Beautyrest Mattress Warranty – Compare To Other Brands

Beautyrest is a popular mattress brand sold by parent company Simmons. It sells four high quality, premium hybrid mattresses at a range of price points. These mattresses could be a good choice if you have an average or higher budget and want outstanding pressure relief and support.

Before you purchase a Beautyrest mattress, it’s sensible to check out the warranty terms, length, and exclusions. A decent warranty protects you in the unfortunate event that your bed has a manufacturing defect. All Simmons Beautyrest mattresses come with a limited warranty, and we’ll explain the policy in more detail in this article. We’ll also compare the Beautyrest mattress warranty with other major brands to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

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Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Price Range

Beautyrest sells four premium hybrid mattresses with advanced sleep technologies. Let’s take a look at the four Beautyrest models in more detail.

Beautyrest Black

The Beautyrest Black mattress has a medium firmness that should feel comfortable in most sleeping positions. It is 13 inches thick, making it highly supportive and suitable for people with high bodyweights. The mattress has a supportive innerspring core with enhanced edge support for extra durability. It has multiple memory foam comfort layers, including one infused with cooling gel to relieve pressure. You can choose to upgrade your mattress for an extra cost to include more conforming comfort layers and added cooling technologies.

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon Series

This mattress is more affordable and comes in three firmness options: Extra Firm, Medium, and Plush. You can also add a pillow top finish for an extra cost to make the bed more comfortable. The mattress is 13 inches thick and has a cooling, breathable cover. It features a supportive, cooling innerspring core and flexible foams engineered with cooling sleep technologies that can mold to your body.

Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Series

This mattress comes in medium and plush, and you can add a pillow top for an extra charge. This bed is significantly thicker than average, measuring 14.75 inches in total, making it an outstanding choice for people with higher body weights or that need a more elevated bed for mobility reasons. It features a supportive innerspring core and various adaptable memory foam comfort layers that relieve pressure while keeping you cool.

Beautyrest Hybrid

This mattress is relatively affordable and comes in medium only. It has a 13.5-inch profile and is suitable for most sleeping positions and body types. It has a supportive core unit made from pocketed innerspring coils. The comfort system features gel-infused memory foam layers that cool you down while cradling your body comfortably.

All Beautyrest mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial that lets you try out the bed and return it for a full refund if you decide it’s not for you. Unlike many comparable companies, Beautyrest offers free white glove delivery to the contiguous United States, which means that your mattress is set up for you in your chosen room. This service includes the removal of your existing mattress, provided it is in a hygienic condition.

Simmons/Beautyrest Mattress Warranty Length

Unlike some brands with a blanket policy length, Beautyrest mattress warranties vary depending on which model you buy. You will receive a warranty of up to 25 years long. The average mattress warranty length in the USA is ten years, so while your warranty may be significantly shorter than average, it may also be substantially longer than average. We recommend checking the warranty length on any individual product you’re considering before you buy it.

It’s also important to understand whether your policy includes a prorated period. All Beautyrest mattress warranties have an initial non-prorated period, and some are entirely non-prorated. During a non-prorated period, you won’t pay any fees apart from transportation costs to have your mattress replaced under warranty. However, customers in California don’t need to pay for transportation costs. During a prorated period, Beautyrest will charge you to inspect and replace your mattress.

If your Beautyrest mattress policy is partly prorated, you will get an initial non-prorated period followed by a prorated period. For example, if your mattress has Beautyrest warranty code I, it is 20 years long with ten years non-prorated. Therefore, you will get the first ten years non-prorated with no replacement fees, followed by 10 years prorated where you may need to pay charges.

Your warranty begins on the day you buy the mattress. We’ll explain what the different Beautyrest mattress warranties mean below:

  • A: 10 years non-prorated
  • B: 1 year non-prorated
  • C: Separate warranty agreement
  • E: 20 years total, 10 years non-prorated
  • G: 2 years non-prorated
  • H: 5 years non-prorated
  • I: 20 years total, 10 years non-prorated
  • J: 3 years non-prorated
  • K: 10 years total, 3 years non-prorated
  • L: 25 years total, 10 years non-prorated
  • M: 15 years total, 10 years non-prorated
  • N: 25 years total, 15 years non-prorated
  • O: 25 years total, 15 years non-prorated
  • P: 10 years non-prorated

Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Warranty Validity

The Beautyrest mattress warranty is only valid if you place your mattress on a solid, supportive base or frame. The Beautyrest warranty document recommends purchasing a new Beautyrest or Simmons frame and warns that an old unit may not be supportive enough. However, any frame in good condition will work as long as it meets the warranty document guidelines.

The warranty states that your foundation should have solid support around the center, head, foot, and sides. If you have a queen-size mattress or larger, the frame must have at least five slats made from hardwood or metal and legs on the middle three slats. If your frame doesn’t meet these requirements, you could damage your new mattress and void the warranty agreement.

If you don’t use a foundation, you should add a stable platform if the space between the slats exceeds 2 inches. The warranty states that hardboard, plywood, or particleboard are all suitable materials. If your support system has slats with gaps wider than 2 inches and you don’t install a platform under the entire mattress, this will damage your bed, and you can’t claim under warranty.

If you allow any liquid to seep into your mattress or it is stained or in an unhygienic condition, the warranty is void. Beautyrest states that you should cover your bed with a mattress protector to keep it clean and protect it from damp and fluids.

Like most mattress warranties, the Beautyrest mattress warranty is non-transferable. Therefore, you can’t claim under warranty if you bought the mattress second hand or from an unauthorized retailer. It also only covers claims made within the United States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The Beautyrest mattress warranty document contains advice to care for your new bed and protect against damage that could void the warranty. We recommend following this advice closely to protect your mattress and warranty coverage. This advice includes:

  • Move your mattress on its side.
  • Do not use the handles to carry the bed, or you could rip the fabric. The handles are for positioning the mattress on the frame or foundation only.
  • Avoid bending, standing, walking, or jumping on your bed.
  • Do not apply cleaning fluids or liquid fabric protectors to your bed.
  • Have your mattress cover professionally dry cleaned instead of using a domestic washing machine.
  • Don’t take the inner mattress cover off or attempt to wash it.
  • Avoid using heated blankets or other heated sleep products if you have a memory foam bed.
  • Leave the law tags attached to the mattress or keep them in a safe place.
  • Keep open flame sources such as candles and cigarettes away from your bed.

Beautyrest Mattress Warranty Coverage

The Beautyrest mattress warranty covers manufacturing flaws in your mattress or foundation. If your bed has a removable cover, any defects come under the warranty. Specifically, it covers sagging or body indentations on the surface of your mattress. The depth of sagging or indentations covered depends on the warranty code carried by your mattress:

  • Codes A, B, H, I, J, K, M, N: 1.5-inch indentations or deeper
  • Codes E, L, O, P: 0.75-inch indentations or deeper


The Beautyrest mattress excludes certain types of damage and other issues. Like all mattress warranties, it doesn’t cover your personal comfort or firmness tastes. Therefore, you can’t claim under warranty if you decide that you don’t find your mattress comfortable if it’s only related to the mattress feel or firmness. However, Beautyrest offers a 100-night sleep trial on its mattresses. This trial allows you to return your bed at any time and for any reason during the first 100 days after purchase so that you can get a full refund. Therefore, you have recourse if the mattress doesn’t meet your comfort needs.

The warranty also excludes the normal softening of foams over time, as this is considered regular wear and tear and doesn’t affect the mattress’ performance. It doesn’t cover body impressions unless they exceed the depth stated according to your warranty code. You can find the depths covered in the section above.

You can’t claim under warranty for bed or damaged border or grid wires or faults or damage to the cover or handles. The only exception is if you have a mattress with a removable cover, which is covered by the warranty.

The Beautyrest mattress warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage or problems caused by misuse or lack of proper care. For example, stains from bodily fluids, infestations, burns, cuts, and tears are all explicitly excluded. As we mentioned above, it’s essential to cover your bed with a mattress protector to prevent this kind of damage.

Replacement Terms

If you successfully claim under warranty, Beautyrest will replace your faulty mattress. If your bed is no longer available, the company will choose a model of similar price and quality. As many companies will repair a mattress instead of offering a brand-new model, this is a significant advantage of buying a Beautyrest bed. If you get a replacement mattress, it is covered by the original warranty. Therefore, you won’t receive a new limited warranty with your replacement mattress.

Beautyrest Demo and Floor Sample Warranty

Like most mattress warranties, the Beautyrest mattress warranty doesn’t cover demo and floor sample models or mattresses sold ‘distressed’ or ‘as is.’

Making a Beautyrest Mattress Warranty Claim

To start the warranty claims process, you should get in touch with the retailer where you bought your bed. However, there may be some circumstances when the original retailer can’t help you start a claim. These include:

  • You purchased directly from the Beautyrest website
  • Your retailer is no longer trading
  • Your retailer no longer stocks Beautyrest mattresses
  • Your retailer instructs you to contact Beautyrest
  • You now live over 50 miles from the address where your bed was delivered

If any of these circumstances apply to you, you can start a warranty claim on the Beautyrest website. You will need the original law tag and your receipt to make a Beautyrest mattress warranty claim, and you will be asked to upload photos of these as part of your evidence. After you fill in the online claim form, Beautyrest will get in touch within three working days.

After Beautyrest receives your claim, it will arrange a mattress inspection and charge a fee. If the company agrees that your mattress has a warrantied defect, it will send you a replacement mattress. You will have to pay a delivery fee if your claim is successful to receive your new bed.

Compare Beautyrest Mattress Warranty To Other Brands

Puffy vs. Beautyrest Mattress Warranty

Buying a new bed is a significant financial investment, and it’s a good idea to compare a few brands to make sure you’re getting the best mattress for your requirements. We also recommend comparing different warranties to make sure that you are comfortable with the amount of protection you get. Puffy is our favorite Beautyrest mattress alternative because it provides excellent support and comfort at a great price. So, how do the Puffy and Beautyrest mattress warranties compare?

There are a lot of similarities between the Puffy and Beautyrest warranties. The faults covered and exclusions are broadly similar and reflect those typical in the mattress industry as a whole. Both companies also offer the same remedy, replacing your faulty bed with a brand-new mattress if you make a successful claim.

However, the warranties vary widely when it comes to length. The length of your Beautyrest mattress warranty depends on which warranty code your mattress has. However, Puffy offers a generous lifetime warranty on every bed in its range. Whichever Beautyrest mattress you’re considering, it will have a maximum warranty length of 25 years. Therefore, Puffy comes out on top when it comes to coverage length.

It’s also important to point out that Puffy only offers a non-prorated policy, which means that you won’t need to pay to have your mattress repaired or replaced. It also doesn’t charge inspection fees. Beautyrest charges you to have your bed inspected, and some of its mattresses come with partially prorated policies. This means that you will need to pay to have your mattress replaced after the initial non-prorated period.

Overall, we prefer the Puffy mattress warranty because of the longer length and lack of prorated and inspection fees.

Idle Sleep vs. Beautyrest Mattress Warranty

We love Idle Sleep as a Beautyrest mattress alternative and often recommend it to our readers. Let’s take a look at how the Idle Sleep and Beautyrest mattress warranties compare.

Idle Sleep mattresses come with a lifetime warranty. This is longer than those offered by Beautyrest, even if you pick one with the most extended warranty available. The Idle Sleep warranty is entirely non-prorated, which may give it an advantage over Beautyrest, depending on whether you choose a mattress with a partially prorated policy.

The faults covered and excluded damage are similar when comparing the Beautyrest policy with Idle Sleep’s warranty. However, we prefer the Idle Sleep offering because it is entirely non-prorated and has a more extended coverage period.


In this section, we’ll answer all your burning questions about the Beautyrest mattress range and warranty.

Q: What is the warranty on a Beautyrest mattress?

A: All Beautyrest mattresses come with a limited warranty between 1-25 years long. Some warranties are non-prorated, which means that you won’t pay a charge for a replacement mattress. Others have a non-prorated period followed by a prorated period during which you must pay fees. You can determine what warranty you have by checking the warranty code on the law tag attached to the mattress.

Q: How long should a Beautyrest mattress last?

A: A Beautyrest mattress should last between 8-10 years as long as you care for it properly.

Q: Can you flip a Beautyrest mattress?

A: You can only sleep on one side of a Beautyrest mattress due to its one-sided design. Therefore, you can’t flip a Beautyrest mattress. However, you can prevent wear and tear by rotating it regularly.

Q: What will void a Beautyrest mattress warranty?

A: Allowing your mattress to become stained or spilling liquids on it will void the warranty. The warranty also won’t apply if you don’t use a supportive frame or foundation, as stated in the warranty document.

Q: What company makes Beautyrest mattresses?

A: The Simmons Bedding Company, an American bed manufacturer based in Georgia in the USA, makes Beautyrest mattresses.

The Bottom Line

Beautyrest mattresses offer excellent comfort and support. Although some of the beds in the range are more expensive than average, they offer decent value for money given their high quality. The wide range of firmness options means that there should be a Beautyrest mattress to suit most sleeping styles and builds. However, these mattresses don’t isolate motion as well as some others.

Beautyrest mattress warranties are around standard for the mattress industry and offer a decent coverage level. However, some companies provide more generous policy lengths. That said, we have no reservations in recommending the Beautyrest brand based on its warranty.

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