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Ashley Chime
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Shoppers who can benefit from mattress financing

Sleepers who want to choose from many mattress types

Ashley Chime mattresses are ideal for all sleeping positions and types


These beds have a limited return period of around thirty days

Some of their mattresses are made using inferior materials

The warranties differ from one mattress brand to another

Our Verdict

You can buy Casper, Serta, Beautyrest, and Sealy mattresses from Ashley Chime. This brand also makes its line known as the Ashley Sleep. Ashley Furniture doesn’t disappoint customers when it comes to offering them different options. They have also been around for a while and have an excellent reputation.

The Chime mattress is a signature design by Ashley Furniture. This well-known firm has been creating furniture for decades. Launching at the tail end of the Second World War, Ashley Furniture eventually branched out into mattresses, even opening its own home stores in 1997.

With all this brand success surrounding the company, we wanted to know how the mattresses live up to public expectations. Are they reliable? Are they long-lasting? Does Ashley Furniture remove your old mattress when you order a new one?

Let’s find out with this in-depth review of Chime Mattresses by Ashley Furniture.

What are Chime Mattresses?

The Ashley Furniture Home Stores company makes chime mattresses as its own mattress range. Ashley Furniture already offered a full range of bedroom products and decided to add the mattresses and bedframes needed to complete the picture. The Ashley Furniture brand is responsible for the exclusive Ashley Sleep brand. It is this group that is responsible for the Chime mattress range.

Since its inception in the forties, Ashley Furniture Industries has become incorporated and has grown to have thousands of employees across the USA. It has more than forty stores at the moment, a far cry from struggling to open a single one back in Chicago, all those decades ago. Ashley recently celebrated its 75th anniversary as a furniture supplier, a worthwhile achievement in a world filled with cutthroat mattress manufacturers.

As part of Ashley furniture’s attempts to give back to the community, it has been donating a portion of each type of mattress to charity. The beds help underprivileged children between the ages of 3 and 16. They are distributed from Ashley’s 430 home stores around the USA. The firm was involved in this scheme since 2010, giving away thousands of mattresses.

Ashely does excellent work to provide the world with good-quality mattresses, but it’s more than that. The firm helps support the local community, doing charitable works and promoting carbon lowered alternative materials wherever it can. If you are concerned about the sustainability of your new mattress, the Chime range uses solar power where possible and keeps its carbon footprint to a minimum wherever possible.

What’s the Price Range on Chime Mattresses?

Unlike most mattress makers we have reviewed, Ashley Home store has air mattresses in store. The firm supplies any number of beds from other sellers and its own ranges. The Chime mattress range is the signature collection of Ashley Sleep, a branch of the Home store company.

What are the prices of its mattresses like? Ashley Chime is a cheap to mid-range line of mattresses. They are low priced, with the highest costing around $2,000, and sometimes attract criticism. Unfortunately, low prices sometimes raise questions about quality and durability, often unfairly.

Ashley Home store mattresses come with 12-month financing options. There are minimum payments required, but you can pay for your bed in installments. On top of this, the company regularly runs deals at intervals throughout the year to clear out some of the old stock. If you try shopping for your Ashley Home store Chime mattress in May, you should have the best chance of money off your bed.

What sort of Mattresses does Chime Sell?

Chime has a vast range of mattresses that span across a complete variety of bedding types. The firm has hybrids and full foam beds aplenty, so you’ll have to find other ways to narrow down your options. Please don’t panic. We will help with that in our buyer’s guide below.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in a Chime mattress, you can search the Ashley Furniture pages, where you should find plenty of other options. The Ashley team works with numerous brands to bring you the best choice in bedding possible.

Ashley Chime sells hybrid and full memory foam mattresses. It takes the modern approach of leaving out the fully sprung mattresses and combining memory foam with innerspring to make hybrids. Innerspring mattresses without memory foam are becoming few and far between, particularly among budget mattress sellers.

Which Other Mattress Brands Does Ashley Furniture Sell?

Some of the other brands you will find in Ashley Home Stores’ online shop include:

  • Ashley Sleep, the company’s own brand of mattresses, offered as a cheap alternative to the big names, including the Chime range and the Gruve range.
  • Tempur-Pedic was made famous by using NASA technology to create its memory foam beds in the mid-’90s.
  • Sealy, America’s number 1 mattress brand since 1881.
  • Stearns & Foster, a luxury mattress maker that offers a contrast to the others.
  • Beautyrest, made by Simmons, one of the oldest mattress makers in the UK and the USA.
  • Serta, the most prominent mattress brand in the USA, which 13 expert mattress manufacturers formed.
  • Casper, a range of mattresses made by sellers of distinction, Casper Sleep.
  • Scott Living by Restonic, a firm created in 1946, only a year later than the Ashley furniture brand.
  • Bedgear, a firm known for its high—performance, moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics.

Be aware that the range of brands supplied will chop and change according to corporate allegiances. Let’s look at the best mattresses that Chime sells to give you an idea of what is on offer.

The 5 Most Popular Chime Mattresses

We have described the best-selling, most popular Chime mattresses below. We based our results on other reviews and our own observations. Save yourself the trouble of searching the internet for information when we have already done the work.

5 – The Signature Design by Ashley Full Chime Hybrid Mattress

The Signature Design mattress is one of the most popular Ashley mattresses to be sold through other sellers. It is a hybrid mattress featuring a combination of pocketed coils and gel memory foam. Popular on Amazon, it is notable for its hypo-allergenic design and firm feel.

It is 12 inches thick, with a layer of springs on the inside, surrounded by dense memory foams which help hold it all together. For best results, this mattress needs a firm base instead of wooden slats. It may sag otherwise.
This mattress is a bed-in-a-box mattress, so it will arrive sealed in plastic wrap and inside a box. It weighs about 39lbs, so you might want help to move it around. We suggest taking it to the room you need it in before opening it for ease of use. It will take about 48 hours to expand fully, so don’t expect a brilliant night’s sleep on it before then.

4 – The Signature by Ashley Chime 8″ Memory Foam Mattress

Available as a full, queen, or king mattress, this version of the Ashley Chime comes with an 8, 10, 12, or 14-inch profile. The 8-inch version is thinner than others yet still retains a supple firmness that many people will appreciate.

These mattresses are memory foam, so they contour to the body. They are more sinkage than bounce and will require full base frames to accommodate them. They come with a tight top mattress cover that holds the shape together and keeps your body separate from the top layer of cushioned memory foam.

3 – The Signature Design 10” Chime Hybrid Mattress

This bed is one of the most affordable hybrid mattresses available on the market, out of all brands. The 10” Chime is a medium-firm mattress that ought to please most sleepers. It has a supportive layer of dense foam on the bottom with a top layer of pocketed coils, giving the bed its bounce and hybrid qualities.

This memory foam and spring mix mattress has a pillow top for extra cushioning and better airflow beneath you as you sleep. The spring layers in the center will add to that, making for a breezy sleep for those that sleep hot.

2 – Ashley Chime 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress with CertiPUR certification

This mattress is 12-inches thick, but that thickness is 100% memory foam, unlike the hybrids on this list.
Designed to give excellent support and pressure relief, this foam mattress will contour to your body without any unpleasant off-gassing smells. CertiPUR certification verifies that it won’t give off any toxic fumes while you sleep.

This mattress has extra plush support, with a thickly padded top layer for cushioned comfort. It provides enough for stomach sleepers yet is full and plush enough for side sleepers. If you suffer from hip or shoulder pain as you sleep, this mattress will be comfortable enough to combat it.

1 – The Signature Design by Ashley Chime Elite Mattress

This mattress has all the features of all the memory foam mattresses above wrapped into one killer model. The signature design by the Ashley research and development department features high-quality and luxurious foams. Each bed has a pillow top, a cushioned layer of contouring memory foam with all the airflow you need for a cool night’s sleep.

This mattress promotes spinal health and should support you in all the right places. Arguably better than all of the above models, it has an affordable price tag that you won’t find on a hybrid of this quality otherwise. The whole effect is a plush, soft-feeling mattress that you won’t believe you got from a budget mattress provider.

A Buyer’s Guide to the Chime Mattress Range

If you love the Chime range but don’t know which mattress is right for you, use the following guidelines to help you make an informed choice. A bed is a big purchase. Don’t risk getting it wrong!


The easiest way to make any choice is by going for the model you can afford, but even then, the Chime mattress range has a few different options. Although they all tend to be budget options, Ashley sells mid-range mattresses
with a luxury finish.

Firmness Rating

Each mattress has a different firmness rating option for you to choose from. If you like your bed incredibly soft, then the rating shouldn’t be above 3. If you want it medium-soft, then it should be above 4. If you enjoy a medium mattress, then 5-6 is your best chance of mattress happiness. If you want a medium-firm, opt for a 6-7.5, and if you want a firm mattress, it should measure 8 or above.

Sleeper Type

What type of sleeper are you? A back sleeper can lie happily on anything. A side sleeper suits a soft bed best, while a stomach sleeper needs extra firmness to avoid lower back or hip pain. The Chime mattress range has a mattress for every type of sleeper.

The Ashley Chime 12″ mattress with Certipur technology ticks all of the boxes for those who just want something super-soft. It’s also a hybrid, which means you have less chance of support-related lower back pain. In addition, it’s excellent for those that have allergies or need a hypo-allergenic bed.

Motion Isolation

If your partner’s movements constantly wake you up throughout the night, you need a bed with sound motion isolation. A memory foam bed is best for this since it soaks up and disperses your movements to keep you cradled and supported. It has no springs to move around in the night and helps you achieve a night of deep, restful sleep.

There are plenty of Ashley Chime mattresses that meet this brief, but we adore the 10-inch full foam. It keeps both the noise and the movement down, so you can go undisturbed even if your pet jumps up in the middle of the night.

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is similar to motion isolation. If you are lying on a sprung bed, the noise of the springs rubbing together can keep you awake. Likewise, sleeping on an old mattress is likely to cause an increase in noise since tired springs creak and groan.

To avoid this entirely, opt for a full memory foam mattress like the one described above. If you must have a sprung mattress, choose a pocketed design so that the coils don’t rub together.


While bounce is reflected by how much you can bounce on the bed, sinkage is reflected by how much you can sink into a memory foam mattress. The idea is that an innerspring mattress gives you a little bounce while a foam mattress allows you to sink in. A hybrid offers the best of both worlds by combining the two into one highly desirable model.


Although the Chime range doesn’t expand into the world of temperature-regulated mattresses, many offer decent airflow. Airflow is the term used to describe how much air can get into the mattress underneath you as you sleep. In the early days of memory foam, the old beds would get moldy in the center due to the moisture having nowhere to go. Modern designs add airflow channels to stop this from happening and to keep you cool.

The 10” Chime mattress has the best airflow because it has a pillow top and because it is a hybrid. Hybrid beds have more air in them naturally since they have spaces between the coils. Memory foam beds tend to offer less airflow. Chime also adds a pillow top to the mattress to improve breathability.


Off-gassing is the term used to describe the scent of a new mattress. Sometimes, mattresses release manufacturing chemicals into the environment as they decompress. These chemicals usually aren’t harmful – but if you suffer from allergies or are worried about it, there are other options.

From the Signature by Ashley range, We recommend the 12” memory foam mattress with CertiPUR certification. This mattress has been tested and found to have no harmful chemicals in it.

Warranty Information

Most Ashley Furniture mattresses have a 30-day return window, and the Chime range is no exception.

You can read all about the Ashley Home store warranty and returns policy here.

What Else does Ashley Furniture Make?

Ashley Furniture has a few other products in the Chime range. It includes a variety of sofas and chairs in the Signature Design range. You could outfit your entire bedroom with Ashley Sleep and your entire home with Ashley Furniture.

FAQs about Chime Mattresses

We often hear the same questions about Chime mattresses over and over again. If you have questions, try browsing the section below, where we have attempted to answer some of them.

Q: Who makes Chime Mattresses?
A: Chime is part of the Ashley Furniture firm that also produces a range of homeware and bedroom furniture products. The Chime range is a product in the Signature Design by Ashley range, which means they have more titles than most mattress manufacturers give to their products.

Q: How soon can you sleep on a Chime mattress?
A: Since Chime mattresses often come as a bed-in-a-box, you may need to give them some expansion time before use. This usually takes between 24 and 48 hours. You will be able to sleep on your new bed-in-a-box mattress before then, but don’t judge the quality of sleep you get from it in those first two nights. You have to give it time.

Q: Are Ashley Chime mattresses good?
A: Ashley Chime mattresses are a good, solid brand for those that want a mattress they can depend on. They are affordable, offering everything from a budget bed right up to a luxurious hybrid option. Chime mattresses are made by Ashley Home Stores, which has a stellar reputation for quality products.

Q: Where are Chime Mattresses made?
A: It depends on where in the world you live and are ordering from. Ashley Chime beds are assembled in the country you ordered from, although the parts and materials may have been shipped there from abroad. They are made in the UK if you are a UK consumer.

The Verdict on Chime Mattresses: Are They Worth It?

Chime is a reputable brand with reputable products. It offers great deals for affordable prices and has a knowledgeable team determined to help you make the right choice. So, are Chime mattresses worth the cost? We say yes, and that you could do a lot worse.

Ashley Chime offers sleep technology that may be basic but should stand the test of time. It applies that same craftsmanship and know-how to its mattresses as it does its other furniture. In terms of experience, too, it has over 75 years to draw from.

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