Beautyrest Black Mattress Reviews (2023) + Alternative Mattresses

The Beautyrest Black is a hybrid mattress which is the most luxurious option currently produced by the popular bedding retailer Simmons. This mattress provides a highly supportive sleep experience while relieving pressure thanks to its advanced and adaptable comfort layers. As our #24 ranked mattress, it could be worth considering if you’re looking for a premium and luxurious hybrid mattress.

If you’re shopping on a tighter budget, we suggest checking out our most popular mattress pick, the Puffy. This brand offers great back support and pressure relief for people who need an affordable memory foam mattress.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Beautyrest Black mattress including its construction, shipping and warranty information and which type of sleeper will like it the most.


As a premium brand, the Beautyrest Black mattress comes with a range of high-end features which could make it a good choice for certain sleepers. These include:

  • Strong edge support, which allows you to sleep comfortably on the entire surface of the mattress and increases durability
  • Reduced motion transfer, making it ideal for couples
  • Technoluxe foam comfort layers help to reduce pressure on sore joints and pressure points
  • BlackICE™ technology- an innovative combination of cooling fabrics and materials designed to conduct heat away from your body while you sleep
  • Customizable finish- you can choose to add an extra top layer to your mattress to increase comfort and temperature reduction. This increases the overall cost
  • The main drawback of the Beautyrest Black mattress is its very high price tag. This makes it unaffordable for many shoppers. However, if you have the budget available to spend on a luxury hybrid, this mattress could be a good option for you.

Beautyrest Black Construction

The Original Beautyrest Black mattress has a supportive core made from individually wrapped coils which help to encourage your back into a healthy alignment. This layer includes the company’s BeautyEdge® reinforcement to provide extra edge support and increase the mattress’ durability.

The Beautyrest Black features four adaptable comfort layers made from conforming foam which can mold perfectly to the shape of your body and relieve pressure. One of these layers is made from gel-infused memory foam, which helps to transfer heat away during the night. The entire mattress is wrapped in a cool and breathable fabric cover. Overall, the Original Beautyrest Black measures 13 inches thick, giving it a relatively high profile.

You can choose to upgrade the Original Beautyrest mattress with one of two additional top layers. However, you should be aware that this will increase the overall cost of the mattress. These two options are:

Cooling Upgrade

This upgrade adds a layer of Beautyrest’s innovative RightTemp™ memory foam. This layer contains carbon fibers, which are able to conduct heat away from your body during the night and help the mattress to sleep cool while providing good pressure relief and support.

Cooling + Comfort Upgrade

If you select this feature, you will receive the Cooling Upgrade we described above with an additional layer of Beautyrest’s GelTouch® foam. This layer helps to further increase pressure relief while making the mattress more breathable.

How much does the Beautyrest Black mattress cost?

The Original Beautyrest Black mattress costs $2,099 for a queen size if you buy through the Beautyrest website and don’t select any upgrades. The Cooling Upgrade costs an additional $600, while the Cooling + Comfort upgrade costs $800 on top of the basic price. Therefore, the Beautyrest Black mattress is priced towards the most expensive end of the market.

Beautyrest Black Firmness and Sleeping Position Guidance

The Beautyrest Black is classed as a medium mattress. This means it provides a balance of support and pressure relief that most people should find comfortable. So, it’s a reasonably suitable option for combi-sleepers and couples.

However, people who sleep on their sides are the group most likely to find the Beautyrest Black mattress comfortable. This is because it provides a very high level of pressure relief and has enough softness to mold the side of the body closely. This provides relief from painful pressure on the hips and shoulders which is so common in this position.

Although many back and front sleepers are likely to find the Beautyrest Black suitable, those with higher body weights of 250 pounds or more may find they need firmer support than this mattress provides.

Does the Beautyrest Black Mattress Sleep Cool?

The Beautyrest Black mattress sleeps very cool thanks to the cooling technology used in its foam comfort layers. Additionally, it uses a support system that is highly breathable because innerspring cores contain spaces which promote air circulation. The greater the amount of air circulation, the more heat that can escape and the cooler you will sleep. Additionally, the cover of the Beautyrest Black mattress feels noticeably cool to the touch.

If sleeping cool is of particular concern to you, you should consider adding the Cooling Upgrade or Cooling + Comfort upgrade to your mattress. These contain additional layers of gel specially designed to wick heat away during the night and reduce heat retention.

Motion isolation

It’s important to look for a mattress that does a good job of isolating motion if your share your bed with a partner. This is because motion isolation stops you from feeling movements from your partner’s side of the bed which could otherwise cause sleep interruptions.

The coils used in the support core of the Beautyrest Black mattress are individually wrapped. This means that they can flex and move independently of each other, which stops motion being passed across the bed. The foam components used in the comfort layers also isolate motion very well.

Another way that the Beautyrest Black mattress helps to reduce motion transfer is by reducing overall motion during the night. When you sleep on this mattress, you’ll be less likely to toss and turn because it allows your body to sink into the comfort layers. Less movement means a more peaceful night’s sleep (and of course, less disturbance for your partner).

Where to Buy

You can buy the Beautyrest Black mattress online through the Beautyrest company website. Alternatively, you can visit a Beautyrest bricks-and-mortar retailer to experience the mattress first-hand before buying. If you prefer to shop in-person, you can find your closest Beautyrest stockist using this link:

Shipping Information

Beautyrest Black mattresses come with free white glove delivery through XPO logistics. After ordering, you will be directed to book a delivery slot via email. Delivery usually takes 4-14 working days after ordering. Please bear in mind that an adult must be present in your home to receive the delivery. At this time, Beautyrest do not offer delivery to Alaska or Hawaii.

If you purchase your mattress in a bricks-and-mortar store, different delivery arrangements may apply. You should contact your local retailer to find out their delivery policy.

Sleep Trial and Returns

Beautyrest mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial. This means that you can return your mattress at any time during the trial period and receive a refund. Please note that Beautyrest only accept one mattress return per household per year.

If you wish to return your mattress during the trial period and you purchased your mattress online through the Beautyrest website, you should email their customer support who will arrange for the mattress to be collected. If you bought instore, you should contact the retailer to initiate a return.


The Beautyrest Black mattress comes with a limited 10-year warranty, which is the standard warranty length in the mattress industry. This warranty is non-transferrable and entitles you to have your mattress replaced if you experience a manufacturing flaw that affects the function of the mattress. It does not provide cover in the case of expected wear and tear, damage caused by misuse such as liquid stains or rips, and damage to the cover and handles.

Beautyrest may refuse to inspect or replace any mattress that arrives in a dirty or unhygienic condition. Warranty coverage is contingent on the customer using a supportive frame or base with central support if they order a queen size or larger. Inadequate support could cause damage to the mattress and will invalidate the warranty.

Buy the Beautyrest Black Mattress if:

  • You want a premium mattress

The Beautyrest Black mattress comes with a high price tag because it is a luxury product featuring high-quality materials and an impressive range of sleep technologies. If you have the budget available, the Beautyrest Black could be a good option for you.

  • You want customization options

The Beautyrest Black mattress comes with two possible upgrade options, the Cooling Upgrade and the Cooling + Comfort upgrade. These offer additional support, pressure relief and help you to sleep very cool. However, be aware that choosing an upgrade will add to the overall cost of your mattress.

  • Sleeping cool is important to you

The Beautyrest Black mattress features a breathable innerspring core, a cooling cover and specially engineered foams to help minimize heat retention. Selecting an additional upgrade layer adds extra cooling technologies to your mattress.

  • You’re a side sleeper

While a wide range of sleepers are likely to find the Beautyrest Black mattress comfortable, it’s most suitable for side sleepers. This is because it provides the correct amount of pressure relief and softness to ease uncomfortable pressure on problem areas in this position.

  • You need strong edge support

If you tend to sleep right up to the edge of the mattress or sit on the side, edge support should be an important consideration. The Beautyrest Black mattress has edges reinforced with foam which also helps to make the mattress more durable.

  • You require good motion isolation

The individually pocketed springs and adaptable foams used in the Beautyrest Black work together to limit motion transfer across the surface of the bed. Therefore, it’s a good choice for couples, especially if one or both partners is a restless or light sleeper.

  • You have joint pain

Pressure relief is important for easing painful joints at night. Fortunately, the adaptable comfort layers of the Beautyrest Black mattress work well to take pressure off your joints. So, this mattress could be a good choice for people living with a painful joint condition like arthritis.

Alternatives to the Beautyrest Black Mattress

Not everyone can afford a premium mattress like the Beautyrest Black. If this applies to you, there are plenty of affordable alternatives which will still provide a high level of support and pressure relief. In any event, it’s always a good idea to look at a wide range of mattresses before you settle for a particular one to make sure you’re getting the model that will suit your needs and budget best. At Sleep Aim, we encourage our readers to include the following three mattresses in their research when searching for a new bed. These are our top-rated mattress picks and some of the most affordable memory foam mattresses in 2020.

Puffy Mattress

We’ve researched, reviewed and rated a huge number of mattresses, and the Puffy has emerged victorious as number one. Why? It’s because this all-foam mattress offers fantastic spinal support and pressure relief, all for a very reasonable price. It also includes cooling sleep technology to help combat overheating, a common issue with memory foam beds.

The Puffy mattress is a good choice for side sleepers because it is rated as medium. This provides side sleepers with the correct amount of softness they need to relieve pressure on the side of the body, especially at key pressure points like the shoulders and hips. That being said, the Puffy mattress should feel comfortable in any sleeping position unless you have a very high body weight. If you do, you may need slightly firmer support.

Novosbed Mattress

We also recommend checking out the Novosbed mattress as part of your research, which is #2 in our mattress rankings here at Sleep Aim. Like the Puffy, it provides fantastic support and pressure relief. Additionally, Novosbed use an aeration process when manufacturing their foams in order to improve their breathability. This allows you to remain at a comfortable temperature when sleeping on a Novosbed mattress.

Customers can choose between three firmness options when they’re shopping for a Novosbed mattress. You can also use their Comfort+ feature, which allows you to finetune the firmness of your mattress if you need to. So, it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to find a firmness that feels just right.

Nectar Mattress

If you’ve been researching online mattress brands lately, you’ll almost certainly have heard of Nectar Sleep, who have taken the industry by storm recently. The Nectar mattress features a comfort layer of gel infused memory foam. This infusion conducts heat well, allowing it to move away from your body in the night and keeping you cool. This layer also has an open cell structure, which makes it more breathable than foam mattresses you may have slept on in the past and gives additional bounce.

The Nectar mattress is rated as Medium Firm. This firmness setting has the advantage of feeling comfortable for almost every body type and sleeping position. So, couples and combi-sleepers should certainly consider purchasing a Nectar mattress as their next bed. The only exception is side sleepers with very low body weights, who are likely to find the Nectar too firm.


Just in case you’ve still got questions about the Beautyrest Black mattress, we’ve included some of our readers’ FAQs in this section.

Q: Should side sleepers choose the Beautyrest Black mattress?

A: Side sleepers are more likely to enjoy sleeping on the Beautyrest Black mattress than any other group. This is because it provides the softness and pressure relief of a medium mattress, which is ideally suited to side sleepers.

Q: How firm is the Beautyrest Black mattress?

A: The Beautyrest Black mattress is classed as medium on the firmness scale. This should feel comfortable for most people but is especially suitable for side sleepers.

Q: What is the thickness of the Beautyrest Black mattress?

A: The Beautyrest Black mattress is 13 inches thick, which is somewhat thicker than average.

Q: Does the Beautyrest Black mattress sleep cool?

A: The Beautyrest Black mattress is particularly adept at sleeping cool. This is partly because of its breathable innerspring core, which allows for excellent air circulation. However, the foams used in the comfort layers are also engineered to prevent heat retention. Selecting the Cooling or Cooling + Comfort Upgrade adds extra layers of cooling foam to the mattress.

Q: Can I sleep on the Beautyrest Black mattress straight away?

A: The Beautyrest Black mattress is not sent in compressed packaging. Therefore, you can sleep on it as soon as you wish following delivery.

Q: What type of mattress is the Beautyrest Black?

A: The Beautyrest Black is a premium hybrid mattress. It combines a supportive pocket sprung core with conforming foam comfort layers. This offers the ‘best of both worlds’ between the support and responsiveness of an innerspring bed and the pressure relief of memory foam.

Q: Is the Beautyrest Black mattress durable?

A: The Beautyrest Black mattress has a long lifespan. This is because it combines expert craftmanship with high-quality materials. It also has strong edge support which helps the mattress keep its shape. Therefore, you can expect it to last beyond 10 years if you take care of it and place it on a correctly supportive frame.

Q: Does the Beautyrest Black mattress release a smell?

A: The foam elements of the Beautyrest Black mattress produce a slight off-gassing odour upon unpacking. This is harmless and will gradually fade away, but you can hasten this by airing it thoroughly before use.

Q: Is it simple to return a Beautyrest Black mattress?

A: Beautyrest have a simple returns process. If you wish to return your mattress within the 100-day trial period, you should contact customer support who will arrange for it to be collected and issue a refund. However, if you bought your mattress from a physical store, you should contact them directly to arrange a return.

Q: Which bases are compatible with the Beautyrest Black mattress?

A: You can use the Beautyrest Black mattress with any frame or base, as long as it is the correct size, in good condition and has slats no more than 2 inches apart. The Beautyrest Black mattress is also adjustable base friendly.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a premium hybrid mattress with cooling features, the Beautyrest Black mattress may be a good option for you. It’s particularly well-suited to side sleepers and provides an excellent level of pressure relief.

Buying the right mattress is crucial to getting the best possible sleep. Therefore, it’s a good idea to compare a range of mattress brands before settling on your final decision. Be sure to check out our range of mattress reviews and comparison guides to help take the mystery out of mattress shopping.

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