam and Encasement: There’s a thin of density polyfoam that prevents hips from touching the steel coils beneath. It also helps keep them stable and reduces motion transfer. Thus, it ensures minimal distraction when sleeping with your partner. Additionally, firm wraps are used around the coils to make the mattress is stable and comfortable.

Durable Memory Foam: Saatva HD uses a high-density memory foam that provides excellent cushioning and pressure relief than the average mattress. As such, you can sleep comfortably for many years on this mattress.

Saatava Mattress Size Dimensions

  • Size Dimensions in inches
  • Twin XL 38 by 80
  • Full 54 by 75
  • Queen 60 by 80
  • King 76 by 80
  • Split king 76 by 80
  • California king 74 by 84
  • Split Californa king 72 by 84


High Firmness Level: Compared to other standard mattresses, this type offers excellent firmness. Well, firmness is highly subjective, and it depends on a person’s size, weight, and preferences. However, the mattress has a solid and traditional innerspring feel. As such, not only does it provide bounce, but also the steel coils also ensure durability. The latex foam and memory foam layers included allow this mattress to offer pleasant comfort.

Great Performance: When searching for a new mattress, most of us only focus on firmness. However, another area that is often overlooked is performance. We tested this mattress’s performance in terms of different sleeping positions and we were impressed. Note that support needed varies in different positions.

For light-back sleepers, the mattress feels quite firm since it is designed for heavy folks. However, some people love the sturdy feel. Generally, the mattress is suitable for heavy sleepers who sleep in different positions. But those who are light or average can also enjoy the support this mattress offers.

Also, the mattress is great for pain relief. We love that it is bouncy making it easy to move around and offers lots of pressure relief.

20 Years Warranty: Saatva HD manufacturers are confident in its durability. However, to give you peace of mind, the mattress is backed with a warranty of 20 years, which is double the industry warranty period. This incredible warranty period shows how durable the mattress is.

Also, we love that it comes with a sleep trial for 180 days, meaning you can return it if you aren’t satisfied with how it feels. The company will organize someone to pick it up, but you’ll pay the transportation fee of $99.


Highly Priced: The mattress prices start from $1574 for the twin size to as high as $3374 for the split king. These prices are double the amount an online hybrid mattress costs. As such, if your budget is small, you may want to look elsewhere.

Unsuitable for Lightweight and Side Sleepers: Note that this mattress was designed for heavy people. Therefore, the top may feel firm for individuals weighing below 130 pounds, regardless of the sleeping position. Additionally, the mattress offers great pressure relief only to side sleepers weighing above 250 pounds.

#2. Puffy Royal California King Bed

If you are looking for a memory foam mattress, you may want to consider the Puffy Royal mattress. With five foam layers, this mattress offers luxury and plushness than most other memory foam mattresses out. It offers an excellent feel, great airflow, and a cooling factor.

Although it is a soft bed, it offers incredible firmness, suitable for those who want a medium to medium-soft feeling bed. Users will feel more aligned and supported on this bed, thanks to its great pressure relief and lots of sink.

It’s a suitable mattress for most side sleepers. But it can also suit back sleepers who love zero gravity. While it allows users to sink in, they do so in a weightless manner. Let’s take a look at its features to help you see whether it is right for you.

Key Features

Exceptional Comfort Layers: This mattress was designed with comfort in mind, seeing that it has four layers of comfort. Each layer ensures that users get great pressure relief and excellent cooling. However, they all work together to create softness, balance, and support.

The top layer uses a cooling memory foam of 1.5 inches, creating excellent heat dispersion and dissipation. Then the next two pressure layers ensure superb contouring, which makes the bed comfortable. The layers are responsive. The last layer features well-cut grooves and channels that ensure perfect airflow and breathability. It also ensures that your body aligns well with the bed and provides a great sleeping posture.

Sturdy Support Layer and Cool Cover: This mattress uses one of the best base foams on the market. It’s 99% responsive and features an Insta firm technology that makes it even more supportive. As such, you can expect longevity and comfort with this mattress.

Also, we love its thick cover that offers a more plush feel. The cover fits this mattress perfectly, hence complementing the feel. It is safe, soft breathable, and stain-resistant.

Puffy Mattress Measurements

  • Size Dimension in inches
  • Twin 39 by 75
  • Twin XL 39 by 80
  • Full 54 by 75
  • Queen 60 by 80
  • King 76 by 80
  • California king 72 by 84


Great Motion Isolation: If you share a bed with your partner, motion isolation is a crucial factor that you shouldn’t ignore. Puffy Royal offers excellent motion isolation, thanks to its five layers. It absorbs all movements, meaning that you’ll not feel it when your partner rolls over or gets out of bed. Plus, the extra thickness and multiple layers of memory foam absorb all vibrations.

Superb Temperature Regulation: >Most all foam and soft mattresses usually hold heat. However, this isn’t the case with the Puffy Royal. Every layer is created by the latest technology to help reduce heat as much as possible while regulating temperature. Its cooling gel memory foam is very rare and pulls heat away.

Excellent Edge Support: Great edge support allows you to utilize the entire sleep surface, including the edges. Thus, you wouldn’t be worried when sleeping on the edge. Also, a solid edge allows you to get in and out quickly, and you’ll not worry about rolling out of the bed. Since Puffy Royal is thick and soft, it offers sturdy edges.


  • Not suitable for heavy people weighing more than 450
  • Expensive- price cost $1795 for a California king Puffy Royal mattress
  • Doesn’t offer the traditional feel of a coil mattress

#3. Helix Plus – Mattress for Plus Size Sleepers

If you are looking for a mattress for a plus-size sleeper, Helix Plus could be your best bet. It is designed for heavy sleepers. The layers of foam and the oils are super reinforced to accommodate the weight of plus-size people while giving them comfort and support.

This mattress is suitable for heavy back sleepers, as it offers great pressure relief. Also, lighter sleepers and those who want to have an ‘in’ than ‘on top of the bed feel can try this mattress.

Key Features

  • 5 Layers of That total to 13inches Thick
  • The mattress has five different layers that enable it to offer extra firmness. Here’s a closer look at the layers of the Helix Plus mattress;
  • Ultra-Dense Memory Foam- it is a high-density foam weighing four pounds. It’s designed to offer maximum support for heavy individuals.
  • Helix Dynamic Foam- it’s like latex foam, but denser.
  • Memory Foam- it’s the transition layer in the mattress and comes with a high indention force deflection to suit large bodies.
  • XL Wrapped Coils- the mattress utilizes these heavy coils rather than the standard ones. As such, it can support heavier folks.
  • DuraDense Foam- it’s the mattress’s base layer.
  • The forms used are certified by CertiPUR- US and OEKO-Tex Standard. Therefore, making the mattress safe to sleep on.

Soft Breathable Mattress Cover

On top of these five layers is a non-removable cover, which features a soft surface and square charcoal sliding. It includes Helix’s Tencel technology that helps increase airflow, hence keeping you cool while sleeping.

Helix Mattress Measurements

  • Size Dimensions in inches
  • Full 54 by 75
  • Queen 60 by 80
  • King 76 by 80
  • California king 72 by 84


Great Motion Isolation: If you share a bed with your partner, you’d want a bed that offers minimal motion transfer. Thankfully, this mattress is designed to reduce partner disturbance. Since the coils are pocketed, it means that they are wrapped individually. Thus, this ensures incredible motion isolation. Plus, the mattress has three layers that readily adsorb motion, preventing it from traveling through the surface.

A Cool Mattress: This hybrid-built mattress offers cool nights of sleep. The steel coils allow excellent heat dissipation and airflow. Plus, the layers are placed strategically to prevent heat absorption. The cover also ensures breathability and airflow, allowing the mattress to regulate heat.

Solid Edge Support: Surrounding the perimeter are reinforced coils, which provide support to the edges. Thus, it’s easier to get in and out of the bed or sit on the edge without worrying.


  • Non-removable cover, which means you can only spot clean.
  • Very expensive
  • Might not suit a lightweight or average sleeper

#4. Alaskan King Bed (Biggest Mattress Size)

The Alaskan king bed is the biggest biggest oversized king bed you can buy. It is a bigger mattress than king-size, measuring 108 by 108 inches. The mattress is suitable for tall sleepers, couples who want more space, or families who co-sleep. It allows enough personal space for each sleeper, and individuals can move in and out without disturbing other sleepers.

Key Features

Combination of Materials: This mattress can come in various materials, hence ensuring excellent softness. These include cooling memory foam gel, which is expensive but offers the best quality, latex that gives a softer feel thanks to its low indentation force deflection, and a high-density poly base that provides a sturdy base to support multiple sleepers.

Exceptional Size: The bed measures 108 by 108 inches. It is the biggest mattress size available today. It’s why it is referred to as a family bed. However, even single individuals who like to have lots of space can buy it as well. Apart from many sleepers, it also works for tall sleepers as it offers the best legroom by far.


Accommodates Several Sleepers: Since it has a large surface, more than one person of average size can fit on it. However, note that how many people this mattress can accommodate depends on their size and weight. Of course, it will accommodate many people with light bodies.

Offers Ample Space: Sleepers who move a lot will appreciate this bed. It offers enough space that allows individuals to move freely. Even when sleeping with other people, it minimizes the disturbance. And as the biggest bed size, it can help fill large bedrooms.


  • Requires big room space
  • Many bed frames are not available
  • Very expensive

#5. Von Viva Oversized Mattresses

Lastly, we have this mattress that allows individuals to customize it as per their needs. You can choose from the Rundle Kona or, Denial, or Everest different types of materials. Also, you can customize the left and right shoulders to give you a firmer feel.

Key Features

A Family Size Model: For a couple or family looking for the biggest size bed, this could be perfect for them. It measures 144 x 80 inches. So if you want anything bigger than a king, you may consider this mattress.

Support for all Sleepers: As it is a customizable bed, the individual segment allows you to adjust support along the body. That is on the neck, back, and hip regions. Thus, it’s a perfect choice for those who have back issues or pre-existing pain. Also, it can vary laterally for the same bed, providing support for different sleepers.


A Lifetime Use: This mattress is designed for lifetime use as users don’t need to replace the entire mattress. Instead, they can replace components when needed, which is more cost-saving. Also, you can flip and rotate components to maintain their life.

Custom Made: You can have your mattress designed to suit your preference. It can be made in an unusual size. Therefore, whether you are tall, need more support, or have any other specifications, VonViva can make it work for you.


  • Expensive
  • Needs lots of space

Biggest Bed Size Dimensions

Most of us are familiar with the standard size mattresses. However, many don’t know about the large mattresses available. But this is understandable since most sellers don’t sell oversized mattresses. So what is the biggest bed mattress? Well, most mattresses can measure anywhere from 4 to 8 inches larger than king-size ones. However, since most people don’t own a large bedroom, they will not check these mattresses out.

But for adults who co-sleep with other adults or kids, oversized mattresses can offer a great deal. These mattresses are also ideal for those who need a lot of sleeping space due to body size or movement when sleeping. Let’s look at the mattress size chart to help you determine the right mattress for you.

Bed Type Size Shape

  • Wyoming King 84 inches 84 inches Square
  • Texas King 80 inches 98 inches Rectangle
  • Alaskan King 108 inches 108 inches Square

Wyoming king offers the same length as a California mattress. It’s suitable for those who want each sleeper to spread out comfortably as a Cal king can be narrow. However, it needs a big room size to fit. The cost ranges from $1500 to $3000.

Texas king is a bit narrower compared to Wyoming, but it is wider than a Cal king. It can accommodate two adults and one or two kids. It suits tall people as it comes with extra length.

Alaskan king is the biggest bed mattress measuring 108 by 108 inches. It’s suitable for those who sleep with more than two children. As it is spacious, it allows individuals to spread out and sleep comfortably without feeling cramped. Plus, it offers more length for tall people to rest without hanging at the bed’s end. But because of its size, it needs a larger bedroom, measuring at least 16 by 16 feet.

Also, bear in mind, you can have your mattress custom-made according to your needs. You’ll just have to give specific measurements to the manufacturers to have them make one for you. Often, these types are irregular in shapes and sizes, and they are suitable for those who fit their beds into irregularly shaped spaces like an RV or a boat. They are also perfect for those who want something different from the standard shapes like circles, half-moons, hearts, etc. Their sizes vary, depending on how big the mattress is.

How to Choose the Right Mattress Size?

Selecting the right mattress for your needs can be difficult with the many different sizes available. But, several factors can help you decide the best mattress that works for your situation and sleeping style. These are;

How Many People Will Sleep on the Mattress

If you plan to sleep with your children, pets, or other adults, you need a bigger mattress. The smallest size that can be suitable is a queen size. But, you may need a larger size like a king or California king, depending on the number of people. Even a solo sleeper can buy a queen-size or twin XL size if they want extra room.

Ease of Transport

You need to make sure that the mattress you are buying will fit through your doorways. Note that carrying a big mattress around the staircase can also be challenging. We advise that you measure to ensure that your mattress can easily make its way into your bedroom. Again, consider how many people will need to carry it as well.

Your Height and Body Size

Generally, tall people need a mattress with extra length to be comfortable when sleeping on it. A standard twin size or full bed size may be too small for a six feet and two inches tall person. Additionally, you may need a queen-size bed or a full-size one to sleep comfortably if you have a wider build.

Room Size and Location

A large bed may not be a good idea for those living in a tiny studio location, considering the limited area. It may occupy the entire space leaving no room for other furniture or even walking. Choose a bed size that can easily fit your room without eating space for other things.

Additionally, if your room is not easily accessible, has small doors, or is located upstairs, you may want to consider a smaller mattress. However, you can still purchase a bed in a box-style mattress to get around these limitations. These kinds ship in a smaller box, and once you remove it from its packaging, it expands to full size.

Which Bed Size Is the Best for Me?

Well, if you want to buy a new bed either because you’re moving in with your partner or you want more room for yourself or any other reason, the one question you must be asking is what bed size you should get.

Now, the right bed size varies, depending on several factors.

Think about who will be sleeping in the bed to help you narrow your choices. Is it only you, you and your partner, or you, your partner, your kids, and your pet? The more people that will sleep on your bed, the larger it has to be. Single people or a smaller couple can do well with a queen mattress. However, you’ll need a king mattress if you are tall or you sleep with your children.

Additionally, consider the space you have. Remember that the mattress needs to fit comfortably and still allow room for other things like walking, furniture, etc. We recommend a clearance of about 75 to 90 cm.

Also, think about the amount you are willing to spend. Like most things, you need to work with a budget. Beds are sold at different prices, depending on certain factors. For instance, the biggest beds are costlier than smaller ones. So if you want to buy the largest bed, make sure that you have a higher budget. Remember that the mattress quality and the bed’s craftsmanship affect the overall price. So, please calculate the amount you can spend, then look for a bed that matches that price.

It’s also wise to think about your current and future needs. For instance, a couple that’s planning to have kids needs to consider this when shopping. If this is the case, you should buy a king-size bed it is cost-saving.

Additionally, you may want to think of your weight in relation to firmness. Generally, those weighing above 200 pounds should opt for a firmer mattress than individuals weighing less than130 pounds. Firmness ensures both comfort and support.

Lastly, consumers planning to host multiple sleepers need to consider the motion isolation of the mattress, especially if they’ll be sharing it with restless children or pets. A mattress with good motion isolation allows people to roll over, get out of bed, or change positions without disturbing other sleepers.

Where to Buy Oversized Mattresses and Accessories

The biggest mattress in the standard range is the California king. Oversized mattresses, however, measure more than this and include Texas king, Wyoming king, and Alaskan King. Now, most sellers don’t sell these mattresses, since most people don’t ask for them anyway. However, you can find them online in some reputable stores or physical stores that offer custom-made beds.

Also, accessories for oversized mattresses aren’t easily available. Most times, the sheets have to be custom-made. But if you find a store selling duvets or comforters, make sure that you add 16 inches and 12inches width and length, respectively, to get a comfortable fit.

Also, since these mattresses are uncommon, the only places you’ll most likely find the foundations and frames are from companies that offer them. It’s always good to purchase these when buying the mattress as many retailers don’t have them.

That said, we should mention that mattresses are not a one-size shoe-fits-all. The most suitable mattress for you will depend on various things like your weight, sleeping position, height, and preferences.

For instance, if you are a side sleeper, you’ll need a mattress that offers excellent pressure relief, while back sleepers often need support. If you share a bed, it can be hard to find a mattress that suits everyone’s needs.

Again, because not many stores sell this mattress, please ensure that you double-check its quality. There’s no need to spend your hard-earned cash on a mattress that will need replacement after a short time. However, since quality influences price, we recommended choosing the best biggest mattress size within your budget. Please don’t skimp on durability when choosing the largest bed.


Is There a Bed Bigger Than a California King?

Yes. A California king is the largest mattress size within the standard range. It measures 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. But, this isn’t the world’s largest mattress. The biggest mattresses are Wyoming king, Alaskan king, and Texas king. They are suitable for couples and families who prefer a big sleeping space. They offer 8-32 inches more than the standard king-size mattresses. Let us look at their exact sizes;

Mattress Type Size

  • Wyoming King 84 inches 84 inches
  • Texas King 80 inches 98 inches
  • Alaskan King 108 inches 108 inches

What Is Bigger Than a King Size Bed?

If you thought that a king-size bed is the biggest size bed, you are wrong. There are other bigger ones, including the emperor, super emperor, Caesar, and super Caesar. These are oversized beds that are suitable for large families. However, because many sellers don’t stock them, finding one can be hard, and it’s also tricky to get their accessories and foundation.

Speaking of king-size beds, we should mention that they measure 70 by 80 inches and are rectangular. If you buy a king-size mattress, please ensure that your bedroom is at least 13 by 13 feet.

But compared to oversized beds, you can easily get king-size beds, mattresses, and accessories. As such, you’ll not need to do much research for this.

King-size beds offer more room for couples sleeping together. Plus, individuals can choose the degree of firmness they want. Note that using two twin XL mattresses is the same as a king.

But, while king-size beds are big, if you need more sleeping space, you should consider oversized beds.

What Is the Biggest King Size Bed?

King size beds are the biggest beds you can get. But there are different types of king-size beds, measuring differently. In terms of how large the bed is by width and length, an Alaskan king is the largest you can get. It measures 108 by 108 inches, which is large enough to host three sleeping adults or a co-sleeping family of two or three kids. Individuals can roll over or get out of bed without disturbing each other. It occupies a surface area of 11664, which is double the size of the standard king bed and measures 28 inches longer and 32 inches wider than the regular king bed. These beds are not readily available. As such, it’s expensive purchasing them. They sell from $2500 to more than $5000. Also, they need a 16 by 16 feet bedroom to fit perfectly

Is California King the Biggest Bed?

No, California king may be the largest bed in the standard measurements, but it is not the biggest king-size bed. Other bigger beds are Alaskan king, the biggest bed in the world, Texas king, and Wyoming king. These oversized beds provide more width than a Carl king.

Also, note that the regular king bed has a wider surface area than a king bed, although both options can provide enough personal space for two sleepers. A California king is suitable for couples with a small narrow bedroom. It ensures that all sleepers get lots of space without occupying much room in terms of width.

Where Can I Buy an Alaskan King Size Mattress?

An Alaskan mattress is the biggest mattress in the world. Now, since it’s not in high demand, it is not the easiest item to come across. However, you can have this mattress made for you from custom mattress manufacturing shops. Bear in mind that many services don’t have an online shipping option. Thankfully, with a rise in online shopping and online market retailers, consumers can buy an Alaskan king mattress online from stores like the Alaskan King by Mattress Insider.

There are certain crucial things to consider when shopping for an Alaskan king mattress. These include how often you’ll use the mattress. For instance, if it’s every night, you need a mattress that offers support and excellent pressure to support your body, while a lounge mattress can be a cheaper model like the standard couch. Additionally, think about what thickness your Alaskan mattress will need to fit into the platform that it’ll sit on. Lastly, since prices can vary significantly, please match the comfort to affordability when choosing an Alaskan mattress.

What Size Is a Double Mattress?

The standard measurement of a double bed and mattress is 135cm wide and 190cm long. This is the most common mattress size that can accommodate two people in an average-sized bedroom. But note that there is also a small double bed and mattress, measuring 120cm wide and 190cm long. This type is perfect for a single adult but can accommodate two people. If you have a smaller than average bedroom, you should consider this type, especially one with an ottoman or divan base as it maximizes storage.

What Is the Difference Between a King and a California King?

A California king and king mattresses aren’t the same. Some people think that a Carl king is bigger than a king. And that’s understandable since mattresses are listed in increasing size order. However, the difference between these two mattresses isn’t the overall size. If that was the case, a king-size would be bigger as it occupies a larger surface area.

California king mattresses are narrower and longer than the standard king, measuring 72 by 84 inches. As such, they are suitable for tall sleepers or those with narrow bedrooms. King mattresses, on the other hand, measure 76 by 80 inches. Hence perfect for two adults and one or two children that like to sleep with their parents. Although they need space of 12 by 10 feet, we recommend them for bedrooms that allow 13 by 13 feet of space.

What Are the Standard Mattress Sizes?

Well, there are six standard mattress sizes, ranging from twin to California king. It’s best to know the dimensions that work for you when buying a mattress to ensure that you get the right fit. Here’s a table of the standard mattress sizes you can get.

Size Width in inches Length in inches

  • Twin 38 75
  • Twin XL 38 80
  • Full 54 75
  • Queen 60 80
  • King 76 80
  • California king 72 84

But we should mention while mattresses come in standard width and length, there isn’t a standard height.

What Size Mattress Should a 6-Foot Tall Person Get?

Since your height influences the mattress you’ll buy, you should consider how tall you and your partner are. If you are under 6 feet tall, any mattress will provide you with enough legroom. But, for those above 6 feet tall, consider a bed measuring 80 inches in length, like twin XL, queen, king, or a California king.

What Mattress Size Is Good for Bigger Bodies?

Weight is another consideration area when picking a mattress. Most mattresses are designed for those with an average weight. But even so, it doesn’t mean that they are suitable for everyone. If you have a BMI of more than 25, opt for a thicker mattress. The heavier you are, the thicker your mattress should be. Those weighing between 250-400 pounds need at least 10inches of thickness, while someone whose weight is above 400 pounds should pick a 14inches mattress.

Final Thoughts

The right mattress for you will vary depending on various things. So make sure that you consider your needs, preference, and budget when shopping for a mattress. Also, if you need recommendations on where to start, any of the biggest mattresses we have reviewed above can be a good fit.

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