5 Best Mattresses for Big and Tall People in 2022

Being big and tall has its perks. Not only do you have an easy time when reaching objects on shelves, but your body automatically commands respect. But, even the tallest and biggest people on the planet desire to sleep like babies. Unfortunately, many tall and big people struggle to find the best mattress that will accommodate the needs of their bodies. Sleep Aim took note of this issue. We conducted thorough research and testing until we discovered the following five best mattresses for big and tall people. We will start with the review and then head to the buyer’s guide to help you make an informed purchase. If you belong in the big and tall person category, your days of waking up with a sore back are over!

5 Best Big and Tall Mattresses for Heavy Sleepers

1. Saatva HD

Saatva as a brand has gained worldwide recognition in the online mattress industry. However, that’s not why the Saatva HD is our number one best mattress for big people. The first thing you have to know about the Saatva HD is that it can accommodate a weight of up to 500 pounds without sinking or sagging. It’s a heavy-duty mattress made solely for big and tall persons.

It’s a hybrid mattress that features an innerspring core surrounded by natural Latex. Both these key components of the Saatva HD are responsible for its durability. The Saatva HD features patented lumbar zone technology which offers more support to heavy/plus size sleepers. This bed will offer relief if you have experienced your fair share of back and joint pain. If you are relatively big and sleep hot, the Saatva HD is made using organic Latex, open coils, and natural cotton, which are highly breathable. It’s worth mentioning that the coils are extra thick (12.5-gauge). Even after years of use, big and tall sleepers don’t have to worry about this mattress sagging. These coils are recycled. A clear indication that Saatva is very conscious of the environment.

The Saatva HD boasts many features aimed to suit big and tall sleepers. Couples that fit this category can also benefit from the Saatva HD. The reason why that’s possible is that the offset coils offer unrivaled motion transfer. In terms of edge support, the Saatva HD is unbeatable. Thanks to the dense polyfoam that is packed on the edges.

Key Features

  • Hand-tufted Finishing – It’s what you will see on the upper layer of the Saatva HD. The Hand-tufted finishing isn’t placed there only for aesthetics. But it keeps together all layers in this mattress while removing body impressions left behind on the mattress. If you are accustomed to seeing body impressions on the surface, you won’t see them anymore if you get the Saatva HD.
  • 2.3-inch Euro Pillow Top – It’s found beneath the finishing and is there purely for comfort. Even if you are big and tall, you will appreciate sleeping on the pillow top since it will relieve pressure points. Saatva’s pillow top is hypoallergenic.
  • 5-Zone Natural Latex – Big and tall sleepers require maximum support from mattresses. If a mattress isn’t firm enough, it will sink in very easily. You don’t have to worry about that if you go with the Saatva HD. Featuring five zones of natural Latex, you will enjoy exceptional lumbar support and pressure relief.
  • Quality Memory Foam – Below the Latex are comfort layers of memory foam. These aim to boost circulation and promote comfort.
  • 12.5-Gauge Coils – Big and tall sleepers can lay on the Saatva HD every night, knowing they are sleeping on recycled steel coils that are way stronger than typical coils. These coils are threaded by 17-gauge helical wires, which reduce motion transfer. If your partner isn’t as big or tall as you are, this feature will ensure they sleep comfortably without interruptions.
  • High-Density Foam Rails – These are encased on the sides and ensure maximum edge support. No matter how big or tall you are, you should be able to get off the Saatva HD swiftly. You can also sleep on the entire bed without sagging the sides.
  • It can accommodate up to 500 pounds
  • It’s more suitable for back and stomach sleepers
  • A very breathable mattress
  • Hypoallergenic
  • It comes with a big and tall bed frame which is ideal for big and tall persons
  • It performs much better than the average hybrid bed, and it costs way more.

2. Saatva Zenhaven

The Zenhaven is another excellent mattress for big guys. Even though it’s from the same company as Saatva HD, the Zenhaven is quite different, and it has features that some sleepers falling in the big and tall category may love.

Have you ever wanted a mattress that would come with multiple firmness levels? There are scenarios where you may not like super soft or very firm mattresses. If you have such a preference and are fairly big, you should go for the Zenhaven. Allow us to explain why.

The Zenhaven is Saatva’s luxury mattress. It has two sides with different firmness options. That means it’s flippable. If you don’t prefer the response offered by a coil mattress, this should be your top choice. On the Saatva Zenhaven, you can choose from two varying comfort levels. There is the gentle firm, and luxury plush side. Both sides are designed to offer pressure relief and are made using quality materials. The Zenhaven is made strictly using organic Latex. There are no toxins or chemicals that may pose a health hazard to you. It is layered with New Zealand wool which acts as a flame retardant and regulates the mattress temperature.

Key Features

  • Flippable – Being big and tall doesn’t mean that an individual is automatically heavy. You could be tall and fairly lightweight. An extremely firm mattress can be uncomfortable to sleep on in such a scenario. At the same time, a suer soft mattress will sink deeper and won’t align your spine correctly. The Zenhaven allows you to choose between two sides, the luxury plush with a firmness level of 4-5. There is also the gentle firm with a firmness level of 7 and 8. If you prefer super firm, you should opt for the latter, and for those who are tall and lightweight, the luxury plush should be extremely comfortable.
  • 100% Natural Latex – Latex is known for being highly supportive. It’s something tall, and big sleepers should gravitate to because they won’t sink when they sleep on such a bed. Zenhaven’s natural Latex is free from toxins, and it should last for years without sagging.
  • GOTS Certified New Zealand Wool – The wool will provide adequate cushioning to relieve pressure points of big sleepers. Besides that, it also doubles as a natural flame retardant that will prevent fire from spreading. It’s also resistant to dust mites.
  • Lumbar Zone Quilting – If you prefer sleeping at the center and you are big and tall, that part of your mattress will sag much faster than the rest. With the Zenhaven, you don’t have to change your sleeping habits. The Lumbar Zone Quilting ensures more support at the center third of your mattress. Also, the quilted cover is hypoallergenic and treated with Saatva’s Guardin antimicrobial treatment.
  • You can choose from two firmness levels
  • Provides more support, especially at the center
  • It doesn’t sag or sink easily
  • An organic mattress
  • Suitable for most sleeping positions
  • Very durable
  • It may not be a great choice for those with latex allergies

3. Puffy Royal

If you are shopping for the best bed for big and tall guys, always go for hybrids. A hybrid mattress offers support and comfort in one mattress. We have already seen how the Saatva HD, which is a hybrid, performs extremely well. Another excellent mattress for big and tall folks is the Puffy Royal.

With a firmness rating of 5 out of 10, the Puffy Royal is ideal for medium-weight sleepers. It has a soft upper layer that relieves back and joint pain. The neutral firmness makes it great for tall people that love sleeping on their sides. One of the perks of Puffy Royal is that it has a lifetime warranty. As you set up this luxury mattress in your bedroom, you will do so knowing that you are protected throughout the mattress’s lifetime. For many tall and big persons who have suffered from the indentations, their bodies create on average mattresses, knowing this can offer you peace of mind.

The Puffy Royal features a seven-layer sleep system customized to provide full-body support, contour to your body, and deliver cooling capabilities. The seven layers comprise thick coils and memory foam strategically positioned to optimize performance. Understandably, many tall and big sleepers are afraid of memory foam because of the experiences they may have had in the past. Puffy uses dense memory foam, which is supported by thick coils. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about it sagging after a few weeks. For hot sleepers, the memory foam is induced with cooling gel that will take care of your night sweats.

Key Features

  • Restorative Full-Body Zoned Support – A feature that big and tall sleepers will surely appreciate is the restorative full-body zoned support. The Puffy Royal has five targeted support zones from head to toe. As an ergonomic mattress, you should enjoy comfort in the hips and back area.
  • Cloud Air Technology – If you are big, a huge part of your body is making contact with the mattress. Therefore, you are likely to sweat a lot at night. Well, you don’t have to anymore. Thanks to Puffy Royal cloud air tech, the mattress promotes airflow, ensuring you sleep cooler every night.
  • A Firmness Rating of 5 – According to Puffy, the Royal mattress has a firmness rating of 4 to 6 out of 10. however, from our research and testing, we can give the Puffy a firmness rating of 5. Due to this neutral firmness level, this mattress strikes a balance between firmness and softness. As a tall sleeper, you will benefit from both.
  • Reflexive Memory Foam – There is a 1.5 inches of reflexive memory foam in the Royal that recovers on its own after you have slept on it. As a result, you don’t have to worry about indentations.
  • Grip and Stain Resistant Cloud Cover – For those who love tossing and turning all night long, the Puffy Royal has a grip base cover to ensure the bed stays intact no matter how much you move. It’s also stain-resistant and hypoallergenic.
  • Ideal for tall and big sleepers that crave the hugging sensation of memory foam
  • It’s quite supportive even for big sleepers
  • Breathable
  • Features a reflexive memory foam that recovers on its own
  • Gently contours with your body
  • Stomach sleepers should look for other options since the Royal is too soft

4. The Big Fig

The Big Fig is one of the few mattresses in the market specifically made for big and tall sleepers. It’s why this mattress is called the Big Fig in the first place. When developing this bed, Big Fig set out on a mission to find out the challenges most big figures experience when sleeping. From their findings, they developed the Big Fig, and it has become a popular brand in the mattress industry.

Unlike ordinary mattresses, the Big Fig contains more coils, 1,600 to be specific. In typical mattresses, the most coils you may find are 1,100. The entire bed can accommodate a weight of up to 1100lbs, which translates into 550lbs per sleeper. A lot of big and tall sleepers fall under this category. Therefore, you can lay on the Big Fig and not worry about your weight being too much for the mattress.

As if that’s not enough, the Big Fig comes with a stronger foundation that can accommodate a weight five times more than the average foundation. The mattress is infused with gel material that promotes breathability. Beneath that are layers of Latex which will support your body and provide pressure relief.

The Big Fig is a great mattress for big and tall sleepers. You may be wondering, why isn’t it at the top of our list? Well, that’s because the Big Fig has a firmness level of 8 out of 10. It is a very firm mattress, and even heavy sleepers weighing 300 pounds do find this mattress to be extremely firm. We recommend this bed only to tall and big people who prefer firm mattresses only. If you enjoy some plushness, the Big Fig may not be right for you, even if you are big and tall.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty Foam – It’s one of the features that make the Big Fig perfect for big and tall persons. This mattress will resist sagging for years with a heavy-duty foam that can withstand a maximum weight of 1,100lbs. If you are tired of seeing indentations on a mattress, this heavy-duty bed will take up all your weight without complaining.
  • Edge Support – As a tall sleeper, you need access to the entire mattress. Big Fig makes sure that is possible by providing adequate edge support. As a result, you can utilize any area of your mattress without worrying about weighing it down.
  • ThermoGel Cooling Technology – For those who sweat at night, the Big Fig features ThermoGel cooling technology that will ensure you enjoy uninterrupted sleep all night long.
  • A Firmness Level of 8 – With such a firmness level, even the biggest people can sleep on a Big Fig mattress and not sink in it. A firmness level of 8 is great for stomach sleepers.
  • It is resistant to sagging
  • Strictly made using quality materials
  • The presence of individually wrapped coils ensures adequate support
  • Sleeps cool
  • The edges are packed with dense foam for adequate support
  • Too firm even for some big and tall sleepers
  • It’s heavy, and you will need help during installation

5. WinkBed Plus

If you visit the WinkBed website, you will see that their flagship mattress is available in four firmness levels. There is the Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and the Plus version. Because we are doing a review on the best mattress for tall and big people, we will focus our review on the WinkBed Plus. The others are too soft to hold the weights of tall and big sleepers.

The WinkBed Plus has a firmness rating of 7.5 out of 10. That means it’s supportive enough and can hold the weight of the heaviest sleepers. It’s a hybrid that contains a foam Euro-top pillow and pocketed coils. The latter features varying firmness levels that support different parts of your body. On the edges of the mattress, there are more coils that boost stability. The sturdy zone support provided by the WinkBed makes it conducive for big and tall sleepers.

Despite being sturdy, the WinkBed Plus features a Euro-top pillow infused with gel technology. Beneath it is a layer of Latex that makes the mattress more responsive. The WinkBed Plus is recommended for tall and big guys since it’s supportive, strong, and durable. It’s also great for couples because it offers excellent motion isolation.

Similar to the Zenhaven made by Saatva, the WinkBed Plus is a luxurious mattress. That’s the first thing that will draw your attention when you look at it.

Key Features

  • 7-inch Row of Pocketed Coils – Did you know that the WinkBed Plus can hold the weight of three tall and big individuals without sinking? That’s thanks to the seven-inch row of pocketed coils. As a heavy-duty mattress, the WinkBed is meant to handle more weight.
  • Layers of Latex and Gel-infused Poly Foam – To increase the support provided by the pocketed coils, the WinkBed Plus comprises foam and latex layers that offer pressure relief and prevent sagging.
  • Luxurious Pillow Top Cover – The cover isn’t just for aesthetics but also adds comfort. At the same time, it also promotes pressure relief.
  • A Sturdy and Rugged Build – The mattress is 15-inches thick, and inside there are layers of high-quality materials designed to cater to the needs of big and tall sleepers.
  • It looks luxurious
  • It’s firm which is great for tall and big sleepers
  • Perfect for side and combination sleepers
  • WinkBed has a 120-night trial duration
  • Helps with back and joint pain
  • It’s expensive
  • Since it has four firmness levels, it can be hard to find the one that’s most comfortable for you

5 Best Mattresses for Big and Tall People – Buyer’s Guide

Every mattress on this list comes with special features and abilities. To ensure you get the best mattress, you will need the help of our buyer’s guide. We have included any information that may be useful in helping you make an informed choice.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Mattress for a Big and Tall Person

If you are big and tall, you need to be extra careful when mattress shopping. You first have to know that an ordinary mattress will not meet your preferences. You have to broaden your scope and lean more toward mattresses made for tall and big people. The above 5 are excellent examples of mattresses made for people with your body type. As you shop for a big and tall mattress, keep the above in mind;

• Firmness

Mattress firmness is a critical factor to consider because it will determine the experience you will get when you sleep on it. The best mattress firmness for tall and big people should be at least 6 out of 10. If you prefer a softer touch, you can go with a firmness level of 5 but not anything below that since it will be too soft. Also, it’s advisable not to exceed a firmness rating of 8 since that will be too firm.

A firmer mattress is better for tall and big guys because it can support their weight. A softer mattress will sink when exposed to heavier weights, and after a while, it will sag. At the same time, some softness is crucial as it promotes comfort and relieves pressure points. Find a mattress that balances the two.

• Size

If you are big and tall, size will matter a lot when looking for a mattress. As much as you may prioritize comfort, support, and response, these would be of no value if your feet dangle on the bed’s edge. The best mattress for a tall person is a California King Size. Averagely tall individuals can fit in the Queen or King size. Since you know your height, counter-check that you will fit on the mattress size you intend to order. Most mattress brands will indicate the sizes of the mattresses in the description.

• Support

The second thing that big sleepers need to consider is support. A supportive mattress is critical for tall sleepers because if it doesn’t support your weight, your spine won’t be correctly aligned, and you will wake up with back and joint aches every morning.

Earlier, we mentioned that hybrid mattresses are the best for tall and big sleepers. That is because hybrid beds feature reinforced coils that offer support. The amount of support is also increased with Latex or high-density foam. A supportive mattress is a must-have because of your height and weight since it will ensure your body is properly aligned.

Secondly, a supportive mattress will relieve pressure points on the hips and shoulders. These areas must sink slightly into the mattress. That can best be achieved when you get a hybrid mattress made using natural Latex or high-density foam.

Don’t also forget to check the edge support provided by the mattress. As a tall sleeper, you will need to use all the space you can get from a bed.

• Pressure Relief

If you fall under the category of big and tall sleepers, chances are, you have had your fair share of mattress-induced back pain. When buying a mattress, you must ensure it has pressure-relieving capabilities.

To identify whether a bed offers pressure relief, you should look at the following factors. First, the top layers should be softer than those found at the bottom. The importance is that body parts such as the hips and shoulders will sink deeper into the mattress to facilitate proper spinal alignment.

The other factor you need to consider when evaluating a mattress’s pressure relief capabilities is ensuring it is suitable for your sleeping positions. For instance, stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress than side sleepers.

• Responsiveness

The other factor you need to consider when shopping for the best beds for big guys is responsiveness. Because of your heigh and weight, movement on a regular mattress can be difficult. However, a mattress with strong zone support should allow you to switch positions with a lot of ease. A responsive mattress will ensure you sleep comfortably throughout the night.

• Temperature Control

Most heavy sleepers can do well with a mattress that regulates temperatures. If you are big or tall, a huge part of your body is directly contacting the mattress. That can cause you to sweat more than usual. A good mattress should be made using breathable materials that guarantee airflow. As you shop for mattresses for big and tall people, make sure that it has a temperature control feature.

What Mattress Firmness is Best for Big and Taller People?

Allow us to emphasize more about mattress firmness because this is a factor that will determine the quality of sleep you will get from a mattress. The perfect mattress firmness for tall and big people should be from 6-7 out of 10. A tall and big person weighing more than 300 pounds will feel more comfortable and support from a bed with the above-mentioned firmness.

At times, you can be tall and lightweight. You shouldn’t go for a 7-mattress firmness rating. That will be too firm for you. The ideal rating should be five if you weigh 180lbs. or 6 for those weighing 230-280lbs. Your weight is directly proportional to the mattress firmness. If you get a mattress that’s too soft, you will sink deeper and won’t be very comfortable.

Which Type of Mattress is Best for Tall and Big Sleepers?

As you may already know, there are different types of mattresses. The best mattress for you will depend on your individual needs. Here are the different types of mattresses and whether they are suitable for big and tall bodies.

  1. Hybrid – These beds entail a combination of foam/latex and a coil base. Hybrids tend to be the best type of mattress for tall and big sleepers because they contain multiple layers which offer support, comfort, and response. These beds are quite stable, and if you go for the latex option with thicker coils, it should serve you for years. The only downside of hybrid mattresses is their high cost. But considering a mattress is an investment, you will get value for money.
  2. Latex – Natural Latex is another decent mattress material suitable for tall sleepers. It is quite firm and dense, therefore supporting the weight of a big and tall man or woman. It’s also quite breathable and resistant to sagging. Latex beds also fall in the higher price range.
  3. Innerspring – An innerspring mattress can offer you decent edge support and bounciness. It’s advisable to go for thicker gauges if you are big and tall. Innerspring beds are ideal for tall sleepers who sweat a lot at night. That’s because they are breathable. The main drawback of innerspring mattresses is that they don’t last long.
  4. Foam – Foam mattresses are the most popular option in the market. Memory foam provides a hugging sensation that relieves pressure points and contours to the body. However, memory foam mattresses are the worst for tall and big sleepers, especially if the bed is made using low-quality memory foam. They are soft and will sag sooner than other types of beds when a lot of weight is placed on them. Also, memory foam mattresses are very poor at heat dissipation unless they are infused with cooling technology.

Do Sleeping Positions Matter for Big and Tall Persons?

Sleeping positions matter a lot for big and tall persons. You need to consider your sleeping position when you buy a mattress. Doing this will help you avoid back troubles. We will list a quick overview of which features you should consider depending on your sleeping position.

  • Back sleepers – For those who prefer to lay on their backs, you will need a firm mattress with a rating of more than 7 out of 10. That should adequately support your back, ensuring you don’t sink too deep and properly align your spine.
  • Side sleepers – It’s one of the most complicated sleeping positions. When you add the fact that you are tall and big, you have to be very cautious when choosing a mattress. Side sleepers will sleep better on a neutral or medium-firm mattress. The best mattress should provide adequate cushioning for the hips and shoulders to sink, while the other body parts should be firmly supported.
  • Stomach sleepers – When you sleep on your stomach, sinkage can result in an unhealthy spinal alignment. You need an extra-firm mattress to ensure your body is floating on the mattress. The mattress should be resistant to sagging if you are also big.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Beds for Tall People?

One of the biggest dilemmas shoppers face for big and tall mattresses is where to buy these beds. A mattress is a significant investment, and you have to make sure that you choose the right option. There are two options for buying a mattress for tall and big people; online and in physical stores. We will look at both so that you can have a clear overview of each experience.

1. Online

Online mattress shopping has become quite prevalent these past few days. It doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, most consumers prefer to shop items online these days. Why should you buy a mattress for big and tall persons online? Keep on reading to find out;

  • There are more options online. The chances of finding a mattress made specifically for big and tall people at a store are relatively low. If you walk into a store, you will most likely end up with a cheap mattress that will sag in a few months. Online, however, there are hundreds of options. Let’s take Saatva, for example. They make the best mattresses for big and tall people. But you won’t find the HD or the Zenhaven in any store. When you shop offline, you limit your options for finding beds made strictly for you.
  • Online, you can qualify for discounts, and since there are no middlemen, the rates are relatively low. You get a better product at a reasonable price.
  • There is no pressure from sales reps when you buy a mattress online. It’s just you and your computer or smartphone screen.
  • You will get longer sleep tests. The reason why people still buy mattresses offline is that they have an opportunity to try out the mattress. But how will a one-minute nap on the mattress help you decide that bed is for you? All the mattresses reviewed above come with a more than ninety-night trial. During this period, you can determine truly whether a certain mattress is perfect for you.
  • You will enjoy a hassle-free delivery. Using the Saatva as an example, one more time, when you buy a big and tall mattress from them, you get white glove delivery whereby the bed will be delivered and installed on your behalf.

2. Physical Stores

It has been the known method of shopping for mattresses for years. At physical stores, you will find plenty of mattresses, and you get the opportunity to test each. However, physical stores often feature basic mattress brands. As a shopper interested in something more specific and unique, you won’t find a quality mattress for big and tall sleepers at the store near your home. The best place to shop for such is online.


Q: What is the best mattress for a tall and big sleeper?

A: The best mattress for a tall and big sleeper is a hybrid. Featuring spring coils and memory foam or Latex. These beds provide adequate support, pressure relief, and comfort. Remember, not all hybrids are created equally. You will need to find one that is strong and durable enough.

Q: Do I need a new bed frame?

A: If you have a bigger budget, you can add a sturdier bed frame to your purchase. It’s important that you have a stronger bed and frame.

Q: Do mattresses have a weight limit?

A: Mattresses do have a weight limit. It’s something that you should look at before you buy one. Some beds can accommodate a weight of 500lbs, and others can even handle double that weight. You should ensure a mattress can accommodate your weight before buying it.

Q: How thick should a mattress be for a tall and big person?

A: The thicker the mattress, the more layers it has underneath. For big and tall people, you should look for a thicker mattress that contains multiple comfort and support layers.

Q: What beds should tall persons sleep on?

A: A king or California king bed is ideal for tall sleepers. You may have to opt for a customized bed for those who are super tall. But this is quite rare.

Q: What’s Better for Tall and Big Sleepers: Soft or Firm Mattress?

A: Lighter sleepers prefer softer mattresses and vice versa. The ideal mattress for a big and tall sleeper depends on your weight. A soft mattress will sink deeper and sag sooner if you are heavier.


Choosing a mattress isn’t easy. It’s even more complicated if you are big and tall. Hopefully, this process doesn’t have to be complicated anymore, thanks to our guide on the five best mattresses for big and tall persons. After reading the above, you are equipped with all the essential knowledge you may need when choosing a mattress for a big and tall person. We have also listed the five best mattresses you can choose from if your body type fits the tall and big category. You no longer have to endure sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, yet there are beds made specifically to meet your body type and preferences.

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