5 Best Consumer Reports Adjustable Beds in 2023

Adjustable bed frames used to be the mainstay of hospitals and residential care homes, but that is no longer the case. Nowadays, there are plenty of options available designed for regular home use. These frames allow you to raise and lower the head and foot section of your bed, potentially reducing discomfort and making it easier to find a comfortable position for reading or watching TV.

Although there are relatively few adjustable bed frames available compared to regular frames, the number of models on the market is continuously increasing. There’s a lot of variation in price and quality, with affordable versions available from just a few hundred dollars to expensive, well-established brands with luxurious additional features.

If you are interested in buying an adjustable bed frame for your home, online consumer ratings and reports are an excellent place to start. Most consumers independently test and reviews products and advocates for other consumers to help you get the best possible product for your budget. In this article, we’ll reveal the top five  adjustable beds as per consumer ratings & reports.

Don’t have time to read the full article? In that case, we recommend taking a look at our favorite of the best adjustable beds, the Saatva . The Saatva adjustable bed provides incredible relaxation and comfort with its zero-gravity setting. Even better, Saatva sells a range of compatible fiberglass-free mattresses that offer outstanding pressure relief and support to make your new frame even more comfortable.

5 Best Adjustable Bed Reviews As Per Consumer  Reports & Ratings

1. Saatva Adjustable Bed Base With Mattress (Editor’s Choice)

The Saatva base is one of the best adjustable beds, according to consumer reports & ratings in 2023.  Saatva is our favorite online bed brand because it offers high-quality, comfortable sleep products at a fraction of many of its competitors’ costs. Therefore, we trust it to provide our readers with incredible value for money.

The Saatva Lineal Adjustable Bed Base allows you to adjust your foot and head height to find the most comfortable position. You can use it with most frames, including platform beds, and it has a range of premium features that make it excellent value for money. Although it’s not the cheapest adjustable beds in 2023, we think it comes at a fair price given its luxurious specs.

You can use this adjustable bed frame with any mattress designed for this purpose. However, the company recommends using it with one of their compatible mattress models for the best comfort. It is available in a split structure, allowing each partner to select their preferred position. However, this option is only available if you purchase a King size, and you will need two twin mattresses to enjoy this configuration.

Key Features

Preset Zero Gravity Mode: This adjustable frame has a zero-gravity preset position that allows you to adopt a supremely comfortable position to enjoy a sensation of weightlessness. You won’t need to mess about adjusting the head and legs separately because you can activate this position with the click of a button. The remote also allows access to convenient preset positions for reading and working.

Illumination: One of this frame’s numerous premium features is its under-bed illumination, and you can activate it using the remote control. Not only does this feature give a modern, futuristic aesthetic, but it also makes it safer and easier to find your way to and from bed if you need to get up in the dark. It’s also a godsend if you want to find a dropped item without turning on the main lights.

Massage Function: This frame has a three-speed massage function to help make your time in bed more relaxing and improve your physical wellbeing. You can choose between a full body massage with a ‘wave’ sensation, a head massage, or a leg massage.

Adjustable Push Pin Legs: The Saatva base’s legs are fully adjustable in 0.5-inch stages between 8 inches and 13 inches high. Therefore, you can customize your bed’s height depending on your frame and needs. It’s a superb option if you prefer a high-profile bed for aesthetic or mobility reasons.

  • Fair price
  • 850lb maximum weight capacity
  • Three triple-speed massage settings
  • Under-bed lighting
  • Quiet motors
  • Zero-gravity setting
  • Adjustable height
  • Free white glove delivery
  • 25-year warranty
  • No returns or trial period
  • No charging ports

2. Puffy Adjustable Bed Frame 

Just like the Puffy mattress range, the Puffy adjustable bed frame is an excellent deal for the price and tops our list of the best adjustable beds reviewed by consumer themselves. The hard-wearing metal frame allows customization of your leg and head position and even provides soothing massage settings to boost relaxation and overall wellbeing.

Even better, it’s a great match for all the affordable mattresses in the Puffy range. Puffy mattresses provide deep pressure relief to ease joint pain and discomfort and have a medium firmness setting that should suit most sleepers in any position. Unlike traditional memory foam beds, the Puffy range contains cooling sleep technologies to prevent uncomfortable heat buildup and help you remain cool and comfortable.

Key Features

Sturdy and Durable: The Puffy adjustable bed frame features a sturdy metal material that provides outstanding support for both your body and your mattress. It has a bar at the bottom to stop your mattress from slipping off the end, and it has padded edges so that you don’t injure yourself on the rigid frame.

You can customize the frame’s height between 4 and 9.5 inches to achieve the perfect height for your needs. This feature makes the Puffy adjustable frame an excellent option if you have mobility issues and find it easier to get in and out of a higher bed.

Wireless Remote Control: This bed frame comes with a battery-powered remote that lets you control the bed’s position and functions. It’s wireless, so you can keep control without getting tangled in any cables.

Split Option: While the Puffy adjustable bed frame comes in a single structure, you can also opt to buy it in a split format instead. This structure allows you to control each side of the bed separately, with each partner choosing their ideal sleeping or resting position. Therefore, it could be a good option for you if you and your partner can’t agree about your preferred setting.

Premium Functions: Apart from the basic positioning functionality, the Puffy adjustable bed frame has a couple of bonus luxury features that we think you’ll love. It has two massagers with a choice of three speeds to help you relax and reduce tension. There are also handy USB charging points so that you can charge up your gadgets from the comfort of your bed.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Adjustable height
  • Split structure available
  • Strong and durable
  • Integrated night light
  • Zero-gravity setting
  • Built-in USB charging points
  • Relaxing massaging function
  • User-friendly wireless remote
  • 101-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • While the Puffy adjustable bed is outstanding value for money, it may still be too expensive for shoppers on a very tight budget

3. Layla Adjustable Base

It is exceptionally affordable, making it a great choice if you want premium features on a tight budget. You can split the payments across a more extended period if you’re approved for a finance arrangement, making the Layla adjustable bed within the financial reach of most people.

Despite its low price, the Layla base has a mind-boggling array of features that you’d expect from an expensive bed. It allows you to move your head and legs independently to achieve the perfect position for sleeping, reading, or watching TV. If you choose a king-size frame, you can enjoy a split construction that lets each partner assume a different position.

Key Features

Preset Positions: This adjustable base has a wireless remote control with one-touch positioning capability. It has a preset zero-gravity position that provides a feeling of weightlessness with one click. However, once you find a configuration you love, you can save up to three positions as a preset to reaccess them at the push of a button. There’s even an anti-snore setting to stop you from disturbing your partner in the night, and you have additional control options via the convenient mobile phone app or Alexa and Google voice control.

Massage Function: This bed offers a vibrating massage for your feet and head, and there are three speeds to choose from. You can also set a timer to stop the massage automatically in case you fall asleep.

Four USB Ports: One of the most convenient features of the Layla adjustable bed is an impressive four integrated USB ports to keep your gadgets charged, two on each side of the bed. Many pricier options don’t have this many ports, so it’s great to see them included in a budget-friendly option.

Under-Bed Illumination: This bed has warm, gentle illumination underneath the frame that gives it a modern aesthetic. It helps set a relaxing ambiance in your bedroom and improves safety, making it easy to find your way around in the night without turning on harsh overhead lights.

  • Customizable presets
  • Zero-gravity setting
  • Wireless remote control
  • Split construction available in king size
  • Head and foot vibrating massage
  • Four USB charging points
  • Under-bed illumination
  • Anti-snore setting
  • Wall-hugging technology
  • Alexa and Google voice control compatibility
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Exceptionally affordable
  • Free shipping
  • 30-night money-back guarantee
  • 10-year warranty
  • Not available in full or California king sizes

4. Bear Adjustable Base

The Bear adjustable bed frame is made from lightweight aluminum but is strong and durable, holding a maximum of 750lbs in total. It has an easy setup process, and most people should be able to construct it in under 15 minutes without any specialist knowledge or equipment. It’s also unbelievably easy to take apart, so it’s a good option if you’re likely to move home in the near future.

This adjustable base allows you to control it using the wireless remote or a handy mobile phone app. You can adjust the foot and head sections separately to achieve the perfect position for sleeping or relaxing comfortably. If you share your bed with a partner, you can choose a king-size split construction that lets each partner adopt a different position.

Key Features

Preset Positions: If you find a position that you love, the last thing you want is to fiddle around endlessly with the controls trying to find it again in the future. This base solves that problem by allowing you to save your favorite positions as preset settings, letting you access them at the click of a button. You can save two positions to the remote control, but the app allows you to save a whopping five preset configurations.

USB Ports: This base has two convenient USB ports, one on each side of the bed, so that you can keep your handheld devices fully charged and close at hand.

Under-Bed Illumination: Like many of the frames in the adjustable beds reviews by consumers, this model has under-bed illumination. The lighting is soft and subtle, creating a cozy feel, and gentle enough to avoid waking your partner. This feature creates a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom and makes it safer to get up to visit the bathroom in the dark.

  • Preset positions
  • Wireless remote control
  • Compatible mobile app
  • Anti-snore setting
  • Split king-size option
  • Compatible with existing frames
  • Two USB charging ports
  • Under-bed illumination
  • Easy setup and disassembly
  • Free shipping
  • 10-year warranty
  • No returns or sleep trial
  • You can’t adjust the height
  • Relatively expensive

5. Zoma Adjustable Bed

The Zoma adjustable bed base rounds off our list of the best adjustable beds according to consumer ratings and reports. The company states that this product can enhance your circulation and breathing while taking uncomfortable pressure off your joints. It has a leg-free construction so that you can easily place it on top of your existing frame.

This base lets you customize your head and leg position separately to achieve the most comfortable position possible, whether you want to reduce snoring while you sleep, sit up and watch TV, or read your favorite book. While it is pricier than some other options on this list, it is durable and high-quality, making it a sound purchase and providing decent value for money.

Key Features

Programmable Remote: The Zoma adjustable base comes with a wireless remote that lets you save your position when you find the perfect one for you. Therefore, you can return to your favorite position again and again at the touch of your button. It also has a flat preset so that you can return your bed to a flat position for sleeping without fiddling with the controls.

Universally Compatible: When you purchase the Zoma base, you shouldn’t need to buy an additional frame. You can either place it straight on the floor or combine it with your existing foundation, as long as it’s a standard size.

Zero-Gravity Preset: As well as customizable and flat presets, this bed comes with a preset Zero-Gravity position. You can access this setting with just one click and immediately assume a position that reduces gravity’s effects for a weightless, superbly comfortable feeling.

  • Wireless remote control
  • Ultra-quiet motors
  • Zero-gravity preset position
  • Customizable presets
  • Universally compatible with most standard frames
  • Tool-free, straightforward assembly
  • Split king-size construction available
  • Adjustable height
  • 10-year warranty
  • No charging ports
  • Does not come with premium features like under-bed lighting or massage

What is an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed lets you change your mattress’s position to let you find the perfect alignment for sleeping or other activities like reading or watching television. Many people find this type of base much more convenient than propping up their head or legs with pillows.

While you may have a preconceived idea that adjustable beds are just for seniors or people with mobility limitations, think again. While it’s true that an adjustable bed can be a godsend for elders and those with disabilities, they have now achieved mainstream popularity. In fact, an adjustable bed could benefit you no matter what your age or mobility status.

Most adjustable beds work by allowing you to reposition your head and legs separately. The cheapest versions require manual adjustment, but they are more commonly used in hospitals and care home settings. Most commercially-available adjustable beds use motors to change your position mechanically, so you can realign them using a remote control or app on your mobile phone.

Adjustable Bed Buying Guide As Per Consumer Ratings & Reports

Now you’ve seen top adjustable bed reviews as per consumer ratings and reports, it’s time to find out more about these products and how they affect your sleep. We’ll also explain how to choose the perfect adjustable base for you to make sure you get all the features you need for a great price. To help you decide, here are a few key factors to consider before you part with any of your hard-earned cash.

1. Affordability

Although you may assume that a high-quality adjustable bed is always expensive, this isn’t necessarily the case. While it’s best to steer clear of bargain-basement products, there are plenty of budget-friendly options available that provide decent functionality, comfort, and durability.

Many companies that sell affordable adjustable beds offer financing deals, providing you meet their requirements. Many come with 0% APR and allow you to spread the cost of your adjustable bed if you can’t afford to purchase it in a lump sum.

2. Durability

Durability is an important consideration when you’re shopping for an adjustable bed. Even if you plump for an affordable model, it’s still a significant investment, so you want to get the maximum possible use out of it for your money. We recommend checking reviews for durability specifically to make sure that the frame and the motor mechanism are robust and long-lasting.

3. Control Options

When you’re comparing models, look carefully to find out how you control the bed’s position. Many modern adjustable beds give you several options to customize the position so that you can pick one that’s convenient for you.

Most adjustable beds come with a remote control, and most people prefer a wireless control so that they don’t get tangled in wires. However, it’s easier to drop or lose a wireless remote control, so you may wish to select a bed with a wired remote if you find it difficult to get out of bed to retrieve a lost remote for mobility reasons.

If you’re technically-savvy, you may prefer an adjustable bed that gives you the option to control it with a mobile phone app. Some beds even have integrated voice control capability for Alexa and Google for hands-free control.

4. Split Structure

If you share your bed with a partner, you may disagree on what makes a comfortable sleeping or relaxing position. A split adjustable bed allows each partner to customize their side of the bed, so you can sit or sleep in different positions. This option is usually only available if you purchase a king size because this size frame can accommodate two separate twin mattresses.

5. Height

If you have mobility issues, bed height is an important consideration. Many people with limited mobility find it easier to get in and out of a higher bed, and a height-adjustable model lets you select the ideal height for you. Some users also prefer the aesthetic effect of a higher profile bed.

6. Premium Features

While an adjustable bed’s most essential function is position customization, it’s worth looking out for additional features to get the maximum convenience and the most bang for your buck. Many adjustable beds have integrated charging points, allowing you to top up your handheld gadgets’ batteries from the comfort of your bed.

If you want to relax or suffer from tension in your joints or muscles, an adjustable bed with a massage function could be a good choice for you. Many have built-in vibrating motors that can soothe tension and improve your overall wellbeing.

Under-bed lighting is another handy function, both for relaxation and safety. Adjustable beds sometimes have integrated lights underneath the base that help create a calming bedroom ambiance. However, they also make it safer to find your way around at night if you need to get up for any reason without turning on the overhead lights and waking your partner.

7. Returns and Trials

It’s essential to determine the returns policy of any company that you buy an adjustable bed from. If you decide you don’t like the bed, you could find yourself with no recourse unless it is faulty in some way.

Many companies don’t allow returns on adjustable beds. Still, some offer a risk-free sleep trial that will enable you to return your adjustable bed within a stipulated period if you’re unsatisfied for any reason. Please be aware that the returns policy for adjustable beds is likely to differ from a company’s mattress returns policy. Even if a brand offers a generous trial period for its mattresses, the returns period for adjustable beds will probably be shorter, or it may not accept returns at all.

8. Warranty

Manufacturer’s warranties protect you against defects and faults when you buy an adjustable bed. Never buy an adjustable bed without a warranty because you could find yourself with a broken bed and no way to get a replacement or refund.

Most reputable adjustable bed manufacturers offer some kind of warranty on their products, and the industry-standard is around ten years. Before you commit, check precisely what the warranty covers and whether it is prorated, non-prorated, or a combination of both. If your warranty is partially or fully prorated, you may be liable to pay a portion of the cost of having your bed repaired or replaced. You should also check whether you or the company bear the costs of transportation. Don’t assume that a company’s adjustable bed warranty is the same as its mattress warranty. If it sells multiple sleep products, each will usually come with a different warranty with varying lengths and terms.

Consumer Reports Recommended Adjustable Beds Benefits

Some medical practitioners recommend adjustable beds for specific health issues, but that doesn’t mean that they are only limited to those with health problems. There are plenty of reasons that an adjustable bed could be a good choice for you, whether you’re fighting fit or have a painful joint or back condition or any other concerns.

If you’re considering an adjustable bed and have back pain, you should consider buying a supportive mattress to reduce discomfort.

The top benefits of an adjustable bed are:

1. Pain Reduction

Most adjustable beds allow almost unlimited position customization, moving your head and legs separately to help you get comfortable. If you have a painful condition such as arthritis or lower back pain, the ability to personalize your position can help ease your discomfort by reducing pressure. When you find the perfect position for your body, you can sleep with less pain and wake up feeling less stiff and tender in the morning.

2. Boosted Circulation

Whether you choose to elevate your back, legs, or both, it can work wonders for your circulation and may help improve your mobility. This benefit is particularly useful for people suffering from poor circulation or swelling in their feet or legs. Elevating your lower body can also help reduce the strain on your heart if you have a cardiovascular illness.

3. Improved Sleep

High-quality sleep is vital for good physical and mental health, and getting too little can cause a range of health problems. The more comfortable you feel, the more deep and restful your sleep. If you regularly find it difficult to find a comfortable position to fall asleep or wake in the night due to pain, an adjustable bed can help you sleep better and longer.

Could an Adjustable Bed Help my Medical Condition?

While adjustable beds can be a good choice for just about anyone, there’s no doubt that they can work wonders for people with health problems. As we’ve already mentioned, people with a painful back or joint condition will often benefit from being able to select their sleeping position to relieve pressure.

However, joint, back, and mobility issues aren’t the only medical indicators for an adjustable bed. These beds are popular in hospitals because they can help with a broad range of health problems.

If you’ve recently had major surgery and can’t get out of bed, an adjustable bed can speed up your recovery and help keep you as healthy as possible by boosting your circulation. They can also be useful if you have an injured limb as they allow you to keep it raised to tackle swelling and pain without the inconvenience of propping it up with cushions.

Certain health conditions may improve if you place yourself in a raised position. Elevating your upper body can improve acid reflux symptoms and could help reduce snoring by keeping the airways open.

Can I Use a Regular Mattress on an Adjustable Bed?

If you’re considering buying an adjustable bed base, you may be wondering whether you can use it with your existing mattress. Not all mattresses are adjustable bed-friendly, and the quickest way to find out whether yours is suitable is to check the user manual or contact the company that sold you the mattress directly.

Generally, innerspring mattresses aren’t compatible with adjustable bed frames because they are less flexible than other types and can’t bend with the structure’s movements. However, suitable innerspring and hybrid options are available for adjustable bed bases if you love the support and bounce of a spring bed.

Many modern polyfoam, memory foam, and latex mattresses are suitable for adjustable beds because they are bendier than spring mattresses. However, it’s still worth checking first because using an adjustable bed with a non-compatible model can damage the mattress materials. If you intend to buy a new mattress to go with your adjustable bed, many companies sell models that are perfectly designed to fit with their adjustable frames.

Is an Adjustable Bed Frame Right for You?

Adjustable bed frames are a good choice for most people who want to customize their position in bed without the need for pillows or cushions. This type of product may be advantageous if you find it challenging to get in and out of a standard bed or have a health condition that benefits from repositioning your back or legs.

However, there are a couple of situations where an adjustable bed frame may not be the right option. Adjustable beds tend to cost more than standard frames and foundations, so buying one may be unaffordable for some people. Also, bear in mind that you can’t use every mattress with an adjustable bed frame. If your current mattress isn’t compatible, an adjustable bed frame isn’t suitable unless you’re willing to purchase a new mattress.

Finally, some back and joint conditions may worsen if you don’t sleep flat on your back. While an adjustable bed could still be a good investment in this situation for allowing you to rest comfortably while watching TV or reading, it may be inadvisable to sleep with your head or legs raised. If you’re unsure, we recommend checking with your healthcare provider before buying an adjustable bed.

Accessories for Adjustable Beds Recommended By Consumer Ratings & Reports 

The essential item you may need to purchase to go with your adjustable bed is a compatible mattress. It’s important to check whether your existing mattress is adjustable bed friendly because using the wrong model could damage the mattress and limit the base’s functionality. If your mattress is incompatible, you will need to buy a new one. As a rule, spring mattresses aren’t usually suitable for adjustable beds, although there are exceptions.

You should also make sure that your sheets are deep and flexible enough to move with the bed base when you adjust it. Sheet fasteners are a useful accessory for adjustable beds because they stop the sheets from popping off when the mattress flexes.

There are plenty of optional accessories that you may wish to buy to go with your adjustable bed and create the perfect sleeping environment, although they aren’t essential. Adjustable beds aren’t always aesthetically pleasing, so an attractive platform or sleigh bed is an excellent option to conceal the legs. A headboard can also make the bed more comfortable in a flat position. If your chosen bed doesn’t have massage functionality, you may be able to buy a massage unit separately to fit it.

Finally, you may wish to consider under-bed illumination. Many adjustable beds come with integrated lighting, but if yours doesn’t, you may be able to install it separately. Under-bed lighting can create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom and makes it safer to move around your bedroom or go to the bathroom at night. It’s also much gentler than turning on a bedside lamp, so it’s less likely to disturb your partner.

FAQs About Consumer Reports Adjustable Beds

Q: Are adjustable beds good for side sleepers?

A: Adjustable beds allow you to customize the position of your head and legs to suit your sleeping position and personal preferences. Therefore, adjustable beds are good for side sleepers because you can adapt them to support your body and relieve pressure perfectly.

Q: Do I need special sheets for an adjustable bed?

A: While you don’t need to purchase special sheets for an adjustable bed, not all sheets will make the grade. When you use an adjustable bed, your mattress bends and flexes, so your sheet will need to cope with the same movement. Therefore, you need sheets with decent elasticity that are large and deep enough to fit over your entire mattress without popping off. We also recommend buying sheet fasteners to keep your sheets in place when you use an adjustable bed base.

Q: How much does an adjustable bed base cost, according to consumer ratings and reports?

A: There is no set cost for an adjustable bed because prices vary widely depending on various factors, including the brand, materials, and whether the model has additional features like USB ports or massage functionality. Therefore, Consumer recommended mattresses cost a wide range of prices, from just a few hundred dollars to expensive, premium brands.

Q: How durable are adjustable beds?

A: It’s reasonable to assume that any adjustable bed recommended by consumer ratings and reports will be relatively durable. That’s because real consumer ratings and reports takes a wide range of factors into account when testing and reviewing products, including durability.

Q: Who offers the best prices on adjustable beds?

A: There are plenty of affordable, high-quality adjustable beds available. Our favorite option is the Puffy adjustable bed. While it isn’t the cheapest model on the market, it’s excellent value for money given its impressive range of features.

Consumer Reports Best Adjustable Bed – The final Verdict!

An adjustable bed frame is an excellent solution if you want to customize your position by raising your head or legs. Most people find an adjustable bed more convenient and comfortable than propping themselves up with cushions. While these beds can help if you have a medical condition, people of any age and health status may find them beneficial. However, if you have a back or joint problem, it’s best to consult your doctor as it may be healthier for you to sleep flat.

Upon reviewing the consumer reports adjustable beds, it is a sensible way to ensure you get a high-quality, durable product that’s good value for money. All the models in this article are reasonably-priced and offer a great range of functions and special features. Remember to take your budget and preferences into account to make sure you choose the best adjustable bed for you.

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